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DllNotFoundException: libusb You will have to put them in the proper directory.

Bootstrapping on OS X

If that is the case, you need to run "make install" in the end. Post by Daniel Wright I do this so that my application bundle is as self-contained and 'unobtrusive' as possible, and this method has worked well for me in the past. It also works with the original libusb I can verify this by using a fresh OSX partition, installing my app and running it OK, then removing the original libusb I built the darwin binary manually from the Git repository via the Terminal; '. I then copied the libusb I have tried putting the. I'm not familiar with the interoperability between OSX versions, but do you think it would make a difference to build the binary on a Mountain Lion machine given that ML is the only OSX version that has the 'freezing' problem?

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My app needs to be compatible at least as far back as Snow Leopard; will building the libusb And I guess your dotnet application is 32bit. You may want to build libusb-darwin as universal and then try again. Post by Daniel Wright I've tried building the latest darwin repo as universal but still no joy. I even compiled it on the target Mountain Lion MacBook and 'sudo make install'ed it before running my app but I still get the not found exception. The OS consists of the kernel and much more, and has a separate version In common parlance, no one refers to the kernel version much, only the OS version.

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Eng sean Obviously device as sent all data for that exhange and will not sent anythign new so host time out? Any help and direction where to look at is more than welcome but i have very few experience in mac if to look at "kernel" and libusb backend : thanks in advance. What is the OS version you are using?

If you are using There is a possibility that the bug is in the OS and not libusb. Actually you can even upgrade to Mac OS X About this mac says "Mac OSX Same issue on OSX I am not so sure about gdb. Eg: Homebrew build system provides gcc. They have the latest gcc 5. On You can also build libusb using Xcode and the provided Xcode project in the Xcode subdirectory.

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