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Using Spotlight as a dictionary or calculator If you type a word in Spotlight, one of the results is a dictionary definition of that word. Moving your cursor over in the search result displays a definition.

How to Find Unsaved or Lost Word Documents on a Mac

Clicking on Dictionary opens the Dictionary app, where a thesaurus and Wikipedia view are also available using the buttons at the top. Customizing Spotlight To customize Spotlight, type anything in the search area and click Customize Spotlight at the bottom.

Pages for Mac: Find and replace text in a Pages document

This can be worthwhile if you use it frequently. If you need to search for a file within a specific date range, you can do that using the After and Before operators, and setting the dates accordingly.

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Remember, if you single click on a file, its location is revealed below in the Path Bar. If you are not sure if you have located the correct file single click on it, and then tap the spacebar to preview it. If you have located the file you were looking for, there is no need to save the Smart Folder.

Can Pages and Numbers Replace Word and Excel on Your Mac?

If you do save it, you will be prompted to name it, and add it to the Sidebar. In other words, it becomes a saved search. You can tap the word count at the bottom like the other devices above to see the other counts. And, you can follow the same steps to disable the word count display.

And remember, you can check things like the length of the title or introduction by just selecting that text and viewing the counts in the box at the bottom.

How to search specific words within a website/document?

If so, let us know in the comments below! Display the word count in Pages on Mac Pop open your document in Pages on your Mac and then follow these steps.

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