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McDonald's Big Mac Jingle Commercial (1974)

Rob Lambert - August 20, - Report this comment. On the Chicago scene. Also, commercial for Dog N Suds drive-ins, announcing the "Cents-Ible Meal" for 79 cents, consisting of char-grilled burger and fries drink NOT included , offered only at suburban Lisle and Des Plaines locations both out of business now. Other ads for Musicland record stores, Rockford Dragaway show and Sun-In hair toner guaranteed to make you blonde.

Rob Lambert - August 26, - Report this comment. On the Chicago Scene. We go to June, Elvis and the Rolling Stones in town the same weekend. A Big Mac was up to 65c. The early s became a musical chairs game with radio personalities. Rob Lambert - August 31, - Report this comment. From the prime time TV vault, a variant Big Mac commercial showing several customers attempt to recite the ingredient song, and failed.

Mel Brooks, coming off "Blazing Saddles," created and produced this flop of a sitcom.

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Dick Gautier led the cast as Robin. Paramount stock player Misty Rowe as Maid Marian. With "Happy Days" as a lead-in, ABC had higher hopes for "Rotten" in the ratings, which were rotten, and we'd see the last of Sherwood Forest after 12 episodes. Rob Lambert - September 01, - Report this comment.

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Continuing my series celebrating Big Mac's 50th, a musical TV spot with an ensemble of average-looking customers breaking into song, Vaudeville style. Chevrolet sponsored the show nationally, with allotted local ad time. No guest star. Plus, the usual helping of not-always familiar patriotic songs. Generally, a good family show, with some intent of inspiring patriotism to young people in trying times. The show lasted until Rob Lambert - September 02, - Report this comment.

Also, from the Saturday morning cartoon vault, Ronald gives kids reflective safety wear for Halloween night in McDonald Land. A episode educational series for kids, hosted by science whiz Don Herbert. He gives simple lessons on chemistry, life and earth science, plus suggestions on easy science projects. Rob Lambert - September 24, - Report this comment. Ex-Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon played a friend of Larry's.

The show lasted two seasons, 38 episodes. Ratings were mediocre. Rob Lambert - October 06, - Report this comment. From the prime time TV vault, a McDonald's commercial block. First, several folks order Big Macs with a birthday candle on top first anniversary. Second, a "get a meal, get change back from your dollar" with a rich man and his butler butler tries pocketing the change 15 cents. Loosely based on the movie, Brandon Cruz as Eddie. Bill Bixby as Tom Corbett, his widowed dad, who worked as editor of a fictional magazine.

Norman also was an overaged hippie 46 years old. Myoshi Umeki as Tom's housekeeper, Mrs. For three years, a pleasant comedy-drama series. Rob Lambert - October 08, - Report this comment. From Feb. Rob Lambert - October 12, - Report this comment. Town's population was Dan Dailey as governor of an undisclosed state. Julie Sommers as daughter JJ, who assisted her dad with day-to-day duties, plus worked at a zoo in animal husbandry.

The BIG MAC song – 1975

A well-acted sitcom, similar to "Bob Newhart," but with mediocre ratings, barely good enough to warrant a second season. Rob Lambert - October 13, - Report this comment. From the prime time TV vault, another of the commercial series with people struggling to recite the Big Mac ingredient song. These include a switchboard operator and a guy dribbling a basketball.

After years of trying to shake off his Colonel Hogan typecast, Crane got a show self-named. He played an unemployed insurance agent who resumed medical school at age Living with his wife Tricia Hart in an apartment that was part of a factory, Bob Wilcox had to deal with ornery Dean Ingersoll Jack Fletcher and several students half his age. Not a great sitcom, but not a bad one neither.

Ratings were the pits, and Crane's return to series TV lasted only 13 episodes. Previously, he starred in the Disney flick, "Superdad. Rob Lambert - October 23, - Report this comment.


Prison sitcoms weren't considered funny, as this only lasted a season of 23 episodes. Notable actors included Tom Poston and Mel Stewart as guards.

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Rob Lambert - October 28, - Report this comment. Season two begins with the Bradford Family still mourning the loss of matriarch Joan, played by Diana Hyland, who passed on during production, after filming five episodes. Shortly after, Adam Rich, the youngest, began having brushes with the law.

I also loved The Waltons..

McDonald’s Fries Israeli Minister Over Big Mac Attack

Little House on the Prarie.. The 's were great Television and great snack food! Rob Lambert - November 02, - Report this comment. From the prime time TV vault, another different slogan for Big Mac: Taste you cannot duplicate, showing customers and crew members enjoying them. This was the one-hour series finale, centering on Arnold Horshack Ron Palillo. After Arnold's fourth stepfather dies, his mother Ellen Travolta wants to remarry and leave Brooklyn. Horshack is engaged to marry Mary, and wants to stay. He takes a bold step, seeking help in getting a job and an apartment from his estranged uncle, Harry James Komack, the producer.

After being absent most of season four, unshaven Gabe Kaplan is back for a short appearance, as he and Julie Marcia Strassman lend the future Horshacks their wedding ring, and Gabe is their best man. Rob Lambert - November 04, - Report this comment. From the prime time TV vault, a Big Mac commercial strongly resembling a Broadway musical, with customers and crew members in a chorus line.

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McDonald's Big Mac. Songs - Add. Actors - Add. None have been identified for this spot. Related Advertisers Burger King. Jack in the Box. Dairy Queen. Carl's Jr. Related Products Burger King Whopper. McDonald's McDouble. Wendy's Baconator. General Court confirms invalidity of one of the adidas three-stripe mark s. Gigi Hadid, Smile for the Copyright. SPC manufacturing and stockpiling waiver comes into force.

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A Big Mac Attack

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