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If you have an iOS device, there are numerous apps that allow you to watch live or on-demand TV. The BBC iPlayer app allows you to download programmes to your device to watch later. There are also TV tuners available for iOS devices. Finally, you can buy or rent TV programmes and movies from the iTunes Store.

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We'll look at all these options in detail over the next few pages, so get you watching whatever you want, wherever you want to! There isn't yet a single source of on-demand content, but accessing the services out there couldn't be easier. Channel 5 has an on-demand service, but doesn't let you watch live TV output.

All four terrestrial networks allow you to watch shows you may have missed when they were originally transmitted, but each handles them in a different way. BBC iPlayer's catch-up service only allows you to watch recent programmes. There has to be a better way to do this. I've tried both Safari and Chrome. I've signed into my accounts and signed out of my accounts.

And by the way, I've missed the game I wanted to watch online. Solved by: Go to Solution. Were you accessing NFL Sunday ticket app or just local channel games, and are you able to view any other networks? We look forward to your reply! Player says sorry we encountered an error please restart player which is a hyperlink you click it and it does the same thing. Then I went to direct TV website and tried to stream a channel figuring the website will install the player.

8 Ways To Watch Live TV On Your Mac -

Which it did. Hope that helps!! The first attempts gave me the Cisco player, did not work. I removed and tried again and it did the same thing. I had the same error--its the Cisco Player that is the problem I did the same thing and customer support was no help either. Do you know how to find the Library in Finder? Delete the Video Guard Player folder entirely.

I received a disk image file called, "CiscoVideoGuard. You can do better. There's no way my parents or a novice user would be able to pull of the above without calling in for Technical Support. Also make sure Adobe Flash Player is enabled, clear the cache and restart browser. Works now for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. I am having the same issue.

I visit the Directtv site.

8 Ways To Watch Live TV On Your Mac

Access ceased using Chrome immediatly after the update. I have cleared the cache, history, etc. When I refresh the page, it attempts to load the enhanced tv experience, but just continues to cyle endlessly. I did notice a change when I attempted to log in this morning, every time I attempted to click sign in and put in my username and password I would get kicked out.

Update to the latest version of iOS to discover the new Apple TV app.

I could only log in through the support menu. I was prompted to update my viewing experience and clicked yes. I wasn't concerened because I have always elected to update my set top box whenever proompted to. This update however, did not work and I guess I am wondering am I the only one that is having this issue?

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I currently still cannot watch on my computer, which I had trul ycome to enjoy and any further assistance you can provide would be appreciated. Both laptops try to "add the device" but it just hangs and eventually gives a "Sorry, We're having some trouble. Try back later. Error: xacsa. I have cleared caches, history, logged out of accounts, reset or restarted devices.

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Had an Xfinity technical support chat and was kicked "upstairs" as refreshing my account on Xfinity's end also did not solve the problem. Was told I would hear back within 24 hours.


Oh, well. I'm having the same issue. Using Chrome, and Safari, never gets past the adding device screen. As the circle spins to add the device, the screen goes gray and nothing loads. No one can seem to help. Often seems to relate to Adobe Flash. Still works on my phone.

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No live TV. I've signed out and signed back in. Same abridged listings. I've tried clicking on recently viewed channels and get nothing. I'm miffed. I am having the same issue as you are. Work all last week with Chrome. Got no help from the phone call to them. I'm getting a message saying it's Flash but have uninstalled and reinstalled and continue to get the same thing. I've followed all the steps they offer as support and it still doesn't work.

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