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The other shortcut will be the MacType Control Panel where you can create new font profiles or edit existing ones. Font profiles determine which components are involved in the font smoothing process.

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Feel free to experiment here to discover which settings you like the best. Of course, font smoothing will only look good on good-looking fonts. Since Windows doesn't come with a font manager, we've looked at third-party alternatives. And there you go! Now your ugly Windows fonts will be ugly no more. Do you prefer this new look or will you stick with ClearType?

I know my answer. What about you? Your email address will not be published. Okay, jeer if you will, but the Mac fonts look great, right up until the time you start trying to read.

As a matter of fact, I've never been a fan of heavy font-smoothing in any way shape or form and have no idea why people prefer it. A little anti-aliasing goes a long way in my book and OS X overdoes it even when you turn it off. Hey thanks, It worked fine!. Now fonts look rendered. This is not a big issue for normal users ,but thought this would be helpful for developers to make an update in next versions. I can't seem to find a way to download Mactype anymore, it seems the site is down.

Has anyone had luck finding a source to download, or have any details I am missing? Here, I'll mirror it myself since this is one of the first things I install when I'm forced to use Windows.

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Most browsers render things themselves and so this won't make much difference, and as people have mentioned, Microsoft changed Office , but Office still uses GDI and thus, this fixes it. You're a live saver. Was so bummed when I formatted my computer earlier and found that the file is missing on their project page :. As of right now, I can't get MacType to work in any browser with exception to Firefox, in software mode.

I wish we could do a crowd fundraiser, aka a kickstarter. I am also getting issue with Office I have tried MacType and it does not work.

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The fonts in Office looks terrible, simply terrible. As much as I have tried to ignore it, it comes back and haunt me seriously. Just can't get over it. Please someone update MacType! I was ready to buy two new monitors before I found this article. ClearType was driving me nuts. There's a problem concerning MacType rendering in Chrome, beginning with version Although only the font rendering for the Chrome interface has been changed, the rendering in websites has also changed.

For instance, some characters are not rendered at all on websites, I think that the character space reserved by Chrome for a character is too small for the size provided by MacType. I tried to change the rendering system of MacType, but this fixed it only temporarily. I have never had a problem with Windows fonts.

My new job forced me back to Windows as a company standard. After 3 weeks of coding I realized how much the fonts actually bugged me especially when trying to fit a lot on a screen to get the big picture. Booting into Linux again just highlighted to me how bad the Windows fonts really are. Cleartype does basically nothing for small fonts. Mactype is a life saver! Glad to hear that MacType is helping you out! I don't understand how people can't see a difference. Windows rendering is all jagged and thin yes, with ClearType enabled. Windows feels 15 years old.

As screens get bigger and have more pixels, Windows will look worse and worse. Microsoft needs to fix this in Win I agree. I think you make a good point about resolution -- it wasn't this bad several years ago before the days of p. ClearType hasn't aged well. MacType doesn't work under Windows 8 on some applications. Is it the same case for you? And as Tom said gdipp looks outdated will it work on latest Windows version? Unfortunately I don't have a Win8 machine that I can use to test. However, even on Win7, some applications are not compatible with MacType but it's a rare occurrence.

If I were you, I'd give both of them a try make sure to try them separately, uninstalling one when you want to try the other and see which one works better. It's Microsoft's fault.

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It doesn't sound like the MacType people are going to add this functionality. I suspect gdipp which hasn't been updated since does not work either but I haven't tried. It must be some kind of rendering engine update. Thanks for this. I'm running a Dell monitor and a cheap Siemens monitor, and GDipp seems to give an appreciably sharper font display, at least on the Dell.

Oh, and I also used to own a 17" MacBook Pro but I gave it away when I found reconfiguring it to my own taste to be too much hassle:. Because it's too jagged and thin. I have cleartype and fonts don't render like that under cleartype. Only when it's off. No, I ran the ClearType wizard prior to those screenshots. They are actually optimized for my monitors. Step 4: When asked to confirm, click Yes. The font will then be deleted from your system.

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  6. If fonts are causing problems or you deleted an important one, you can always reset your fonts to the Windows 10 defaults. This is far less impactful than resetting or reinstalling Windows 10 , and it gets your fonts back to the way they were when the OS was freshly installed. Step 1: Search for the Control Panel in the Windows 10 search bar and click the corresponding result. Step 2: Click Appearance and Personalization and then Fonts. Step 4: Click on the Restore default font settings button. Windows 10 will then restore your font selection to the default Windows 10 options. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

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