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Contact Me. Privacy Policy. RC Simulator for Mac??? Learning to fly with a joystick really doesn't help you much when you fly the real thing with two sticks on a transmitter. Kinda of like learning to drive a car with a joystick on a pc program. It may help somewhat, but it's nothing like the real thing. I recommend stopping by your local club. They can help you to learn to fly with a buddy box. I have heard of mac users downloading X-plane and using the tower view. I have heard this helps somewhat with learning control reversal, which is the hardest part about learning to fly RC in my opinion.

I wouldn't recommend x-plan as a substitute for an RC Sim, but it something you can play with. Rating Reply by: John Hello, I am in the process of trying to line up a "simulator" to practice flying rc aircraft.

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I use a Mac and PC at work. I have an older PC laptop at home. The V and B keys may be used to select alternate aircraft starting positions at a given venue. Fixed view mode is the typical RC flying view. Follow mode , Pivot mode , and Cockpit mode are available with 4D scenery for just 'playing around'. For the model planes in the Standard version, Follow and Cockpit view were the same. Cockpit view may only apply when a full-scale plane is selected. There were no full-scale planes in the Mac Standard version. The aircraft's position can be changed by placing the cursor over the aircraft, notating the cursor change and then dragging the mouse.

This is very handy for hand launching. The advanced options allow and assign functions to specific switches, buttons and sliders on the transmitter or keyboard. Dual rates and expo can also be set up or the ones from a real transmitter used. Up to four different transmitter configurations can be saved. There are special notes for using the throttle channel with helicopters and gliders. For fun, a second controller can be attached for a second player.

When a second plane is added, the default is to split the screen vertically. That can be changed to splitting the screen horizontally or having no split screen by selecting Menu View, Splitscreen, None. The sub-menus includes a 3D torque trainer and helicopter hover trainer in the Pro and Ultimate versions. The 'contests' or skills were previously noted in the scenery section. The symbols on the scenery thumbnail denote what Extras are available at a given venue.

The Winch launch or helper and Dynamic Soaring are available in the Standard version. I found it easiest to get to the Setup screens using the Quick Launch method of right clicking on the scenery and choosing settings. It allows the user to choose the time of day, weather, visibility conditions, and cloud details. Presets may also be selected. The wind field can also be displayed over the scenery. The Wind window can be opened directly in the Quick Launch menu. The Graphics settings window may also be opened using the Quick Launch, Settings. All of the quality settings of the graphics may be adjusted in this window.

High-dynamic-range HDR rendering for the 4D sceneries can be toggled on and off here. Only Virtual is available in the Standard version.

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There are two inflight positioning indicators available, Position and Flightpath, that provide a means of locating the plane. Only Flightpath is available in the Standard version. The scenery screen's Extras menu is where the available contests are selected as well as Glider Tow. There are links to the aerofly site and information about aerofly.

Recording and Playback of Flights is not available in the Standard version. Multiplayer mode is available in the Standard version but was not tried. The Model Editor is not available in the Standard version.

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This was a HUGE disappointment! I really wanted to change the CG and the control surface throws on the powered airplanes as the preprogrammed ones needed tweaking to suit my preferences. I have been a qualified RC airplane flight instructor and precision RC aerobatics pilot for over 40 years. The graphics, flight physics and wind physics in this simulator are good and pretty much emulate the 'feel' of flying an RC airplane. This simulator still falls short in the area of field of vision compared to what is viewed, or viewable, at an actual flying site.

I did not find the Landing Assist useful.

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Landing practice could have been better implemented by setting up the limbo pole at the threshold of the centerline of the runway. Also, if the balloons, used in the balloon bust, were tethered to the center of the runway, they could have acted as a landing training guide. This simulator is as good at preparing someone to learn to fly RC airplanes as any of the Windows RC flight simulators I've owned, used or seen. A minor glitch is that it occasionally 'hangs up' on exit and 'freezes'.

I like to run the simulator in Full Screen mode. To make it easier to close if it 'freezes', I leave a folder open on my desktop. The Standard version for the Mac is a good learning aid and good value. It is better than some of the Windows RC flight simulators and as good as most.

It runs on a Mac. What could be better than that? I am using this RC flight simulator as a training aid, not a computer game. I have been working on perfecting my 4-point roll, slow roll and rolling circle. I have also been flying one plane as a two-channel, throttle and rudder, to prepare me for flying my new two-channel Minnie Mambo. I adjusted the Adrenaline and the Sbach to fly like my electric sport planes using the dual rate function for lower throttle, less aileron, elevator and rudder deflection.

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I could not change the engine sound to that of an electric power system, but that was irrelevant as it doesn't change the flight characteristics. I used the little J-3 Cub for two-channel training by selecting keyboard for the elevator assignment and not assigning any keys in the assign channels Advanced menu.

It was already set up with elevator and rudder on the right stick, so it was easy to do. For me, there are enough plane choices in the Standard version to have planes similar to the types of planes that I fly. There are also several good choices for a beginners. In the 'New AeroflyRC7' thread on RC Groups, there has been criticism of the lack of different types of aircraft in all of the versions. He also noted that, "Unfortunately the majority of models are to similar to keep much interest in the Sim. Their comments lead me to classify the powered airplanes and see exactly what 'types' are in the Standard version.

Flight Simulator for Mac

I used a spreadsheet to create tables of the powered airplanes. I sorted the virtual models by their Wing Cube Loading factors from easiest to fly to hardest to fly. It worked as well on the virtual models as it does for the real world models. It is easy to fly but requires a lot of up trim, even with the motor on.

It is quite similar to flying a Bixler. The motor needs to be changed in the Glider section of the controller menu to Z axis to use the throttle.

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It would be nice to have a typical RET rudder-elevator-throttle thermal powered sailplane available as they are great trainers. When using low rates, it is a gentle flying wing. To fix this, you can download and install this fgcom. You can also download Older versions from sourceforge download page.

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