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Before you revert an Office Click-to-Run installation, you should disable automatic updates. To make sure that you don't miss future updates, set a reminder to manually check for future versions. When a new version becomes available, and if the new version doesn't exhibit the same issue that you experienced earlier, you should re-enable automatic updates. Create a reminder to re-enable automatic updates. You can do this in Microsoft Outlook, on Outlook.

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For more information about Office Click-to-Run updates, see the following article:. Microsoft Office Click-to-Run update. Download and run the self-extracting executable file from the following Download Center link. This file contains the Office Deployment Tool executable Setup. Then, save the file as Config. Note In the XML, Open an elevated Command Prompt window. To do this, click Start , type cmd in the Start Search box, right-click cmd. Switch to the file location for the Setup. This step does not add your computer to your account a second time.

Todos os Produtos. By default, Click-to-Run installations of Microsoft Office are configured to automatically update your Office installation when new updates are made publicly available. Occasionally, you may have to revert to an earlier version of an Office Click-to-Run installation.

For example, an automatic update may introduce unexpected behavior by one of your Office applications. With Calendar1. End With. Option Explicit. Unload Me. Since the debut of the Calendar Control we got some feature requests from our dear users.

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And there was some changes in the underlying Windows infrastructure In a recent Microsoft Windows security patch, the button transparency settings are rendered ineffective. This is the same story as the Mac version you see in v1.

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In the original design of the Calendar Control class we use transparent buttons, because the button's text has a fix minimum 6 pixel upper inset which pushes the text off the bottom when the button is small. As normal day button in a calendar Therefore we put a label behind the button with the text, not affected by the button insets. The method we'd described in Usage in Your existing projects section allows us to open a DatePicker in any cell of the current worksheet if the user DoubleClick on it. It is a very basic functionality, you may want to restrict the operation to specific cells where you actually using dates.

In the If condition you can use any of the cell's properties, most of the time the simplest is the cell address:. Search this site. Update Some feedbacks we received from our users! Frame1 End Sub. ControlTipText String Specifies text that appears when the user briefly holds the mouse pointer over a control without clicking. Day Long Gets the current day of the month. DayFontColor Long Configures the color used to display the days of the week. Month Long Sets the current month. Must be a value between 1 January and 12 December. A value of -1 means True and a value of 0 means False.

ShowDays Boolean Specifies whether the calendar display the days of the week. ShowTitle Boolean Specifies whether the calendar display the month and year above the calendar grid. TitleFontColor Long Determines the color used to display the month and year above the calendar grid. Top Single The distance between a control and the top edge of the form that contains it, in points. Height Single The height of the control, in points. Width Single The width of the control, in points.

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Left Single The distance between a control and the left edge of the form that contains it, in points. Value Variant Sets the currently selected date. Visible Boolean Specifies whether the control is visible or hidden. Year Long Sets the current year. Tag String A user-defined string value. TabIndex Long Specifies the position of a single object in the form's tab order TabStop Boolean Indicates whether an object can receive focus when the user tabs to it.

YearFirst Boolean Determines the order of year and month in the label above the days. True means text begins with year: dec. False means text begins with month: dec DayFont Font Configures the font used to display the days of the week. GridFont Font Specifies the font used to display the days of the month. TitleFont Font Sets the font used to display the month and year above the calendar grid.

GridCellEffect Integer Determines the effect used to display the grid. GridLinesColor Color Determines the color used to display the lines in the grid. ShowHorizontalGrid Boolean Specifies whether the calendar display horizontal gridlines. ShowVerticalGrid Boolean Specifies whether to display vertical gridlines. UserForm Adds a new frame together with the Calendar Class to your form. Layout parameter is ignored. Refresh Refreshes the Calendar. You need to call this method only if you want to change the font styles at runtime.

Today Sets the Value property of the Calendar Class to the actual date. Click Occurs when clicking on the calendar days. DblClick Occurs when the user points to a day in the grid and then clicks a mouse button twice.

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Setting the Cancel argument to True —1 cancels the ongoing change. Note : This event is not working in the original Calendar Contol AfterUpdate Occurs after changed data in the control. Note : This event is not working in the original Calendar Contol. Show End Sub. Calendar Control v2. Colored Date Arrays:. You can add arrays of dates which will be displayed by a color you choose. You can set this dates are selectable or not. There can be any number of this arrays.

Latter is stronger: if a date is in multiple arrays, the attributes color and selectable of the latter added array will be effective. Value2 function. Note: The algorithm is looking at the whole array - there can be empty values -, so you may not want to use B:B-like ranges. We have revisited the Unselectable date mechanism introduced in v1. Now the unselectable dates can be focused, only the Click or Enter not effective on them. This make the cursor navigation easier. Public Sub DateArrayTests. Dim r As Range. Dim dateArr As Variant.

Dim Selectable As Variant. Dim idx As Long.

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Call DatePickerForm. Holding the index No selectable setting Default Empty : selection not affected! Print "Color: ", DatePickerForm.

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  • GetArrayColor idx. Print "Selectable: ", DatePickerForm. GetArraySelectable idx. RemoveColoredDateArray idx. SetArrayColor idx, vbBlue. Software Finanziari. Valutazione utente. Best Accounting Software. Purchase Order Financing. Windows Live OneCare 2. Microsoft Office Enterprise 4. Microsoft Expression Web 5.


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