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Extract the. This process may take several minutes; you'll see a message in the window when it's done. Reboot your tablet by turning it off and on.

If successful, shortcuts to the Play Store and Google Settings should be on your home screen. Share Pin Email. Robert Wells is a professional writer and amateur game developer. His specialties include web development, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity. Open the web browser on your Kindle and download the following files on your tablet:. Tap the APK files to install them in the following order:.

Tap Developer Options. Open your computer's browser and download the installer app for Google Play:. If your tablet runs Fire OS 5. Luckily Amazon Fire still working. Well, this article promises to install the Play Store without rooting.


So if -- with option 7 -- you're referring to the options listed in the screenshot above rooting , then it sounds like the article worked just fine for you. Enjoy the Play Store, Dennis! Thank you for sharing, Deano! This is not the first time I have heard of that "one off exception", just peek through the comments below. Good to hear Amazon remains generous. Tried the prices several times, and the batch file goes to a black screen when I choose to install the Google Play store.

Nothing happens beyond that. Hi, i tried this and i am trying to install on the os 5. At what point does this error message come up and do you know what path it is referring to? Did you try to reboot the device and start over? I really appreciate you putting this together for us. I did this on my Fire HD 6 4th Generation , and it was as smooth as butter! One thing that was a little weird was that the driver was already installed somehow. I can't wait to get more of the good apps that Amazon does not feel like including in their crummy app store.

Thanks again to all of those who were involved in the making of this article! Does this method works for HDX? I recently had to uninstall Google Play Store. Bad idea. I am unable to open it.

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Any ideas how to fix this? Assuming you tried to re-install it, did you follow the tricks mentioned under Note II above regarding accessing the Google Play Store? But can I also use WIN 7? I tried Windows 7 and I ran into a problem where it said the driver wasn't compatible and Device Manager had it already recognized as a portable device and not a USB device. I tried to go through the rest of the steps hoping it would work but it didn't.

Does anyone know how I might do this with a Mac? Did it recognize the driver you tried to install? And driver signature enforcement was turned off? Was the error message the same shown in the article above? Awesome job!!!! Worked perfectly on my Fire HD 8''. Couldn't get rid of the screensaver ad though. But no big deal, I have the play store at my disposal. Thanks for the life saving post,Tina! I owe you big time! Just tried this with the brand new Fire HD 8 and it worked perfectly at least so far!

I did have to use the ABDdriverinstaller. I'm curious, were you lucky and it got rid of the ads for you? Would be great to know whether this occasionally works on the Fire HD 8. Hi Tine - thank you for this terrific article, clear instructions, and keeping up on the questions and feedback!! I'll be getting the new Fire HD 8" tablet tomorrow when they're released.

Do you know of any reason these instructions wouldn't carry over to the new device? From what I can tell the OS is the same, just new plastic around it -: This will be my first tablet, and installing Google Play will be my first action. Thank you again for these instructions.

Quickly add the Google Play store to your new Amazon Fire 10HD

And the. Oh - and the ads are still on the lock screen. Yeah, the ads are a hit and miss thing. You can still get rid of them, either by paying or by speaking with a customer service rep. But if it doesn't bother you, why bother. Installed Google Play successfully but was unable to install apps from it, even once I set the device to allow apps from unknown sources "error: insufficient storage on device, even though this was not the case. Someone else mentioned an alternative app store through which they were able to download Googly Play, but unfortunately it seems to have been removed from the Amazon store.

However, I did find an app called Easy Installer that allows you to download the apk files of apps, move them to the Fire, and install them directly. Used it to install Instagram with no issues. Strangely, I am now able to install apps through Google Play. No clue why. I just attempted earlier today right after installing Easy Installer and it was still giving me the same error message I'd had a dozen times. I'll be keeping Easy Installer just in case Sounds like an odyssey.

Thank you for sharing and glad it all worked out in the end! Maybe it worked because you rebooted the device in the meantime? Sometimes, it just takes some extra time before everything works. That doesn't make it less weird, but at least it worked. Thank you all so much for your help. Thank you so much!

This has helped me to turn two frustrating and fairly useless Fires 7" , not HD, kids ad-free version into tablets that can be used for a wide variety of functions via Google PlayStore apps, including Chrome browser, non-Kindle ebook readers, and millions of good apps not available in Amazon AppStore. This is a great workaround to get past the many functional limitations in the off-the-shelf version. A small suggestion: Put the "turn off driver signature enforcement" instructions at the beginning, so all the "get your devices ready" info can be addressed before starting the install process.

Options: -f: see their associated file. Options: -g: organize by group. Options: -f: list the. Options: -k: keep the data and cache directories around after package removal. NOTE: this is only intended for debugging; using this can cause applications to break and other undersireable behavior. Unfortunately, we can't provide tech support here. Please find a Kindle Fire tech support forum or post your question in an appropriate Reddit channel. You will be more likely to receive a useful answer there. Sorry to hear that. It's possible that recent updates to the Kindle Fire broke this method.

The article was published in January and the method worked until early August, as comments below confirm. I'd recommend to keep an eye out for updated apps. You could also find a Kindle Fire forum for troubleshooting advice and up-to-date information. I went through the installation process as instructed and did not appear to encounter any errors, however I am unable to find the google play app on my Fire. Any suggestions on where or what I am looking for?

The icon should appear on your Home screen, like a regular app. Sounds like the installation didn't complete. If you can't find the app, I'd recommend to start over and pay attention to any potential issues.

How to Add a Device to Google Play Store - wikiHow

Fire OS 5. Anyone reading and trying this, please let us know whether or not it worked for you. Thank you in advance! Hi Aflinfo Please could you explain how you enter the codes? Installed Google, and all that's left is for me to remove the ads. Many thanks in advance for your help. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to include links, so for those interested, go to the XDA forums and search for and download the "minimal adb and fastboot" tool, launch it, then connect your tablet via usb.

You can enter the command "adb devices" to make sure it's connected, then you can perform the commands above. I have tried emptying cache, emptying data, restarting each time, but still get this message. Ads are gone though :. Thanks so much for your response Tina. WRT a google account elsewhere, not as far as I know, it's my daughter's 7 and I think this was the first time we attempted to set up google play. Do you know how I might be able to find out for sure? Maybe I forgot that I did somehow, and if we did, is there a way it can be fixed?

Hm, it's unlikely that an account was set up elsewhere on the Kindle because you need the Play Store first to install any other Google services, such as YouTube. I asked because the same error also appears on regular Android devices and is fixed by removing accounts. Thank you, I am oh so happy to be able to get to Google Play store from my kindle. Best of both worlds. As per previous comments, the ads removal did not work for me but I do not mind as much as being able to use all the apps I want. Same as others, I thought it was not working until I updated Google Services and then had to reboot a few times in between updates, signing in, etc Worked great for me, although the order is a little confusing.

I would've preferred having the Windows driver signature enforcement section in its natural place in the instructions, instead of at the bottom. Thanks for the help! Thank you for the feedback, LiLu. The driver signature enforcement section was added to the bottom because it's not essential for everyone. I'll think about adding links to the section and back to make it easier though.

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My internet modem is affected by misfortune cookie, I dont know how did that happen maybe because I am using WEP encryption on my router now I will have to figure out how to update my modem and get the hacker out, it feels weird when your all http traffic is visible to some unknown hacker. It started after I installed playstore on my fire tablet using my windows PC, I am not sure if they are connected. Does this void my warranty because on the website for the suprtool it says that this will root your device, but on this website it says it doesn't?

The method described above is not rooting your device. Hence, it's also not voiding your warranty. You can reset the device and it will be like before. Thanks for your input, Josh! Was it straightforward then or is there anything Misty should watch out for? It worked and the ads were gone, I went back to developer settings to disable adb and now the ads are back. How do I get rid of them? I enabled the adb back but the ads are still there. Did you try to run tool again? You could also try Caligirlinsweden's tip to turn off ads, see link in the article above.

My tablet is opening these weird websites showing that my tablet has a virus when I try to open websites in Google chrome, does it have to anyhting to do with installing Playstore? Does anybody has an issue with random pop-ups when they open a web browser. You're the first one to mention an issue like that. Haven't seen that myself either. It could be an app you installed. I have installed 4 antivirus apps and they found nothing, I don't know what is going on, even on my laptop same pop-ups are coming up randomly from websites like gocloudly and maxonclick, please let me know if anybody has a solution.

I was able to get the Play Store installed ads still appear, but not a big issue. I have a kids profile set up for my son. When I go to select apps to allow my son's profile to use, the ones downloaded from the Play Store don't appear in the list of options; only the Amazon apps do. Any idea how to get the Play Store apps transferred to the kid profile? Sorry, Dylan, no idea. Hope someone else here can help. Or if you find a solution, please let us know.

This is great, thanks! I was able to go through the SuperTool process and I'm on 5. However, once the Play Store was installed, first thing I downloaded was Chrome, and it had trouble logging into my account. Once I did that, it's all good! You mean it's not finding the ADB driver? Please try the workaround posted above using Aptoide. It should still work. Also power down and after about 30 seconds power your device back on. It's called sideloading: You download the APK file for Aptoide see link in article , transfer the file to your Kindle unless you downloaded it to your Kindle, then it's already there , install it on your Kindle, then open the app, find Google Play Services, and download and install it using Aptoide, and proceed as described above.

I just did get google play on my fire 7 5. I never could get the drivers to install. So I installed the google play any way and there it is on my front screen Blocking updates from Amazon will basically guarantee that Amazon won't break the Google Play Store or re-introduce ads. On the other hand, it also prevents Amazon from releasing security updates and patches, which could make your device vulnerable. My device has been updating since I wrote this guide and the updates have not broken anything.

I'm also confident that if an update did break anything, someone would figure out how to fix it again. So I have installed the play store and added one google account. Is there a way to add multiple google accounts? On a normal android os you can just go to settings and add accounts. Since the Fire does not have this option I don't see a way to add more than one account. If you can't add more than one account can you remove the first account to add a different one? This is another article in itself.

Just install another Google application I used Hangouts. It will let you choose from other Google accounts that way. Took me forever to find that info. I'm afraid I don't know, Ian. Maybe you can replicate the process following David's guide for the HD 7. Do let us know if you tried it and how it worked out. Nice one Brandon. What process did you use? Thanks everyone for the help. Google Play now installed with one problem.

It downloads but fails to install. Any suggestions? Yes of course, Reyna! It only adds the Google Play Store, like a regular app. Your Amazon App Store or the apps you installed from it won't be affected at all. Thought this might be helpful to others! Did you mix up articles? Oh, never mind. I'm an idiot. I hadn't clicked "Okay" on the debugging screen on the Kindle. Once I did that, the install began on the computer. I just purchased this Fire table cheap on amazon during the recent prime sale.

It is 16g and running Fire OS 5. I was able to install the Google Play but removing the ads did not work for me. No biggie, the frustrating part is while i AM able to install the free apps my paid apps will not install. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the great tutorial too! Why won't the paid apps install?

Do you get an error message or does the install button just not work? Have you tried rebooting the Kindle? Hi Tina, yes i rebooted and no it gave no error message just would not process after clicking install, BUT i have, since typing that, rebooted the device 6 more times and tada!! Go figure.. Thanks again! I chatted to an Amazon representative and told them that I wanted to remove the ads. I told her that they were very intrusive and my kids kept nagging me about them because they didn't understand what they were. The representative removed the ads for me for free.

I'm not sure if it's because I am Prime or what, but they are gone That's awesome! Did you chat with the representative online? I assume they changed a setting on your Amazon account. Or do you know how they did it? Go to the Amazon site and look for "Contact Us" then chose the chat option. She had me verify the name of my device and then she did something on her end. The ads were gone immediately. It normally costs 15 bucks but was done for no charge. I saw some guy on youtube mention this so I tried it.

He said if the first rep didn't take it away to try again with a different one. The one I got did it right away with no prompting! It's worth a try! Good Luck :. I really appreciate you sharing this tip, thank you so much! I will add this to the article right away. I just did this. I am a total noob. At that point, I tried to download the driver directly using the ADB Driver Installer, and it told me the driver was already installed.

At that point, I went back to the beginning, and chose option 2, and it worked perfectly. I do still have ads on the lock screen, which doesn't concern me. But I have Google Play now, and it works perfectly. Thank you for sharing your experience, Matt! Others have also mentioned that it suddenly just worked. Strange, but good to know and have it confirmed. I had the same experience as Matt with those error messages, downloading ADB Driver Installer and running it, only for it to tell me the driver was already installed! Also, same in terms of Google Play installed fine, but the ads on the lock screen are still there less important to me.

From what I can tell, it isn't working because the tool only is meant for Fire OS 5. Because Fire OS is up to 5. What am I missing?? Sorry not to be more technical but this is completely out of my comfort zone, just want to install Google Play so I can install Clash of Clans for my son on our Amazon Fire!! Thank you Matt for sharing where you found it! Do let us know where you found it, Jenny! Just to make sure, does your Fire show up as an external device under This PC in File Explorer when you connect it to your computer?

I found the device eventually using my home laptop but it has windows 10 and I cannot get past that now. I did the Driver Signature Enforcement thing correctly but am still getting error messages so I tried installing the ADB Driver Installer and that also gave me an error. I give up. I am beaten. I'm off to find wine instead! Other people had this same issue. Some just tried one more time and it just went through, without installing the ADB driver.

Somehow their earlier attempts, even though they caused error messages, had worked after all. Target: 4th Gen HD 7 running 5. Loading the USB drivers didn't work for me on Windows Even after disabling driver signing. When it failed on Windows 7, I started to look for a different solution. At least it's the same byte count and creation date.

I didn't calc the MD5 sum on the two. The file is KindleDrivers. The SuperTool I downloaded was slightly different for the instructions above. Select 1, and then 3 to test the driver. If a device shows up in the test, the driver is working. If the listing says "unauthorized", you haven't hit the confirmation screen on your tablet yet. If SuperTool tries to test FastBoot, just kill the program and start it again. After that, the installation of Google Play went flawlessly.

It even got rid of the screen ads, even though SuperTool had this as a seperate option 8 and said "Root Required". Thanks for the instructions! Thank you so much for your step-by-step instructions for replicating this process on your HD 7, David! Very much appreciated. I will link to your comment in the article, so readers will see it.

Lilbits 341: You can still install Google Play on the latest Fire Tablets

Thanks for this tutorial! Like others, this didn't work for me to remove ads, but this forum totally helped. Unlike rooting your device, this is a safe procedure. Once Google Pay is installed, it's no different than logging into a Google app on any other device. In other words, this process won't compromise your device or Google account. This worked for me at first. I downloaded some games for my on and put it in my bag. Now it won't start up? This worked for me. However, it failed the first time because I had already installed some of the APKs manually while trying to follow a different tutorial.

To get this to work I had to factory reset my fire and then run the SuperTool script.

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I also ended up having to download the drivers directly from Google windows 7. Thanks for the tutorial! Thank you for your feedback, Anthony! It's great to keep this record of different issues and how people solved them. It might help another reader in the future. I was able to get everything installed. I tried reinstalling and adding a new account but it won't let me into the store. Did you try to reboot the Fire and just start Google Play again?

If it worked once, it might just be a temporary or cache-related issue. So you found a workaround rather than a solution because Aptoide is an alternative to Google Play. Works just as well though. I did everything and GooglePlay is up but the Ads on my home screen is still come on. I tried factory resetting it and re install it and it did it again.

I did the same thing to another Fire and it worked. Do you know how I can fix this issuse LJ, as mentioned below, removing the ads is a hit and miss thing. The tool doesn't always work and in fact, it doesn't claim to remove the ads without root. It does work for some people and it did work for me , but unfortunately not everyone.

Awl ok Sorry I tried scrolling down to see if you answered my question but I guees I didnt go down far enough lol. The folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device. A couple of them could solve it by downloading the driver from a different source. I downloaded and unzipped it. I started over with the SuperTool and select the driver in that folder when prompted. I had the same issue and the same error message.

I gave up for a while after trying times, downloading the program from other sites and trying a different protocol that ended up using the same driver - led to the same error message. Then, tonight, I figured what the heck and just went to the next step of trying to install the google store even though the first part hadn't been successful and it worked. I couldn't get rid of the ads, but the newest version of the rootjunky software says that requires rooting the device anyway and I don't want to do that. I noticed this was for gen 5. Is there one for gen 4?

How to Install Google Play on Fire Tablets

I tried using the supertool for my gen 4 but it didn't work. Yes, I just tried it and it works with the same tool. Just do the same process. And make sure you have the latest version 5. I have the google play app shopping bag icon on my fire homescreen and was able to log into my google account. I got to the app section, bring up an app I want to download, click "install" then click "accept" but nothing happens. The app freezes and nothing gets downloaded to "my apps. Any thoughts? It could also be that the installation is corrupted. In that case, I'd recommend removing and re-installing Google Play.

Karin I had this issue as well, be sure you have enabled allowing the installation of apps from Unknown Sources in the Settings-Security- under Advanced on your tablet. Nice step by step tutorial. I've run into an issue that it says I can't use the driver "androidwinusb.

I don't understand it because I used RootJunky's Supertool to install google play on a different kindle fire like 2 months ago on the same computer. Yeah, I turned off the driver signature enforcement and have tried the driver from two different sources using the unzipped file you suggest to David above and still get the error message he posts. It's just so odd because this procedure worked on a different fire a month or 2 earlier. It turns out that even though I was unable to install the driver it wanted me to, I just tried to do the next step and put the google play store on it anyway, and, surprise surprise, it worked.

Ha, that's so strange! But now I remember that someone else mentioned something similar, that they could just continue without completing that step. Glad it worked for you, Paul! If you don't know then you've probably not set it up. Does the browser login option not send you to Silk browser? This particular method described above won't work, but you may find a similar method and the files for your Fire Phone somewhere.

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  6. It might also require rooting in case of the Fire Phone. I have two questions. While you can search for above files on APKMirror website and download them, the easiest way to download these files is to open this article on your Kindle Fire device and click on the above links. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on Install.

    Initially, you may experience problems and find Google Play Store being buggy and not working properly. However, it will eventually update itself in the background and you will find it working properly.