Install mamp on mac os x

What is MAMP?

You can disable the check for Pro version and the start page option. If you leave it to the default directory, the MAMP start page will provide you easy access to services and features such as phpMyAdmin which we will discuss in details below.

Installing MAMP on Macintosh for PHP/MySql

Usually you do not need to change them. If you like to custom the port numbers, make sure they are not taken by other apps on your Mac computer. If the ports are available, you can also set them to the default Apache and SQL ports on live web server on the internet.

Setup MAMP on Mac OS X - How to Install WordPress Locally on Mac OS X using MAMP? • Crunchify

A disadvantage of using port 80 is that you need to enter your admin password each time your start your local servers created by the MAMP tool. Choose the latest PHP version for maximum compatiblities with your local web applications, also higher security and more stable performance when the local sites being migrated to live server. This is the place to set, choose or change the document root directory of your local web applications or sites on Mac hard drive.

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You can click the Select… button to pick up the target local site installation folder location on Mac. Up until now, you have successfully installed MAMP on Mac and you have configured your local Apache server on Mac with supportive settings. You can go to build your local websites with MAMP now. From the above main MAMP screen, click Open start page button, click on phpMyAdmin, you will be taken to a new screen where you are given the option to manage databases for your local sites on Mac.

Go to localhost. In the Create Database field, enter a name for the database.

MAMP: the local development environment for Mac OS X

No spaces. It is time to start the local website building on your Mac computer. Update Jun this article was originally published in Jul and has since been updated. But if not then you either have to upgrade your php version on local mac, Or we can switch local PHP to use our MAMP php version which is greater than 7. This will start downloading the Laravel software and other required dependencies.

How to Install WordPress on Your Mac

You should see the Laravel home page. Fantastic Job Done!

Have fun working with Laravel. Go to the PHP tab and change to the last version 3.

How to install the software stack

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