Stream video from mac to roku 2

Goto Mac, click on the Roku cast extension icon, click on small gear icon in the bottom right.

This will open a new window, enter the IP address of Roku, that we noted in the previous. And then click on go back icon. Next, play any video on your chrome browser remember it has to be html5 video and now if you click on the RokuCast extension, you should see a small cast button next to the video file. Now, you can close your mac and watch the video on your Roku as it directly fetches the video from the internet, just as Chromecast. However, Roku lets you stream the content to your TV with the official app, just download that and stream your iPhone to the TV.


It can stream your Windows 8 and above Desktop with the Native Miracast. Android also has inbuilt Miracast standard and you can use this to your advantage and stream your mobile screen to your TV. These were a few different methods to cast the screen to Roku and it covers the majority of the devices.

Let us know in the comments which device you use to cast on Roku.

- Only available in US for now

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One of the interesting quirks of the Roku 2 XS is its gaming-controller remote and included copy of Angry Birds. Keep in mind that if you plan to download and play games, you'll almost certainly need to add a microSD card. I found Angry Birds to be playable, though tilting the remote to shoot was a lot less precise than using my finger on an iPad screen.

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How to Stream Video Content Directly From Your PC to Roku | Tom's Guide Forum

Grab highly rated Bluetooth speakers for cheap in Amazon's one-day Prime Two mirroring qualities available in the app. Secondary Display Mirroring.

Stream Video From iPhone To Roku ~ Roku Updates IOS App

Optionally, you can stream the system audio to your TV while mirroring. Specific App Mirroring.

Cast Your Entire Screen to Your Roku

Mirror any specific application instead of the entire screen. No Adapter Required. Share wirelessly with everyone in the room without the need for cables or adapters like Apple TV.

How To Cast To Roku From Android, PC and Mac

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