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Everything executed according to promise. A bit of delay in shipping the goods as a consequence of additional check on my reliability as a customer, but I understand: mutual trust is fair in transactions with this level of value.

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Great shop, costumer service I know the Cyberport since they have a shop in Westbahnhof, Vienna. I bought my laptop and any kind of other devices, phone, covers, coolers, tablet The main reason that I really belive this shop is their after service! My laptop almost burned out, many chips were burned. My phone cover led light got broken and they just simply gave me new one.

All colleagues are really friendly and have the right information for shoping basicly it is hard to find in other electronic shops as well I would buy any kind of electronic just from Cyberport I have decided to order across border for electronics. For dutch customers it is as easy as can be although some may struggle with the german. Cyberport is professional, quick and above all, cheaper than what I am used to in NL.

They will see me again. Very good shop. And I have to admit I got a pretty good deal. But then I called Cyberport regarding the problem and they sent me a new one.

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Es war in Super Zustand und schnell geliefert. Eigentlich hat Apple pencil 1 woche Zeit genommen, weil es Black Friday war. Ansonst alles Superrrr!! I would like to warn all potentional customers to avoid this shop. Also, Im going to post this warning on all customer community pages, because this is not customer service for 21 century.

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No, nothing happened. Very dissapointing. Even after intervention from the EU-ombudsman, Cyberport still refuse every contact. Even after prove and criminal complaint agains Cyberport of non delivery falsified signature discovered after 9 months , nothing changed. Cyberport knows it very well. Cyberport is just a criminal organisation.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Mid , i5, without Touch Bar) Review - Reviews

Stay far away from these criminals and never buy anything! The product was delivered according to the description and emails were always answered in about a day. I never had a problem with Cyberport. Had Very bad experience with them. I bought a laptop and went to pick it up from their store. I didn't receive anything! The chatting customer support wasn't helpful by any mean.

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Currently they canceled the new order and i'm waiting for the money to be back. They mentioned that in general they reserve the money on the card then take the money upon delivery and delete the reserved money however with me so far it seems that it was taken twice. Having a lot of trouble with Cyberport, unfortunately. Purchased a high-end laptop almost a month ago.

They said it would be shipped in 3 to 10 days. I'm still waiting. I've gotten several automated emails about the expected delivery date, but the date just keeps getting pushed back. I've been sending emails to ask about the status of the order, but I'm not even getting a response from them. I write in English since I don't speak German but I don't think that's the problem. I've urged them to answer as I need the invoice urgently I really do, it's grant money that needs to be accounted for in the following days , but my last several emails inquiring about the status of the order have been ignored.

No response at all. Bottom line: good prices, but if you see "available in 3 to 10 days", I'd advise you to steer clear, unless you've got time and nerves to spare. Very frustrating customer experience. Edit: Daniel, sorry, but that's the same copy-pasted response you cyberport have given me several times already.

It's always days. It's been almost a month since I paid for the laptop. This is odd, as the retailer cyberport. I upgraded to yosemite like a week before it stopped working, but it still did work for some days on yosemite - I am sure about that. EDIT: oh, id just did some research and figured out that thunderbold and mini displayport look pretty much the same - so yea, probably I only have mini displayport to displayport cable hooked to thunderbolt port. Oh, and apple mentiones my monitor as supported here.

No idea on the adapter. Ask the users on the apple forum. That was just an example. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. The design of the new Apple MacBook Air is almost identical to the current MacBook Pro lineup and the only difference is the tapered front. The build quality is impeccable and the stability is excellent for such a slim device. We also like the haptic impression of the metal surfaces, and it just feels like you are using a high-quality product.

Based on our own experiences with Apple devices we can say that the surfaces still look great after a few years of use, and the new MacBook Air should not be an exception. Besides the two familiar color choices of silver and space gray, the new Air is also available in gold, which was previously reserved for the smaller MacBook Apple also reduced the bezels compared to the previous generation, but there is still room for optimizations compare with the XPS 13 , for example. The central hinge is well-adjusted and can prevent bouncing of the screen.

It is not easy to open the lid with one hand due to the light base unit. The maximum opening angle is degrees. The bottom panel is secured by multiple Pentalobe screws. It is easy to remove when you have the corresponding tool, but pretty much all the components are either glued into the chassis or soldered, so there is not much to do. Best Displays , for University Students. The rear of the Air is even slightly thicker, but it is much slimmer at the front in return. It appears a bit more compact when you use or carry it, but the difference is not big and it would not be a decisive factor in our personal purchase decision.

The inch MacBook remains the most portable Apple laptop. Both the MacBook 12 and the old MacBook Air stand out from the size comparison, but all the other laptops are very similar and the Dell XPS 13 is even a bit more compact in terms of footprint. All in all, however, all the current laptops here are very portable and it is no problem to transport them. The port situation is identical to the MacBook Pro 13 with function keys.

You can either attach one external 5K screen x pixels at 60 Hz or two 4K screens up to x pixels at 60 Hz in addition to the internal display. This makes the new MacBook Air very future-proof, but one of the ports is often blocked by the power adapter. Then there is the issue with USB-C accessories, and you will probably need adapters.

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Apple fortunately did not get rid of the stereo jack, which is located at the right rear. The MBP 13 already supports Bluetooth 5. We did not notice any issues with the stability of the connection in practice, but the transfer rates in our standardized WLAN test with the router Linksys EA are at the bottom of our comparison group. We repeated the test multiple times both in macOS and Windows to rule out measurement errors, but the results stayed on a comparable level. It combines multiple functions, including storage encryption and secure boot features.

You can now login via Touch-ID fingerprint scanner. It is a hybrid solution from both MacBook Pro models. The sensor is very quick and reliable. The manufacturer does not offer any specific accessories for the MacBook Air, but there are numerous adapters, docking stations, and even external graphics cards eGPUs for the Thunderbolt 3 port. Apple still sells its laptops with a one-year manufacturer's warranty, which also includes a day premium phone support.

You can also extend the service with Apple CarePlus, either during the purchase or within 60 days after purchase. Apple equips the new MacBook Air with the familiar Butterfly keyboard. Similar to the current MBP 13 Touch Bar , it is the third generation of Butterfly switches with silicon membranes. This is supposed to prevent dirt from entering the switches, which resulted in defective keyboards in the past.

The key stroke is significantly more muffled compared to the older versions, but the typing noise is still quite loud. Especially the shallow key travel is still a point of controversy and we recommend you try the keyboard before you purchase the laptop. There will definitely be a learning period. Apple still has the edge over many competitors when it comes to the keyboard illumination. A direct comparison between the old and new MacBook Air shows how massive the new trackpad is. Similar to the keyboard, there is no perceptible difference to the more-expensive MacBook Pro and even though the Windows competition closed the gap over the last couple of years, the MacBook touchpads are still the benchmark.

The handling is extremely precise and multi-touch gestures are easy thanks to the large surface. It is a so-called Force Touch trackpad, so the clicking feedback is identical independent of the spot you click and the touchpad recognizes different pressure levels harder click for context menu, for example. The display was probably the biggest drawback of the old MacBook Air, because the This was far away from Apple's own standards "Retina" and is supposed to change with the redesigned model.

Similar to the current MacBook Pro 13, you now get a A closer look at the specs, however, suggests quality differences. Apple does not specify the brightness at all. Subjectively, you will instantly notice the difference compared to the old TN panel of the last-generation MacBook Air.

The content is extremely crisp, but the colors are not as vivid as on the — admittedly very good — screens of the MacBook Pro devices. The luminance cannot keep up with the Pro models, either. We determine an average value of nits for the panel with the designation APPA Only the two p competitors from Asus and HP are slightly darker, but all the other comparison devices with high-resolution panels are much brighter. The MacBook Pro in particular clearly has the edge over the new Air. The brightness is usually sufficient indoors, but the combination of bright environments and the glossy screen can be a challenge.

There is absolutely no criticism for the colors and the grayscale performance out of the box. There is not much to improve here, because the average DeltaE deviation of the grayscale is just 0.

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Almost all the colors are below the important mark of 3 as well, only orange just misses the mark at 3. Calibration by the user is therefore not really necessary and the new MacBook Air is a very good device for picture and video-editing, at least if you are working in the sRGB color space.

It is still worth the effort if you can calibrate the panel. We used our X-Rite i1 Pro 2 for the profiling and the corresponding profile is linked in the display box above and can be downloaded for free. The grayscale performance did not really change since the default results were already good. The color performance on the other hand is improved with a maximum deviation of 1. However, the frequency is extremely high at kHz, so even very-sensitive users should not have any issues with the panel of the new MacBook Air.

There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 43 - maximum: Hz was measured. Apple now uses a glossy panel surface compared to the old MacBook Air and the degree of reflection is similar to the other current MacBooks. However, the panel of the Air is not as bright, so you are basically limited to the shade when you want to work outdoors.

You definitely have to adjust the angle of the screen to avoid reflections from light sources or bright surfaces. The IPS panel with its wide viewing angles certainly helps in this respect. The performance is an interesting topic for the new MacBook Air, because the designation of the processor suggests a higher performance level for many customers. Thanks to fast PCIe-storage, the subjective performance impression with everyday tasks is still very good. Most users who do not know if they need a dual-core or a quad-core should be fine with the less-powerful model.

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Intel's current nomenclature can make it very tricky to assess the level processor performance. Apple uses an 8th generation Core processor with the designation Core iY. The "Y" at the end indicates a very efficient processor, which can usually be cooled passively. The big difference to the MacBook 12, however, is the additional fan. This is unusual for this type of processor and should improve the performance, especially during sustained workloads. We will have another look at the cooling solution, but it looks like there is no heatpipe, so the fan is not directly connected to the heat sink.

Apple usually removes all the TDP limitations though, at least as the CPU temperature and the cooling solution, respectively, allows it. The base frequency of the Core i5 is just 1. Hyper-Threading is supported as well, so the chip can execute four threads simultaneously. More technical information about the Core iY is available here. The CPU runs at up to 3. The maximum value of 3. We see the maximum Turbo of 2x 3. However, this drops to just 2x 2. The results can fluctuate a bit depending on whether the fan is already running or not.

We got scores between and points. This basically means the new MacBook Air only has a performance advantage for about 10 seconds compared to these two laptops, because the fan control is very slow. This improves the noise levels but not the performance. Our Cinebench Multi loop shows an interesting behavior.

The first run benefits from the higher initial performance, but the score drops a bit in the second and third run.