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October — Apple Service Diagnostic — v2.

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I tried replacing the stock Radeon video card with one of the Nvidia GT cards I had and it did not make any difference. I did not try replacing the RAM modules, as I was ready to move on to the iMac 5k that is now on my desk. Took it to Apple Store to recycle after I took out the mass storage devices when I picked up the iMac. The iMac is faster, quieter, uses less electricity, and has a beautiful screen. The hard drives bays are not missed as I set up a Synology server at home for backup, etc.

How to use Apple Hardware Test

YMMV, of course. The iMac is on my todo list. Problem is resolving to pay for it, and that I used to have a perfectly good space heater that doubled as a beefy computer. Not quite as good a space heater as the G5, but a good one nonetheless. Do you see any lights on them?

How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac

Video card is definitely plausible, since it's not powering off. It would be the place I'd look after you rule out memory. When I said split half troubleshooting, I meant take out 4 sticks and see if the issue persists with just 4. If it still happens, try 2. If it didn't happen, take all 4 out and put back in the first 4. You should be able to narrow it down pretty quickly that way. Well, MemTest86 ran in version 4 mode, and it passed the test.

Using System Software or USB Flash Drive

Same with Rember. I have OS X installs now. One on my original fusion drive and another with fresh install of el cap the latest this machine can run. Both spontaneously died, and neither have similar last messages in system. It might be the video card. I finally went through and systematically cycled through all the RAM sticks to rule out bad sticks.

Computer still dies in all attempted configurations.

Mac Tip - How to run the Apple Hardware Test - 2015

The only user-changeable component left to troubleshoot I can think of is the video card, and I stupidly recycled my original video card two moves ago. Does anyone have a macpro3,1 compatible video card I could take off their hands? I'm more than happy to mail it back once I've been able to test it. I'll buy a new card if the card is the issue; I just don't want to pay for a new card only to find out the machine is dead-dead. At the very least, I'd really like to bring the old space heater back to life at least one more time to make sure I have one good backup since it's a DIY fusion drive and I can't just attach the drives to another computer.

That might help your feelings about the backuat least. The video card could be a culprit.

Apple Hardware Test on macpro3,1

Any chance to log your power consumption with Hardware Monitor the application? Spontaneous shutdowns may also be related to a failing or underpowered power supply the GPU is a major power consuming device , or to a line unable to supply all required power the GPU.

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  • You can mount the fusion drive on another Mac: Take the two drives, put them in an enclosure and connect the enclosure to a Mac and you should see the fusion drive mount without any fuss. I have done it. If you try to mount the drives indiviidually there will be problems. But that is another issue. Apple Hardware Test on macpro3,1 15 posts. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.