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Thank you! Blood DM , LeGuppie Must say I have been looking at this problem and scratching my head since yesterday until I came over this thread. My Kindle version had no issue with finding the 'Games' folder and it was there from the start. Simply installed that version, opened ES Explorer and my 'Games' folder was right there. On loading the Android version I couldn't figure out where it had gone.

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I thought opening the game up or restarting my phone might do the trick but nothing. Inevitably it was as mentioned above. I had to go in and create a new World while selecting 'External' storage I do not even have a SD card in my phone due to having ample internal mem. Then as if by magic the folder appeared with all the relevant files and folders I require. I guess anyone who is having this issue this is still a thing. ArDPalang , ShadierStone9 3, Want to join in the discussion? Please log in or Register For Free to comment.

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Battle Knights. Back In Small Print. Even Google can't seem to help me find this, but where is the world data saved at on the phone now?

How to Transfer Minecraft Worlds From One Computer to Another (Windows 10)

I've tried following the instructions in the walkthrough and every result on google, but even with hidden folders shown I don't have a games folder and there don't appear to be any. Samsung Galaxy J36V, Android vr 7. I've been searching everywhere for this same thing. Problem is I have neither a Games folder nor a com.

How to Transfer Minecraft World to Another Computer

Closest thing I have is two instances of a com. I've tried putting the downloaded world folders in all three of these and none have worked.

I've got my Android phone hooked up to my Win 10 PC for easier file searching. You are here: Home Knowledge Base How to Uninstall Minecraft on Mac Minecraft is a popular computer game in which gamers can realize their most incredible architectural fantasies. Contents: 1.

Export XBOX 360 Minecraft maps

How to delete Minecraft manually. Deleting Minecraft with one click. How to Delete Minecraft Manually First, you need to delete Minecraft the regular way — find the game in the Application Folder and move it to Trash with a context menu. Open the Finder window. Question: Q: minecraft world backup More Less. Communities Contact Support.

How to find Minecraft save files your Mac - MacInfo

Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: chazzyc chazzyc. I am not too technical, so help in simple english would be much appreciated! More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. TV Speciality level out of ten: 0. Sep 7, PM in response to chazzyc In response to chazzyc Try this! Connect the iOS device to computer, open itunes and choose the device.

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Click Apps, scroll down below the list och bought apps and there should be a heading called Sharing or Filesharing "Apps in the list below can share documents between the iPhone and the computer" Click Minecraft PE to the right there are now a folder symbol called "games" click to highlight this folder scroll down and choose "save to Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: SergZak SergZak. May 20, PM in response to chazzyc In response to chazzyc chazzyc wrote: I also wasted some money on buying a file explorer app to have a go User profile for user: cpdcherry cpdcherry.

User profile for user: Sammy64 Sammy User profile for user: ipadreddin ipadreddin. Aug 13, AM in response to chazzyc In response to chazzyc iFilemanager update has corrected the blockout that ios 8. User profile for user: Jeremiah Jeremiah Sep 23, PM in response to Firemarble In response to Firemarble This works only if you use iTunes on Mac computers I guess , as I try this via iTunes on my Win10 computer, instead of "add" button there is a "open" button.