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You are ready to create your script. Here comes the main part of the procedure. You need to copy the following script and paste it into the Run Shell Script box on your workflow.

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Note : the script above does not remove the original. Within a few seconds you should see the output PDF file in the same directory as the original file. If you have a bunch of DOCX files on your Mac and wish to convert them to PDF but do not want to go through all the hassle, you can use the above method that only requires a right-click on the file to convert it to PDF. OR use can just save as and select PDF. Mahesh Makvana seems like a little overkill to reinvent the wheel.

The whole point is to circumvent the opening of the file. Like comparing apples and lemons. I do have one small problem though, with which you can hopefully help me out, Mahesh. The whole script seems to remove my text formatting. For example the file I have to make a PDF of is always one pag with a title in a box. The box is nowhere to be found after using your method. It is however the closest I got to finding something that does what I need it to do. Thanks for that.

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Libre Office will convert it quicker and simpler. Just open the. Ok, so would that method be as easy as right-clicking on the file and being able to convert it to PDF? Right click on document, then left click to open and right click on the export to PDF. That is it in a nut shell. Three steps in Libre Office. But if I have a folder with 35 docx files that I need to convert to pdf, then that would take far too long.

However, I still have the problem others do: the formatting of the original is lost. But I already have Libre Office downloaded and up to date, it actually came with my OS so no separate download was necessary. I would expect that anyone that wants to convert a. Why fool with a script when it is all there in an application? In my opinion, the method described in this guide is really great and the fastest way for converting a document to PDF. Thanks Mahesh for the excellent description of extending the actions menu.

This is really a very fast method to convert a docx into pdf. I especially like that it needs only a few more lines to the script to e. Convert a folder with many docx-files at once. None of the methods, described by the other commenters does offer this flexibility. Thanks for the really nice tip! Isaac2k clearly demonstrates from his comments that he understands whats going on, and as PWS mentions, this works even if programs like word or LO are not installed at all.

Mahesh: this is a huge help and a perfectly detailed step by step on how to do it. Is that an issue with the script or is there a way to fix that? For me, this creates a. Choose a file on your hard drive and drag and drop any file into the box. Press the Trash button to start over. Save time and effort by processing documents online. Ow you can work faster than ever before!

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Keep in mind that we provide our services free of charge. Rest assured about the privacy of your data. We provide our customers with a secured connection and delete each file from the server after the conversion is finished. Our versatile app allows you to work on mobile devices just as well as on desktop computers.

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All you need is an active Internet connection! Transform your Word documents to PDFs anywhere, anytime. Characteristics File extension. Technical Details: DOC is a file extension, that was introduced with Microsoft Word, which is the leader of processing application market. DOC is used for plain-text format documentation and is compatible with programs or computer hardware on a variety of operating systems. File extension. The reason PDF is so widely popular is that it can preserve original document formatting. PDF files always look identical on any device or operating system.

Every piece on the page is positioned in a fixed location.

Page content consists either of text, vector or bitmap images, or both. PDF format supports some interactive elements embedded into the page, such as bookmarks, hyperlinks, buttons, fillable fields, 3D models, etc. Customer Questions and Answers Question :. Can someone tell me how I could prevent recipients from converting a file back into a PDF file when it's already been converted into Word or Powerpoint?

Protect your documents with a password or add encryption on the PDF file. Find converting services, that provide such an option.

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I need to transform Word docs to PDF. Can I do this without retyping or using external assemblies?

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Yes, you may convert your documents online. You don't need to register and all tools existing on the cloud are available for free. I don't have access to my desktop right now and too much space is already used up on my smartphone. Is there any app available online for converting Word to PDF? This service runs in a browser and requires no installations and no downloads.

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This website helped me make my CV look way more neat and professional. After sending it in Word format, I realized that it gets displayed differently on other devices.

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  • Now I am sure that it will be formatted the same - even if I read it from my smartphone. Thanks for making conversions so easy! When in the app, click Choose File to upload a Word file or drag-and-drop it into the box. Click a cloud storage service icon such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive to add a file stored in the cloud make sure pop-ups are allowed.

    Wait for your upload to complete see the progress bar. Click Convert Now! Click Download PDF to save the file to your hard drive or phone storage. Save the document to your cloud storage service account by clicking the respective icon. How to convert a Word document to PDF for editing Take advantage of other helpful editing features after converting a word to pdf for free: Transform any PDF document or form by making major changes such as adjusting content and document formatting. Add smart digital fields using the drag and drop wizard.