Mac check network connection speed

You should see a drop-down menu with your network interface. If you own a newer Mac computer, the chances are that it will be capable of much faster WiFi transmission speeds than your wireless router. The best way to find out for sure is to look up the model name of your wireless router online and study its technical specifications.

Most wireless routers today support the Increasingly more routers support the newer To test your internet connection , we recommend you use one of the WiFi speed test apps recommended in this article. The WiFi internet speed test apps listed below send and receive data to and from a remote server to calculate your maximum download and upload speed, making it clear whether your ISP is providing you with the advertised speeds or not.

NetSpot is the only WiFi network speed test app on this list that does it all, including in-depth WiFi analysis and surveys. Designed with both professional and home users in mind, NetSpot brings to the table a modern user interface that exposes all features of the app at a glance and two distinct WiFi analysis modes: Discover and Survey. It instantly gathers all available information about WiFi networks that are within reach, including the channel they are broadcasted on, their strength, noise, BSSID, and security.

The Survey Mode allows you to create a detailed signal heatmap of an area to see which parts of the area are covered with a strong WiFi signal and which could use a boost.

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NetSpot is available for Mac and Windows computers, and it can be downloaded for free for testing purposes. WiFi displays a large window with a circular graphic in the centre and there is just one button, Start Test with no other controls. Click it and the graphic starts spinning as it measures the internet upload and download speed, and ping speed of response.

Using the Network Utility

The results are displayed as it tests and also afterwards. It keeps a history of speed test results so you can see if there is any change throughout the day or over the days or weeks. WiFi is more than just an internet speed test and it adds an icon to the menu bar.

Live upload and download speeds are shown and it is useful as an indicator of internet activity. You can easily see when the Mac is transferring data.

How to Find Wi-Fi Link Connection Speed in Mac OS X

Click the menu bar icon and a panel is displayed that shows the Wi-Fi name, MAC address, security, protocol, channel and band. Size : 4 MB macOS : Speed Test runs as a menu bar icon and when clicked it displays a panel with a speedometer style graphic in the middle. There are a few buttons but the only one worth mentioning is Start. The graphic lights up and the speed test begins. A summary of the results are displayed afterwards and it shows the ping and upload and download speeds.

It does not save the results anywhere, so if you want to remember them you would have to write them in Notes or take a screenshot.

Totusoft | LAN Speed Test

The app searches for the nearest or best server for the speed test and this resulted in very low ping results and they were a fraction of those measured by Dr. The upload and download speeds were similar though. WiFi Speed Test has an attractive interface that shows an animated speedometer style graphic when measuring the performance of the internet connection.

It may be a more descriptive name for non-technical people, but I would rather the correct term was used. In the top right corner is another animated graphic and it shows the direction of travel and the location of the server being used for the speed test.

In the top left corner is the Wi-Fi network name and a small i icon opens an information window where the test results history is stored. This is great and you can see all of the previous tests, and even export them to a CSV file a standard format that many applications can read. Speedtest superficially looks similar to the other internet speed testing apps, but it actually has a lot more features than most and it is an excellent app.

How to Improve WiFi Speed?

The window has a large GO button in the middle and clicking it begins the performance measurement. The speedometer style graphic shows the live results and at the end you can see the ping, upload and download speeds. There is also a mini line chart that shows how the speed fluctuates over time. If the connection is rock solid then it will be flat, but a bumpy line indicates a variable connection and possible problems or other devices using the bandwidth.

What makes this app different is the button in the top right corner which switches to another display. It shows the number of tests, the fastest and the average.

Mac OSX: How to install a download speed monitor to find out how fast you're downloading

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Is this the speed of my wireless router? Or is it the speed of the cable service to my wireless router? When you hold the Alt option key while clicking the WiFi icon in the menubar you get more information already, and you can choose Wireless Diagnostics there also.

I think if you hold option and click the Airport Menu item it shows that info as well.

Not on a wireless client to check, but I think so. Sort of. Anyone know that? The Transmit Rate shown in the pulldown is the maximum speed achieved between the Mac and router in megabits, the Link Speed in Network Utility is the maximum speed possible for the interface. Basically, you want those two numbers to be as close to each other as possible.