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Less work, more efficient fonts, and more fun! Extrapolation helps you create a black or a light style from a regular and a bold. FontLab Studio 5 supports encoding of any Unicode character.

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FontLab Studio 5 maintains a live link: one change in the design is reflected in all the composite characters. The app can smartly auto-generate over 2, accented characters from your components. The OpenType Preview allows you to see the effect of features, including how they interact. With auto layers, composite characters update their positioning as you adjust the anchors. Preview OpenType Layout features right in the editing window.

FontLab Studio 5 updates: 5.1.5 Mac & 5.2.2 Win

Or take complete manual control. The built-in system and FreeType rasterizer preview shows you exactly what your final font will look like on screen.

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  • Set your PostScript hints and alignment zones, and have FontLab automatically generate TrueType Hinting commands, that will guarantee uniform text rendering. You can also manually hand-hint some or all your glyphs for absolute control over every pixel at every screen font size! Almost anything you can do in FontLab Studio is accessible to Python programming. There are dozens of free third-party Python scripts for FontLab available from many sources. There are even third-party macro plug-ins with a full user interface, such as the Font Remix Tools.

    Export single fonts and entire families into monochrome, color and variable OpenType, webfonts and UFO. All Rights Reserved. Contact FontLab.

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    Apps Buy! Thank you! Your submission has been received! Most of the font foundries that built font-editing software in the past have now abandoned that practice for Studio 5. Excellent free support is available through e-mail. Unlike Fontographer, which is a comparatively simple program, Studio will occasionally give you an unpleasant surprise. For example, I performed a simple append operation in a Multiple Master font that resulted in the insertion of extra points, thus ruining the outline. The documentation provided with Studio is good, but it does not cover this issue, which I had to resolve through tech support.

    One thing is clear: save frequently, and save multiple versions. More than once, I performed hours of work, only to have to go back to a previous version of the file because a problem I caused was not immediately apparent. While there is extensive undo function in FontLab, it contains some perversely crude elements. And some actions, such as the Append operation, are not undoable. If an append goes wrong you may not realize that something bad has happened until hours later.

    Despite that, I keep coming back to Studio because it lets me do things I could only dream of with earlier generations of font editors. Make font variations with automatic glyph and metric transformations such as scaling or slanting. Import and export individual glyphs in EPS format, copy-paste exchange with Adobe Illustrator improved in version 3.

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    Font Info dialog gives you access to various font properties such as menu and family names, supported codepages or linespacing metrics. Rearrange, rename or re-encode glyphs using two encoding modes with an unlimited number of encoding tables and codepages. Compatible with the entire codepoint range of the Unicode Standard 5. Excellent screen quality for all generated fonts due to automatic Type 1 and TrueType hinting with Flex Type 1 hint support improved in version 3. Minimal modifications possible: preserve the original screen hinting and the original OpenType Layout tables as long as glyphs are not modified by the user improved in version 3.

    Note: Editing of advanced typographic OpenType Layout features is not possible. Keyserver compatible.

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