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Count, "H". End xlUp. Cells r, "H" ' With ActiveSheet.

I have Office 2011 for Mac. Why the macros made from Windows dont work (Excel 2007)?

Range "C47". Range "D47". Range "F47". Range "C48". Range "C49". Range "D49". Select End Sub. As far as I know, there is nowhere that lists all the many differences between Mac and Windows VBA for Excel, especially as it varies by version too. Thanks for the tip.

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I had already seen that link. The connection actually works in Excel windows and if I change. It appears that those are lines that need to be replaced with the right command for Excel for Mac. Do you Already tried to make a macro to use QueryTables in Excel because it depends on versions. Try doing the same code with ListObject and see if work that way. I make some code in vba on my computer that other do not work QueryTables, just ListObject.

Not sure what ListObject command is but I've made macros that use Query tables and they worked.

Adding Data to an Excel Worksheet using TextBox Controls on a VBA UserForm

I just can't figure out this one. ListObjet it's the same of QueryTables but don't have design, you can put after the make a table. The ListObject is compatible with all versions of Excel until now. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Excel - does not support macro code so only the QI Macros fill-in-the-blank-templates work with this version of Excel for the Mac. If you receive the following message when installing the QI Macros, it is due to a security restriction:.

Manually Recording a Macro in Excel on Mac

Change the setting from, "Allow applications downloaded from: Mac App Store and identified developers" to, "Anywhere. Once completed, close Excel and re-run the installation. Once the "Anywhere" option has been enabled, re-run the QI Macros install with Excel completely closed. If the QI Macros menu does not appear, contact support qimacros.

If the QI Macros menu does not appear in the Excel ribbon, after install, make sure the Gallery of Templates is disabled, when opening Excel. If you tried to manually load the QI Macros menu, using the instructions at the top of this page, Excel might be blocking the add-in from loading.

Use the Developer tab to create or delete a macro in Excel for Mac - Excel for Mac

Once you have done so, completely quit out of Excel and reopen - do you now see the QI Macros menu? This sometimes happens if you install the trial and then purchase a key.

  1. Use the Developer tab to create or delete a macro in Excel for Mac?
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Excel will ask if you want to store the macro in the current workbook, click okay. Then, click on any other cell in the worksheet. Excel, in its infinite wisdom decided to change Startup to Oppstart Norwegian , Demarre French or whatever in international versions of Excel, but does not populate the StartupPath variable needed to find it. It does, however, populate AltStartupPath:.

QI Macros and all of its components will now be fully available. Visual Basic for Applications VBA was not enabled during the install of Microsoft Excel, or it became corrupted during install or during usage - this is mostly found in Excel for Mac. To troubleshoot, reinstall Excel and make sure VBA is enabled. This error occurs during installation when Operating System permissions are not set up correctly, or if the Carbon Registration Database is corrupted. This is due to either a OS install error or a Microsoft install error. To troubleshoot this issue, you will need to reinstall Microsoft Excel, as the VBA was not correctly included during initial Excel installation.

This error occurs when your OS is damaged, and therefore cannot access the data available inside the installer, as it is a DMG file. To troubleshoot this issue, send an e-mail to: support qimacros. XL June shows incorrect format of dates on the X axis. This is an Excel bug - seems to be off by 14 years. We figured out that cell B1 contained "Billed Total", but there was a carriage return between Billed and Total. When we removed the return, everything works correctly.

Doesn't seem to be a problem in other versions of Excel. Solution: Use Wrap Text, not returns in title fields. Rare issues and issues with older versions of the QI Macros. Our Customers. KnowWare International, Inc. Colorado Blvd.