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Toolbars missing in Word for Mac

For example, use the same style for all chapter headings. Use another style for all first level subdivisions within a chapter. For example, if you wanted to change all chapter headings from left justified to centered, you would only have to make one change to the style, rather change each chapter heading. Details on how to modify styles are provided later in these instructions. Style Area Displays at the left side of the screen and shows Styles applied to each portion of your document. Formatting Palette Displays at right side of screen and shows a list of available Styles.

The Style Area at the left indicates the style applied to a specific portion of text. Notice these styles in the figure above:.

Toolbars missing in Word for Mac - Office | Microsoft Docs

The Formatting Palette displays a list of all available styles and is useful if you want to apply a different style to some text or to modify the appearance of a style. As you work with your document, you may need to change the Style assigned to a particular portion of text. Follow these steps:. Styles in the template meet all formatting requirements of the Graduate School.

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