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I, too, finally gave up on trying to set the desktop picture via script, and I'm now just replacing the symlink to DefaultDesktop.

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I think if you want to change it pragmatically you might have to use python and Apple APIs I gave up too and just have Casper install the new image with the same name over the old one. I did it for X. If only this FR was implemented already. Really wish the Configuration Profile worked for this, though. Using Composer to monitor system file changes, I was able to capture this as a package with the background image itself and implement it into my imaging.

Changing the Desktop Background in Mac OS X

Does anyone have this script working for El Capitan? We get "operation not permitted" errors on the second line even when running manually via terminal. In El Capitan it becomes slightly more complicated but it just involves changing the name of the file being pointed to.

I think I built out or Desktop Background setup using Composer. I just want it there day one; I don't want to force people to always use it though some do! One note about Andrew's script - if you run it more than once on a computer, you may wipe out the. I like the solution you provided andrew. Am I missing a step on this? Any help is appreciated.

How to Wallpaper Dual Screens of Different Sizes on a Mac

Julius Vandersteen has been a freelance writer since Skip to main content. Tips You can see the resolution options for monitors connected to your Mac, which can help you to select wallpaper images. By default, your Mac will automatically select the best resolution for your display. Click a resolution setting to set it for the monitor. You can quickly see the dimensions of an image you are considering for use as your wallpaper.

If you don't see your photos, keep reading to find out how to add them. Select an image. Once you see an image you like, click it in the right pane. Your desktop should change immediately. If you don't like the positioning or size of your image, read about display options below. Add a folder to the list. In the pop up window, select a folder that contains images. This will add that folder to the left pane. It's not always easy to find your iPhoto or Photos folder.

Use the method below if you're having trouble. Troubleshoot missing photos. If the picture you're looking for does not appear on the list, save it to a different image format in the same folder. You may need to separate photos with different file formats into separate folders. To change formats, open the image in Preview or another image viewing program. Open your photo application. This method describes the process for Photos and iPhoto.

This process has been confirmed for iPhoto 9. Select the photo.

This photo must be saved to your computer, not stored in an iCloud library or on a camera. You can drag it to your desktop to save it. On some versions of the application, you may select multiple photos, or an entire album.

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This will cause your desktop to cycle through all selected images. Make it your desktop using the Share button. Click the Share button in the top right corner. This looks like a box with a vertical arrow. Select "Set Desktop Picture. Access the original file. Some users prefer to move all their desktop pictures to one folder, and manage them from System Preferences.

The Easy Way: Change Your Desktop Wallpaper

You can "drag and drop" the photo to your desktop to make a copy, but this may lower the quality. Open the Desktop preferences screen. Alter how the image fits the screen.

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