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Plus, the guy hit the big time for going viral on YouTube. And he fought accordingly.

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However, because he could never develop anything resembling a skill set, no one else ever really could. Record : Age : 50 Most recent promotion : K Mainly a professional wrestler in Japan and elsewhere, Paulo Cesar "Giant" da Silva was billed at 7'2" and pounds.

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The mountainous man never transcended sideshow status, thanks in some part to an almost eerily fragile chin. Feel free to fashion your own theory for why the monstrous, hulking Sapp is a church mouse in the ring or cage. Each theory is more distasteful than the last.

Kimbo Slice Vs Big D part 3

And yet, here he is, still plugging along, still somehow making a living. No one this side of Savion Glover gets paid more for tapping.

Kimbo Slice vs Afropuff & Big Mac

He was a man of many parts. Part sumo wrestler, part pro wrestler, part kickboxer — and, yes, part MMA fighter.

MMA Crossfire - Scorpion King 3 video preview starring Kimbo, Batista, Billy Zane, Ron Perlman

However, the big man formerly known as Chad Rowan could never get over the hump, from his first fight in when he tapped to Royce Gracie through to his last in when he tapped to Giant Silva. You can't see me, Akebono. But I'm on my feet.

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And it's pretty damn dusty in here right now. He likes to talk about MMA and sometimes make jokes at its expense. Never stops with the trash talking either.

Kimbo Slice vs Afro Puff and Big Mac - video dailymotion

No worries for Kimbo here as he takes on two dudes one after the other. First up is Afropuff who kind of lives up to his name and gives up almost immediately.

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  2. MMA legend Kimbo Slice was waiting for heart transplant when he died aged 42?
  3. Kimbo Slice || Pelea Callegera || Kimbo VS Afropuff & Big Mac - video dailymotion.
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  5. Props to Big Mac for keeping getting up though. Well there you have it — six of the reasons why Kimbo was such a tough fighter and a YouTube legend.

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