Can i use windows explorer on mac

Next navigate to where you want to move the item and then press Control, Option plus the Period key. It is important for me to let you know that I have not been able to get this method to work consistently but this may be do to operator error. In the few times that I have gotten this to work it is a very cool way of moving files around in the Finder.

Another way to move files and folders with the Finder is to do a copy and paste. This command is Command plus C. Then just go to the Finder window where you would like to move the item and press the command for pasting the item. This command is Command plus V.

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This is only one example of moving your files and folders around with the Finder, but what if you want to rename a file or folder? To rename an item simply focus Voice Over on that item and press the Return key.

Microsoft's now discontinued browser for Mac

Note: on the Mac the Return is the same as the Enter key on a Windows computer. After pressing Return the name of the item becomes an active edit field and all that you need to do is type in the name and press Return. You might at this point be wondering if I press Return to rename an item then how do I open a file or folder? There are a couple of ways to open items on a Mac.

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The first way is to focus Voice Over on the item and then press Command plus O. Another way is to focus on the item and then press the Voice Over modifier which is Control plus Option followed by the space bar.

How to run Internet Explorer in Mac OS X (for free)

This is the command for clicking on an item with Voice Over. I have only shown you how to do a couple of things with the Mac Finder, but there are many more uses to it that would make this post seem like you were reading War and Peace.

Internet Explorer 11 For MAX OS X (2018)

I just want those of you who are contemplating making the switch from a Windows computer to a Mac to know that there are many ways that the two platforms are alike. There is no reason to get yourself all upset if at first you feel over whelmed when making the switch. After all, when you first started using Windows all those years ago I am sure that you needed to learn how to use it, and when you switch to a whole new operating system such as the one on a Mac there will be a learning curve.

If you are making the switch and need some one on one teaching in order to get you more comfortable with using a Mac please check out our services page to find a solution that meets your needs. You must be logged in to post a comment. Toggle navigation. Home Blog Teach. VaShaun Jones Jun 11, Windows Explorer The default method for accessing files on your windows machine is by using the windows explorer.

Windows Explorer And The Mac Finder – Fedora Outlier LLC

Mac Finder Now let me talk to you about the Finder on a Mac. If you wanted to go to your Downloads folder you would press Command, Option, L.

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