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Although a little bland compared to the rest of the city, this spruced up area of 19th-century warehouses and new dockside buildings is worth a few hours. It is home to the Fortabat Art Collection, housed in a spectacular modernist building complete with retractable roof. You arrive on the vast River Plate estuary, with Uruguay on the opposite side.

The pier is about a half-mile from the city center. Cabs are reasonably priced and the best way to get there, but make sure the meter is switched on. You can walk to the Puerto Madero docklands area or Plaza San Martin, both of which are about a mile away.

Buenos Aires has more than its share of pickpockets and bag-snatchers. Avoid wearing jewelry, brandishing your phone or expensive watches, and don't drape your bag over the back of a chair or place your phone on the table when dining outdoors, as thieves can be very sneaky. If you take reasonable care, the main tourist sections are quite safe. Older neighborhoods, such as La Boca and San Telmo, while fine by day, are best avoided on your own at night. And don't forget: Buenos Aires contains a permanent memorial to the soldiers who died in the Islas Malvinas Falkland Islands during the war with Britain in If you are British, it is still a touchy subject and one that is best not broached with Argentines.

On Foot: Though it is a sprawling city covering some 80 square miles, the historic, cultural and business hub of Buenos Aires is within a compact and easily walkable area. The central district is known as the "Micro Center" and extends south from the elegant Plaza San Martin, the area where many hotels are located, to the Plaza de Mayo, the historic center of government, a distance of about 12 blocks.

Connecting the two is Calle Florida, a pedestrian-only street that serves as an international magnet for shoppers. West of Plaza de Mayo is Avenida 9 de Julio, one of the world's widest boulevards, which gives the scale of this city's ambition in the s. The road spans an entire city block and contains the city's famous Obelisk at Plaza de la Republica. By Subway: For visitors on a budget who plan to explore on their own, the subway "Subte" system is simple to follow and is the quickest way to get around and avoid downtown traffic.

Latin America's oldest underground railway warrants a ride just to see some of the beautiful tiled murals that decorate stations. A fare only costs a few cents. There are six lines and 80 stations, the nearest to the port being Retiro on Av. San Martin. By Bus: Buses also crisscross the city. Bus fare boxes return change, so exact fare is not required, but you must have coins, as the driver does not change bills. The hop-on, hop-off tour visits 24 stops, with the round trip taking just more than three hours. By Bike: One of the best ways to see this sprawling but almost completely flat city is by bike.

Buenos Aires has an excellent network of dedicated cycle lanes covering more than km. You can hop on one for free for an hour with the government-sponsored EcoBici scheme, which has 32 bike stations dotted throughout the city, or hire one from a number of companies including Urban Biking and La Bicicleta Naranja, or book a city bike tour. The latter is offered by the aforementioned hire shops, as well as Biking Buenos Aires, which offers excellent private guided tours for one or more people of varying lengths and which take in all the major sites. By Taxi: Buenos Aires is a walkable city, but distances between attractions can be large, so at some point you might want to hail a taxi.

Cabs are plentiful and cheap, but carry a map and a card with your hotel address to point to your location. The peso is Argentina's currency. Bank hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a. Credit cards are widely accepted. Note if you're only here for the day, do not take a lot of money as the Argentine peso is not internationally traded.

Buenos Aires' dining options will surprise and delight you, especially if you expected only steaks and other standard South American fare. The city's large population of Italian descendants -- well over 1 million -- has heavily influenced the cuisine, and some of the best Italian cooking outside the home country can be found there. The cosmopolitan nature of the city means that there really is something for everyone -- and at prices that most can afford. But, there's no getting away from it, the capital is not great for vegetarians.

If you like steak, however, you'll be in heaven. Steakhouses abound, and apart from a few exceptions, are very reasonably priced compared to what you would pay in the U. The Italian influence is strongly felt in terms of cuisine and you'll find a lot of trattorias, again at reasonable prices. The pasta is excellent, the seafood even better. Alicia Moreau de Justo , El Mirasol is one of the oldest and best known steak house chains in Buenos Aires, with four dotted around the city, including in Puerto Madero, which is in a great spot overlooking the river.

If you like traditional white cloth-covered tables, red napkins and smartly dressed waiters as well, of course, as outstanding cuts of meat, then this is a good bet. Alicia Moreau de Justo Sotto Voce is an upmarket Italian restaurant serving classic Italian fare in a lovely setting, set back from the main shorefront road. If you want a break from steak, then this is a good option. Alicia M de Justo Thick steaks come sizzling from the charcoal grill. This is an equally fine choice for dinner, although it can be expensive.

Designer Philippe Starck has really gone to town in this restaurant, which features all exposed brick walls and antique glass cases stuffed with knickknacks relating to local characters. Afterward, the adjacent Library Lounge bar is the place to be seen. Martha Salotti, The venue serves a few Scandinavian dishes along with a fine continental menu. The outdoor terrace overlooking the water is ideal for a warm evening. Center Cafe Tortoni , a favorite with the city's artists and writers since , is the place for a light lunch amid Old World ambience and prime people-watching.

An art nouveau beauty, it features a stained-glass skylight and original artwork, caricatures, portraits and photos of great poets lining the walls. The three-course prix fixe menu, including Argentinean wine, is of excellent value. The Asian population in the country numbers at around , individuals, most of whom are of Chinese [] and Korean descent, although an older Japanese community that traces back to the early 20th century also exists.

The de facto official language of Argentina is Spanish , also called castellano Castilian in the Hispanophone countries. Italian and other European immigrants influenced Lunfardo , the slang spoken in the region, permeating the vernacular vocabulary of other regions as well. After Spanish, the most spoken language is English , which is taught since the elementary school , Portuguese is also highly popular the Brazilian dialect is taught. According to Ethnologue there are around 1. Welsh -speaking communities with around 25, using it as their second-language are found in areas of Welsh settlement, and in the Patagonia the Patagonian Welsh dialect is found as well.

French including the rare Occitan language is also spoken in certain areas, like the former colonias rurales where the French immigrants settled. Recent Asian immigrants have brought Chinese and Korean. Some indigenous communities have retained their original languages. Aymara is spoken in Salta, Jujuy, and by members of the Bolivian immigrant community. In Patagonia there are Mapudungun speakers, reflecting the long enduring influence of the Mapuche culture, or Araucanization , among the Argentine Natives from the southern areas. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion but also requires the government to support Roman Catholicism financially.

According to the World Christian Database Argentines are: He took the name Pope Francis. Argentina has the largest Jewish population of any country in Latin America. Protestants were the only group with a majority of followers who regularly attended services. Argentina is highly urbanized. About 3 million people live in Buenos Aires City and the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area totals around 13 million, making it one of the largest urban areas in the world. Template:Largest cities of Argentina. Argentine culture has significant European influences. Buenos Aires, its cultural capital, is largely characterized by both the prevalence of people of European descent, and of conscious imitation of European styles in architecture.

Finally, indigenous American traditions like yerba mate infusions have been absorbed into the general cultural milieu. Argentina has a rich literary history, as well as one of the region's most active publishing industries. A symbiosis emerged between the aboriginal and Spanish traditions. Argentine literature of that period was fiercely nationalist. Jorge Luis Borges , its most acclaimed writer, found new ways of looking at the modern world in metaphor and philosophical debate and his influence has extended to writers all over the globe. Borges is most famous for his works in short stories such as Ficciones and The Aleph.

The Argentine literature is the body of literary work produced in Argentina. The Nereids Fountain by Lola Mora. One of the most influential Argentine figures in fine arts was Xul Solar , whose surrealist work used watercolors as readily as unorthodox painting media; he also "invented" two imaginary languages.

A similar environment inspired Adolfo Bellocq , whose lithographs have been influential since the s. Argentina's "modern painters" are a difficult group to define. They have developed a constructivist rather than figurative style, though it is not quite abstract. Juan Del Prete later the creator of Futucubismo, a mixture of Cubism and Futurism came from the abstract art movement in Argentina, which developed in the s from, of course, concrete art. It is considered the only artistic movement founded in Buenos Aires to have a significant impact internationally.

Numerous Argentine architects have enriched their own country's cityscapes and, in recent decades, those around the world. Juan Antonio Buschiazzo helped popularize Beaux-Arts architecture and Francisco Gianotti combined Art Nouveau with Italianate styles, each adding flair to Argentine cities during the early 20th century. Pelli's s throwbacks to the Art Deco glory of the s, in particular, made him one of the world's most prestigious architects. Italian and French influences increased after the wars for independence at the beginning of the 19th century, though the academic style persisted until the first decades of the 20th century.

However, after the early s, the influence of Rationalist architecture and of Le Corbusier became dominant among local architects, among whom Alberto Prebisch and Amancio Williams stand out in this new vein. The construction of skyscrapers proliferated in Buenos Aires after , though a new generation started rejecting their "brutality," and tried to find an architectonic identity. In the following decades, the new generations of architects incorporate, as always, European vanguardist styles, and new techniques.

The Argentine film industry creates around 80 full-length motion pictures annually. A new generation of Argentine directors has caught the attention of critics worldwide. Lalo Schifrin has received numerous Grammys and is best known for the Theme from Mission: Impossible. Buenos Aires is one of the great capitals of theater. It is thought of as 'the street that never sleeps' and sometimes referred to as the Broadway of Buenos Aires.

Carlos Gardel , argentine singer, is perhaps the most prominent figure in the history of tango. Tango, the music and lyrics often sung in a slang called lunfardo , is Buenos Aires's musical symbol. It has influences from the European and African culture. Today tango enjoys worldwide popularity; ever-evolving, neo-tango is a global phenomenon with renown groups like Tanghetto , Bajofondo and the Gotan Project. Argentine rock developed as a distinct musical style in the mids, when Buenos Aires and Rosario became cradles of several garage groups and aspiring musicians. Beyond dozens of regional dances, a national Argentine folk style emerged in the s.

The style went on to influence the entirety of Latin American music. The best-known Argentine jazz musician internationally is probably Leandro Gato Barbieri. The tenor saxophonist worked with renowned big band orchestra conductor Lalo Schifrin in the early s, shortly before Schifrin became internationally known for his composition of the theme to Mission: Impossible.

Hired by jazz trumpeter Don Cherry , the two recorded Complete Communion in , an album that secured their reputation in the jazz world. Barbieri went on to record his influential Caliente! Argentine beef. Besides many of the pasta, sausage and dessert dishes common to continental Europe, Argentines enjoy a wide variety of Indigenous and Criollo creations, which include empanadas a stuffed pastry , locro a mixture of corn, beans, meat, bacon, onion, and gourd , humitas and yerba mate , all originally indigenous Amerindian staples, the latter considered Argentina's national beverage.

Other popular items include chorizo a spicy sausage , facturas Viennese-style pastry and Dulce de leche , a sort of milk caramel jam. The Argentine barbecue, asado as well as a parrillada, includes various types of meats, among them chorizo, sweetbread , chitterlings , and morcilla blood sausage. Thin sandwiches, sandwiches de miga , are also popular.

Argentines have the highest consumption of red meat in the world. Malbec grape, a discardable varietal in France country of origin , has found in the Province of Mendoza an ideal environment to successfully develop and turn itself into the world's best Malbec. The print media industry is highly developed, with more than two hundred newspapers.

The most circulated newsmagazine is Noticias. Radio broadcasting in Argentina is predated only by radio in the United States , and began on 27 August , when Richard Wagner 's Parsifal was broadcast by a team of medical students led Enrique Susini in Buenos Aires' Teatro Coliseo. The Argentine television industry is large and diverse, widely viewed in Latin America, and its productions seen around the world. Argentines enjoy the highest availability of cable and satellite television in Latin America, similar to percentages in North America.

The official national sport of Argentina is pato , [] played with a six-handle ball on horseback, but the most popular sport is association football. The Argentine Football Association AFA was formed in and is the eighth oldest national football association in the world. Since the AFA went professional in , fifteen teams have won national tournament titles, including River Plate with 33 and Boca Juniors with The Argentine beach football team was one of four competitors in the first international championship for the sport in Basketball is the second most popular sport; a number of basketball players play in the U.

The men's national basketball team won Olympic gold in the Olympics and the bronze medal in Argentina is currently ranked first by the International Basketball Federation. Argentina has an important rugby union football team, " Los Pumas ", with many of its players playing in Europe. Argentina beat host nation France twice in the Rugby World Cup , placing them third in the competition.

Port of Buenos Aires

The Pumas are currently eighth in the official world rankings. Some of Argentina national symbols are defined by law, while others are traditions lacking formal designation. The ceibo is the national floral emblem and national tree , [] [] while the quebracho colorado is the national forest tree. The hornero , living across most of the national territory, was chosen as the national bird in after a lower school survey. The ubiquitous white uniform of Argentine school children is a national symbol of learning.

Argentina built a national public education system in comparison to other nations, placing the country high in the global rankings of literacy. Today Argentina has a literacy rate of The Argentine school system consists of an elementary or lower school level lasting six or seven years, and a secondary or high school level lasting between five to six years, depending on the jurisdiction. There are forty-seven national public universities across the country, as well as forty-six private ones. Public universities faced cutbacks in spending during the s and s, which led to a decline in overall quality.

Four out of five Argentine adults have completed grade school, over a third have completed their secondary education and one in nine Argentine adults have college degrees. Likewise, Argentina has the highest rate of university students in Latin America: official sources recently reported roughly 1,, college students within the Argentine University System. The University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine, alma mater to many of the country's 3, medical graduates, annually.

Health care is provided through a combination of employer and labor union-sponsored plans Obras Sociales , government insurance plans, public hospitals and clinics and through private health insurance plans. Health care cooperatives number over of which are related to labor unions and provide health care for half the population; the national INSSJP popularly known as PAMI covers nearly all of the five million senior citizens. There are more than , hospital beds, , physicians and 37, dentists ratios comparable to developed nations.

Causes related to senility led to many of the rest. The availability of health care has also reduced infant mortality from 70 per live births in [] to Template:Argentina topics.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Mainland Argentina shown in dark green, with territorial claims shown in light green. Argentine Argentinian Argentinean uncommon. Contents [ show ]. Main article: Name of Argentina. Main article: History of Argentina.

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See also: Colonial Argentina. See also: Dirty War. Main article: Geography of Argentina. Main articles: Provinces of Argentina and List of Argentine provinces by population. Main article: Climate of Argentina. Main article: Environment of Argentina. Main articles: Government of Argentina and Politics of Argentina. National Congress Palace , seat of the Congress.

Casa Rosada , workplace of the President. National Justice Palace , seat of the Supreme Court. Main article: Foreign relations of Argentina. Main article: Military of Argentina. Main article: Transport in Argentina. Main article: Science and technology in Argentina. Main article: Tourism in Argentina. Main article: Demographics of Argentina. See also: Argentine people. Main articles: Ethnography of Argentina and Immigration to Argentina. Main article: Languages of Argentina. Main article: Religion in Argentina. See also: List of cities in Argentina by population. Main articles: Culture of Argentina and List of Argentines.

Main articles: Argentine literature and Historiography of Argentina. See also: Argentine painting. See also: Architecture of Argentina. Main article: Cinema of Argentina. Main article: Music of Argentina. Main article: Argentine cuisine. Main article: Communications in Argentina. Main article: Sports in Argentina. Main article: National symbols of Argentina. Main article: Education in Argentina. Main article: Health care in Argentina.

Argentina Latin America. President Clinton initiated a redirection of that effort to include countries well beyond the Pacific rim. When the U. Treasury organized the next round of finance meetings, it included several non-APEC members, including all the European members of the G7, the Latin American powers Argentina and Brazil, and such other emerging markets as India, Poland, and South Africa. The World Factbook". Retrieved International Monetary Fund. April Report United Nations Development Programme. The Wall Street Journal. Legatum Institute. Oxford Dictionaries.

I, pp. The Crisis of Argentine Capitalism. II, pp. New York: Grove Press, Folha de S. McColl, ed Argentina — Encyclopedia of World Geography, Volume 1. Golson Books. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the east and south; its neighbours are Brazil and Uruguay to the North-east and east, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north and Chile to the West.

Terrestrial Ecoregions. World Wildlife Fund. The Washington Post. II, p. Archived from the original on 5 May Argentina: Ministry of Defense. Archived from the original on 5 April Archived from the original on 26 March Retrieved on New York Times. The Economist. La Voz del Interior. Archived from the original on 24 April Info News.

Tiempo Argentino. It was from a place none of us had ever been to. Our world was small, neighborhood-bound. No car to travel even to the other side of town. Granddaddy had actually lived in a Mexican city with a beautiful plaza, its shrubs cut delicately into the shapes of animals, where he sat on benches. The bus stopped in several small towns, and we were allowed time to shop. In Ajijic I found what I was looking for: a beautiful white wool serape. I made the bus driver wait while I paid for it in a tiny shop that had a dirt floor swept clean and a manual device for running through credit cards.

I can still hear the click-smack! Granddaddy lived with us for several months before his first pension check arrived. He smoked a tobacco that smelled sweet, like burning cherries.

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When he turned his pipe upside down and tapped it on the ashtray, I pretended to empty it but instead I put the small wad of tobacco in a fruitcake tin I kept under my bed. After Granddaddy left us for Guadalajara, the house was empty. I got out the tin and sniffed the sweetness of the tobacco and cried for him. Granddaddy would slap his thigh and tilt his head back and laugh out loud, showing his tobacco-stained teeth. I can see him in that bar overlooking the lake. After a day of fishing, he goes there. He has enough left over to buy a drink for the beautiful woman who slides into the booth beside him.

The parrot perches nearby, and waits for. Those creatures were here long before we arrived, and are valiantly trying to survive in the world we have created for them. I admit, I have an advantage — I grew up on a farm in the backwoods of South Africa where everything that crept and crawled came right into the house. Even as a five-year old I was fascinated by a snake that lay curled up on the lawn. I still have this fascination, and will do my utmost to save them. During hurricane season on the Caribbean coast snakes become disorientated and crawl into any space they think is safe.

My neighbour found a boa in his washing machine. I asked him what he had done with it. I found a boa in my kitchen drawer — quite a strange encounter. With the help of my neighbour we caught it in an empty paint bucket, put the lid on and hopefully it is still living in the Botanical Gardens where we released it. I found a smaller snake in an ornamental tub outside, and by placing a cat basket over it, allowed it to curl up inside.

Then I shook it out into my waiting paint bucket and liberated it in the mangroves. We rescued several snakes this way. On each occasion I had a distinct message which made me stop and look before stepping on it. With the yellow-and-black it might have been too late. Stopping at a safe distance, we looked at each other, said hullo, and it departed, slithering under a log. The Yucatan scorpion is an impres-.

If it was territorial, it would probably come back, but so what. At night I would spread a mosquito net over my bed, and for a while I saw a very large 7-legged spider sitting on a ledge. He had probably had a run-in with a scorpion so I asked him please to keep guard.

One night I woke, and for some reason switched on the light. There, just above my head, inside the netting was a huge scorpion. Not caring for such a crabby bedfellow, I crawled out, fetched my trusty dustpan and took it outside. Cockroaches have intelligence. Many years ago, living in a bed-sit in a run-down apartment building on Durban Beach, I had regular cockroach visitors. In the evenings, at a certain time I would hear their pat-pat steps on the wooden floors. They would stop at the entrance to the little porch where I sat and waved their feelers at me.

When I told them it was OK, they would run across the floor to the woven Zulu baskets in which I kept pot-plants. There they played catch, running round and round the basketwork. I felt such a traitor when I was told by the management one day that the building was to be fumigated. Mum and Dad had an evening ritual. Punctually at six, a cockroach would come walking down the river stone chimney and nibble at the cracker crumbs Mum sprinkled on the floor.

When it had had enough, it went its way up the chimney again. No Raid or Doom necessary and it gets easier every time. I admit ants and aphids are a nuisance and sometimes one really does not have a choice. Every Republican voted against the stimulus bill. Like deluded poseurs, they became the saints who made these benefits possible. Psychiatry treats this type of disorder. Conservatives are now opposed to measures that they themselves introduced only a short time ago. Paul Jackson is among these conservatives, as may be discerned from his column in El Ojo del Lago.

Barton invented quotes that he attributed to the Founding Fathers. These were widely cited by other religious writers to prove that America is a Christian nation. Barton is the author of The Myth of Separation, in which he states his belief that Christians were the ones who were intended to hold public office. Uh, oh. They spread hysteria about Jews. Beck has destroyed my long-term admiration for President Woodrow Wilson, a fellow I now view as an out and out elitist.

Beck, a troubled youth, barely made it out of high school. Woodrow Wilson had an extraordinarily successful academic career. Historian Arthur Schlesinger in asked 55 prominent historians to rank the presidents of the United States. Wilson ranked in the first quartile. C-SPAN, almost 60 years lat-.

Woodrow Wilson ranked number six from the top. Beck has misled Jackson, and now Jackson is misleading his readers. Beck is emotionally unstable, a tearful buffoon who appears not to have recovered from his drug and alcohol addiction. He is promoting racial hatred and political division.

Freedom of the press permits schizoid behavior, so a free citizenry must apply the necessary critical thinking skills to combat it. Glenn Beck and homosexuals and are linked to neo-Nazi groups. Performed for centuries by monks in Buddhist temples, it still retains its spiritual and meditative aspects. More than a purely physical practice, a crucial aspect of Thai massage is the intention with which it is given. Breathing, chanting and meditation help to prepare the practitioner to center and calm the mind so he can enter a state of awareness and mindfulness and develop a clear intention.

This connection enables both practitioner and receiver to experience a feeling of relaxation, well-being and calm energy during and following the massage. The practitioner also prepares himself physically. Before beginning the massage the practitioner takes a moment to silently express gratitude to those who have contributed to his training and a humble request for guidance.

There are many other aspects that make Thai Yoga Massage unique:. Both practitioner and receiver are fully clothed, ideally in light cotton clothing. The massage typically takes two to two-and-a-half hours to complete. The massage is carried out on a mat on the floor rather than on a massage table or chair. Thai Yoga Massage starts with the feet, working on the major energy lines to balance the flow of energy in the body and ends with the head and face.

A distinctive feature is the choreography of the massage. The basic massage incorporates a set sequence of approximately different moves. An example of applied yoga can be seen in the kidney stretch. The result is a stretch that the receiver could not accomplish on his own. The masseur does the work. Another distinctive quality of the Thai Yoga Massage is the benefit to both the client and the masseur. The client is left with a profound sense of relaxation, energy, balance and well-being.

Warsaw left me feeling empty and wanting, as grey skies, constant drizzle, and an early May raw chill gnawed into my bones. One hears them over and over while wandering through various museums that chronicle the multiple foreign occupations, horrors and devastations Warsaw and its people have suffered. City tour companies have few options.

The attempt to replicate ancient structures that lined the cobblestone, pre streets, unfolded as we entered the large plaza surrounded by outdoor cafes. Although the efforts to authenticate reconstruction must be applauded, for me, a make-believe Disney World village resembling a movie set resulted. Rebuilt to appear old, it looks like what it is- an imitation town. The people carry an invisible heaviness, even hanging from the young Poles who never experienced the atrocities and the denial of freedom.

Is tragedy anticipated to strike again? The wounds run deep and the scars endure. It escaped the World War II bombing raids, original Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque architecture remained intact and 20th Century generations were spared the physical destruction of their city. After , the Nazis turned the city into the Capital of the General Government.

Positive energy flowed and the sun beamed as we neared Krakow. Walkers sauntered along, nontraditional bikers, business suited men and smartly dressed women in heels, briefcases slung over the handlebars, rode to and from and customers sipped cappuccino at sidewalk cafes, as early 20th Century refurbished street cars clanged by. I anticipated an uplifted and proud populace. With much of the historic center auto free, for six hours, we walked, explored, marveled and enjoyed the delights of Krakow. These cafeterias, known for their comfort food at ridiculously cheap prices are trendy with college students, locals and tourists who know where to find them.

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A government subsidized, Communist era enterprise, these establishments provided the local people with an economical place for dining. They were so popular, after the Communists left, the Milk Bars stayed. AA- Meets daily at am. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 pm. Marcos Castellanos A. Meets every Wednesday 8 am for breakfast at La Nueva Posada. For information email: clarecgearhart gmail. Contact Don Slimman Dan Stark Nueva Posada. Meeting followed by lunch at the Nueva Posada.

Contact the Secretary at for details. Tel: Additional info Call Vince See www. Meets every 1st Monday of the month at Nueva Posada, 10 am. Julianna Rose , rotariojrose gmail. Mary Andrews Call for times. We will teach; make friends! Social hour: pm, program pm. Visit www. Cell or Tel: Tel: or Contact Lisa Le: or email : lisale gmail. Wednesday 11 am for lunch at La Nueva Posada. La Nueva Posada. Call Thea or Werner John Marshall, , alianzaeducationhumanitaria hotmail. San Francisco Meets first Tuesday of each month, September through May. Lake Chapala Society, Everyone is welcome.

Perry King at For information call Charlene Nueva Posada am. Call , www. For volunteers and donations. Anabel Frutos , cell: Concerts from fall to spring.

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Classical music and dance concerts. For info call Beverly Denton, Every Tues. Call Linda at Call Reuben Varela, Saturdays New members welcome. Fellowship at p. Learn how to sail the lake. Tim at or tim revdoctim. NOTE: If there is any change in the above, please advise us so that corrections may be made. Call: Abundant Life Assembly of God Carr. Church of the Holy Spirit Services Sun. Evening service 6 pm, Pedro Buzeta No. Lake Chapala Baptist Church Mid-week service, am, worship service, am.

Santa Margarita , Riberas del Pilar, Tel. Jal, Tel. For information and service times, please call Pres. Elliot Gould. Web site: www. Lakeside Fellowship Sun. Lucas 19, Riberas del Pilar, Sunday 1 services, 10 am. Winston W. Welty Tel: Ajijic, Lazaro Cardenas, Guad. Margarita in Riberas del Pilar on the SW corner of Santa Clara For additional information call or email to lcuufinfo gmail.

We are a Welcoming Congregation www. Bratwurst and bun with German mustard, red cabbage, potato salad and sauerkraut. Keg beer will be served along with an assortment of beers, wines, beverages and desserts. The semi-annual Health Fair offers various health screenings, lab tests and presentations from medical and health professionals. Open to all Lakeside residents and LCS members, so please take advantage of these health services and seminars.

The representatives will be available to answer your questions and share tips on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Many free health care screenings will be available, including blood pressure checks, diabetes testing and hearing tests. Various cancer screenings as well as lipid profile and HbA1c tests will be offered by Care Lab. Lake Med Pharmacy will be offering pneumonia, tetanus and flu shots for a small fee. Two lectures offering specific health information for Lakeside residents will be presented. On Tuesday, Dr. Metcalf, who specialized in family practice and emergency medicine in Arizona before retiring to Lakeside, will discuss considerations for seniors relating to various immunizations, as well as specific recommendations for living full-time in Mexico.

Erik provides guidance to individuals and families relating to end of life issues, as well as proper arrangements individuals and family members can make in preparation for the last phases of life. There is no entry fee for the Health Fair and all Lakeside residents are encouraged to attend. Interested vendors not yet registered for a booth at the fair should contact Lorena Rule at Represented are the figures of Neill James, Mildred Boyd and teacher Angelica Aldana who were all leaders in the program.

The mural will depict some of the local artists who attended the Program and scenes of children working in the art class. The bottom part will explain the history of the program in both Spanish and English. The project will recognize Ajijic artists, educate the community about the Program, encourage cross-cultural relationships and inspire the children who come to the art patio every Saturday morning. The Ajijic Society of the Arts has donated money for supplies, LCS is covering the costs of the preparation of the wall and local artist Jose Duran is contributing the scaffolding.

By the time the mural is finished a larger collective of artists will have added their own touches too. LCS members and visitors can see the mural in progress as the artists work. A prototype watercolor of the new mural. What a wonderful day we all had, good food, great entertainment and a cross-cultural attendance the likes of which may have set a new precedent for LCS. Congratulations to all of us! As many have noticed, the new paint job is almost complete, only details remain.

Wear your sunglasses! Thank you to Cate Howell and her committee for the new look! The Library Committee has asked me to remind everyone that they are desperately seeking some one with eBay proficiency to help them with a special project. Speak to Cate or Brenda for details. Hope to see everyone at Oktoberfest. Services include: libraries, films, lectures, health services, newcomer info, as well as English, art and computer classes. The information will be used to better understand the needs and desires of current, former and potential new members. Responses to the survey will be confidential and used by the LCS Membership Committee to make recommendations to the Board of Directors to improve our delivery of services.

An email will be sent to members and former members this month with a link to an online survey. Paper surveys will be available at the LCS for your convenience. If you have any questions or could help distribute paper copies, please contact Ben White at ajijicbenitoblanco gmail. The kit will deal with subjects such as insurance requirements and limitations, what documents and emergency items to carry in a vehicle, what to do if an accident happens, and a discussion about how to deal with the issue of paying bribes if it arises.

The authors are now at the point where they need to gather factual information from non-Mexicans who have had the unfortunate experience of being involved in a vehicle accident in Mexico. They want to conduct anonymous one-on-one interviews. The names of the individuals interviewed will not be kept on record. If you have been in a vehicle accident in Mexico within the last three years and you are prepared to share your experience, please contact one of the authors to schedule a confidential interview: Bud Gallagher ; email: geebudgee gmail.

It is one of the main fundraisers for these charities. Because of these generous donations, the shop has been given a facelift. A friendship develops into a sort of courtship. Interwoven is a Greek chorus linking the story with the story of Oedipus. Woody Allen, Mira Sorvino 7. Against all odds, Chenery -- with the help of veteran trainer Lucien Laurin -- manages to navigate the male dominated business, and fosters the first Triple Crown winner in twenty-five years, the famed Secretariat. Diane Lane, John Malkovich.

Ernesto is suspicious, jealous and obsessive. A collision course ensues. Penelope Cruz, Lluis Homar. Cogburn, a drunk and slothful character. Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon. He survives by doing impossible jobs for desperate people in Miami with a former FBI informer Sam and his ex girlfriend Fiona.

Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar. September was the start of a new school year… for students AND teachers. The group was a mixture of experienced WEC veterans and eager new folks. They brainstormed, shared tips and techniques and had a few laughs. Volunteer instructors are encouraged to contact Inez at inezme gmail. LCS members and non-members.

Meet at the pier at PM. Carpool will be available at the sculpture at La Floresta at 1 PM. Pedro will blend his celebrated raspberry margaritas especially for the occasion; 6 pm optional dinners will be served. Upcoming seminars will be announced. Monday: Oct. Open to the public at no cost. Jim Spivey, who has had a long-time fascination with this subject matter, will be presenting the material followed by an open discussion. Contact Jim at - LCS members only. This is your movie! Many critics are calling this the best film of the year. Being a care-giver can be an overwhelming responsibility.

Managing all of the day-to-day chores and caring for the ill person gives you little time to meet your own needs. The group is run by a professional counselor with extensive group experience. No fee will be charged. LCS Members are invited to learn more about Mexico and a nearby community. No charge to you, for an exciting trip that includes breakfast and lunch. Saturday, October Be prepared for a long day. Town, tequila factory and museum tours all part of the fun. More information available in the LCS office.

Sign up in the LCS office. Maximum of 40 persons, first come first served. Room for 5 students only.

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Grounds are open until 5. COM Cell: Prefer USA license plate. Contact pamjavazon gmail. Used Only 20 hours. Contact by email if interested: pamjavazon gmail. Imported, Mexican plates, 6 cylinders, motor 2. For appointment. This car is ready to drive all over Mexico!! Also has 5 months of insurance. I can have a friend come look at it prior to my arrival at Lakeside on Nov 1st. Larger than golf cart or smart car, has roll bars and dump truck style back end. Moving back to US. Call a er a.

Mexican plated. Excellent condi on. Roof rack, cruise control, nted windows, rain visors, USA plates. Contact by email: jimw gmail. California Title. Contact: Michael Hodge. Less than km, never wrecked. All taxes paid. Includes two helmets. Check out at www. Call: or wheelbarrowman hotmail.


Performs perfectly. Beau ful color. Mul funcion printer, fax, copier, scanner. Registered with ACA. Father is AKC. Mother ACA. She has had her shots and is wormed. Lovingly home raised, with all their shots, de-wormed, and with docked tails now interviewing for their forever-homes with endearing, loving families. Large enough for one or two birds. Call Graham or Don at Call: Brian Fits all Honda Pilots from to In perfect condi on. Contact by email.

Two func on tanks and a large salt reservoir. These units sell for about 13, pesos new. Blinds are co ag White. One is new, s ll in box. Other slightly used. Please contact owner at lindarose51 hotmail. Walker with wheels and seat, storage under seat, adjustable height, handbrakes, excellent condi on, p Call 01 FOR SALE: Whirlpool washer-dryer stack, heavy duty, mul -cycle, gas dryer, white. We are up grading. Loca on from Chapala to west Ajijic. All chairs have camel corduroy cushions. Call Marty at to view. So leather, very comfy. Like new.

Model Excellent working condi on, have manual in PDF format can email to you. Very good condi on. Duel suspension, 12 speed twist grip, padded gel seat, excellent condi on, midnight blue. Call Adolf at FOR SALE: 4 cameras with 60 feet cabling each, infrared, see up to 60 feet in total darkness, cables to connect and record to your computer and see all 4 at once. Poland Pro chain saw, extra chain included.

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