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This should force messages to communicate with only your phone number. Good luck! I tried this and it caused other problems. When another iPhone tried to send me a text message via iMessage my phone wouldn't receive anything at all, so I disabled iMessage completely on my phone, falling back to SMS.

So, the options above represent the sum of the ways in which Messages can be configured on both the Mac and iPhone. Again, you may have to experiment to find the right combination. Can you outline, specifically, what you tried? Also, I forgot to mention that both devices must be configured using the same Apple ID.

3 Ways to Turn off iMessage & Stop Messages from Showing on Mac

Are they configured as such? At the end of the day, this is the behavior that I want for now. The ideal situation is that all iMessages go to every device, which it currently does not do. So then what you really wanted, ultimately, was to have messages sync completely and not just to one device. If this is the case, please make sure to update your question in case others have similar problems. The way it's presently worded reflects your frustration, but also directly indicates that you do not wish to have messages sync to your mac, only your iPhone.

3 steps to disable iMessage and not lose your mind - CNET

Arturo Arturo 1. Medical School or Games Industry? Ideal Use : you prefer text communications via your phone, and you don't want any iMessage texts or visuals to show up on your Mac. Step 1 : open Preferences in the Messages app as shown in Method 1. In the same window, just click the "Sign out" button next to your Apple ID.

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Step 2 : Confirm the operation in the new pop-up asking "Do you want to sign out of iMessage? That's it. Ideal Use : you are busy working on a project, and don't want to be interrupted by these messages temporarily.

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But you'll use the app on your Mac later. Step 1 : Launch the System Preferences app. Again, the easiest way is by typing it in Spotlight search bar.

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If you have added it to Launchpad, just click the icon to open the app. Step 3 : Scroll down and locate "Messages" on the left sidebar. Select "None" under "Messages alert style" note: by default, it's on "Banners".

How to disable Messages on Mac (without disabling it on your phone)

We are both connceted to the same iMessage account therefore he gets my iMessages. I made a new iTunes acount.

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Could anyone please tell me how to sign out of my dad's account and sign into mine I'm not sure which update it is. Posted on Sep 28, AM.

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Nov 15, AM in response to Julia. MacUser In response to Julia. Hit the button that says Sign Out, or if you're not on the latest update of OSX, hit the big central button with account details on it. Nov 15, AM. Sep 28, AM in response to Julia. Sep 28, AM. Page content loaded. Sep 29, PM in response to wjosten In response to wjosten. I don't have messages in my settings and i dont have a preferance menu when I go to messages. Sep 29, PM. Dec 14, AM. Dec 25, AM. Mar 5, PM in response to p3t3r In response to p3t3r.

Mar 5, PM.