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We work with large files that need to be given to vendors and DVDs are the easiest way. Oct 29, AM. Page content loaded. Oct 11, PM. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but have you tried it with another USB cable? The reason I ask is that I also still use an optical drive I buy all my music on CD , and the particular drive I use only works with one specific cable.

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With other cables, it spins up, but nothing appears in the Finder or iTunes. It's hard to discern any difference between the cables, but I suspect it's a specification difference voltage perhaps? Probably won't make a difference, but it's worth a try. Also, make sure you're connected to power, not running on battery - macOS seems to lower the available power to USB ports when on battery only. Oct 19, AM.

Convert Your Mac DVD Drive into USB drive with OWC SuperSlim

I'm having this problem too. I'm using the Apple external CD drive, so no other cable to try. It does appear in Disk Utility, though. I discovered that because I was worried about the CD being permanently stuck in the drive. I had some success right-clicking on the file I wanted to burn, then selecting "Burn to CD". That worked, and then the CD suddenly appeared on the desktop.

However, when I went to burn a second CD, it appeared in the Disk Utility but the right-click menu selection had no effect. This seems like a bug in Mojave to me, because everything was just fine until I upgraded. The upgrade is otherwise really great, though.

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Oct 28, PM. I have the same problem ion my Mac mini server but not my MacBook Air. Apple support was no help. Nov 12, AM.

I am having the same issue - has an update to this disaster been released? This is unacceptable and absolutely absurd to think that instead of updating amazing technology, Apple is yet again breaking those things that were working and did not need to be fixed. Nov 16, PM. This has worked perfectly for 5 years on my MBP, but after updating to High Sierra I'm getting the same error message as you.

This is so frustrating!

How to play DVDs and CDs on a Mac that doesn’t have a built-in optical drive

Nov 21, AM. Same problem in a macbook air. The Driver works fine in another computer, and shows up on disk utility, but cant burn anything in a dvd. Nov 25, AM. That worked for me and my SuperDrive works now. Here is the thread in German if you need more information:. Nov 25, PM. Nov 25, PM in response to caribo In response to caribo. I tried different cables and adapters with no luck. I need to burn DVDs as well as iCloud storage and only came to do this today after upgrading to Mojave. My emails have also been disrupted since some are being deleted without any action I have taken separate thread on this.

How to play DVDs and CDs on a Mac that doesn’t have a built-in optical drive - tinihoxefy.tk

Just unfortunate? More than a coincidence that these issues have only appeared since the upgrade. In the past I have always waited six months or so, but this time got fed up with the 'upgrade now' box appearing on the desktop. Nov 26, AM. Nov 29, AM. This works perfefectly for me but still begs the question as to why a blank DVD does not show on the desktop.

Another example of a developer shoving something onto the market with flaws and the attitude of "work it out for yourselves". We just have to wait until they fix it after all we are only customers who have made them even richer. I've sent the logs through to Apple as requested, but who knows when I will get a reply? Dec 3, AM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. The black and Samsung-style outlook may attract you.

Option 1: Get an External Drive

Moreover, the external drive supports M-Discs, which will be the leading format, and replace the traditional discs. And then press the button to insert it. Definitely, it will be a little larger in the appearance. And the external DVD drive on Mac is cheap to get. Though there is the disc tray built-in, it is still But the appearance of the external DVD drive for Windows seems not to be fashionable. Burn DVD and Blu-ray in fast speed, and get the slim outlook as well.

This DVD Drive has a unique curved design and is very beautiful. This is very compact and weighs only grams. It is easy to plug and play; the drive can do without softwares and it is easy to charge when plugged into the USB port. USB 3. If you are fail to receive one external DVD player as soon as possible, and you are eager to watch the specific DVD movies, turn to your friends for help, with the flash drive bring, to save the video files from your friends.