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Yes I would, because it's not a xerox. I wouldn't be confused, I would be stating the truth. Why would it confuse me? The only thing that confuses me is why you are trying to pick a fight, when you can not type correctly, nor make your point in a clear way. I noticed that after i hit send and felt like an ass after correcting you. But offense is spelled with an "S", not a "c" in English. You can have the last word.

He said PC, and by that, he means Windows, so I was correcting him. Just like now, I'm correcting you :. Would you correct someone if they said they were going to xerox something for you make a copy when the machine was a lexmark? Sorry to correct you. You mean for Windows, not a "PC". PC means personal computer.

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And that it is commonly used to denote a Windows OS based computer? And that if someone meant Mac or Linux they would say Mac or Linux? Id say yes to all these questions. My mother would get most of them right I bet. Well maybe not my mother but still. Just sayin There are several good web building application for Windows like Dreamweaver powerful but not free , MS Frontpage not as powerful as Dreamweaver, and I don't know the last status of this app , Kompozer free, powerful, but a little outdated and IMHO not really user friendly.

But as far as I know, there's no free, quick and easy solution to web building for Windows.

RapidWeaver is the only app you'll need to build your dream website

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Build anything from a small personal site, to an online commerce store. RapidWeaver for Mac is powerful enough to grow with you.

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Why be reliant on someone else to build or update your site? RapidWeaver puts you back in control. Tired of complicated online website builders that force you into a monthly subscriptions? If yes, then RapidWeaver is for you! RapidWeaver is built exclusively for the Mac, it contains all the elements essential to the Mac experience.

Sparkle makes your website happen, fast.

Best of all it works just great on everything from macOS RapidWeaver is packed with all the features you'll need to build an amazing website. RapidWeaver puts you in control. No web designer required. Over 50 built-in themes, and 's of 3rd party themes available. RapidWeaver builds mobile, fully responsive website as standard. Build your own website without writing a line of code. All code RapidWeaver generates looks great in all modern browsers. RapidWeaver generates code that search engines love.

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RapidWeaver gives you the flexibility to publish your site where ever you like. Watch your website update automatically as you make changes. RapidWeaver handles navigation and linking for you. Just like Magic. With 's of add-ons, there's nothing you can't build with RapidWeaver. Full control over meta tags, titles, page descriptions and SEO.

Search the text within your site to find that page you need to edit. Dedicated areas making it easy to insert Google Analytics and javascript. With the built-in media browser you can easily add photos to your site. RapidWeaver will check your site to make sure it's Search Engine Optimised! Each project has a notes area allowing you to stash those important details. RapidWeaver supports local PHP rendering should you need it. All your edits and changes are made in this folder.

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Edit files in the Project Folder using your preferred text editor, using Hammer's special tags and language support. This is the Build Folder that's recompiled inside your Project Folder. Major features to save you major time. Use special tags for HTML includes, clever filepaths, variables and autoreloading of the page in your browser. Switch on Optimise mode for a project and its Build files will be compressed, concatenated and optimised. Share your packaged Build manually, or publish a version to our short URL service and paste a link.

Write asset paths the easy way. Hammer searches your project files for the file and writes the filepath for you, even if it moves. Set and use variables in your files to bend them to your will.