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In the United Kingdom, Apple computers are much more expensive than if you live in the United States. Each operating system can run different digital Audio Workstation software. Not all digital audio workstations will work on every operating system. If you have a digital audio workstation DAW , you would like to use. This is a huge problem if your audio production software is incompatible with your operating system.

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This means it would be impossible to use without running a virtual machine or simulation software. Remember to check your digital audio workstation DAW compatibility before switching to new an operating system. A new operating system will be slightly confusing to use at first and may require that you use it for a good amount of time before you get used to. When choosing your operating system, you have to remember that not all the machines cost the same. A considerable price factor is the type of operating system that the computer is running on.

Unless your computer is capable of being turned into a Hackintosh A non-apple computer that is running a version of MacOS , you will have to buy an Apple machine. Apple machines can cost a relatively large amount.

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In the United Kingdom, Apple devices are much more expensive compared to places such as the United States. Linux can be a different story and requires a more tech-savvy user to use the OS. The learning curve is higher due to many factors. On Linux, you may have to deal with root privileges and may have to use console commands to update your machine or install software. This can be confusing and overwhelming for new users.

All digital audio workstation DAW usability will vary depending on which software package you are using. Windows, MacOS, and Linux layout structure is different and are navigated and used in slightly different ways. There are many differences between the appearance and graphical user interfaces, such as the start menus, close and minimize buttons and the lock screen. When installing a new operating system or buying a new computer, you should remember that one day you might need to upgrade the machine.

For example, with Macbook Pros Click to check the price on Amazon and the majority of laptops, you can replace and upgrade the storage device, which means you can swap it out for a hard drive or flash drive with a larger storage capacity that has faster read and write speeds. But on the other hand, it would be much harder to upgrade the CPU on a Macbook pro or most laptops since the processors get soldered onto the motherboard.

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Bottlenecks like that are a thing to be aware of and to take into consideration when upgrading or buying a new music production machine. Newly developed viruses may not have had a chance for the antivirus program to pick up the virus yet. If the virus has already infected your computer, your anti-virus program may not detect it until a later date.

You should be careful what you download online, what email attachments you open and be aware of the risks of browsing the internet.

They also have a premium package Link to Amazon with extra features that will cost you an annual fee. If I had to recommend a piece of software to protect your recording studio, this one would be at the top of my list! AVG is also a free antivirus that can also be upgraded for an annual fee, to a premium package with extra features.

How to choose your production software

AVG was also great for protecting my devices and would be my second choice. Norton click here to check the price on Amazon is another popular antivirus program that can be installed and used on Windows, Macs, and Androids. Unfortunately, Norton does not have a free version of the program, although it does have a day trial that you can use to test out the program. Kaspersky click here to check the price on Amazon has mainly been designed for computers that are running Windows and Mac OS, however, they have also released a version of Kaspersky for Linux business users.

After the trial, you will have to pay a yearly subscription fee.

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  7. Windows Defender comes with the Windows operating system and is an anti-malware. Windows Defender is considered as a basic base level anti-virus protection. So should you use it? This depends. Microsoft is constantly updating Windows Defender and it has been getting better and better with every new Windows operating system release. It all comes down to a few factors. Your budget, your computer skills, and the digital audio workstation you would like to use.

    What is meant by a digital audio workstation (DAW)?

    No operating system is better than another. Having a good-looking user interface makes it much easier for you to get started in learning a particular DAW. Fl Studio is the most popular music production software used across the board. From beginners to industry professionals, they find Fl Studio easy to use with its appealing graphical user interface, structured navigation and easy to install plugins. Image-Line already offers lifetime free upgrades to FL Studio users, meaning that all existing users of the software now automatically own upgrades to version 20 on both platforms.

    Avid Pro Tools enhances collaboration, advanced automation, end-to-end integration and workflow orchestration. From new virtual instruments, samples, and sounds, to tons of MIDI enhancements and track presets, Pro Tools keeps your creativity flowing. Avid Pro Tools is used worldwide, not only by music producers but also prominent film companies, news networks, radio stations and streaming service providers.

    Logic Pro X

    Logic Pro is one of the most popular music production software out there. The new Logic Pro X released in Logic Pro X offers a massive collection of plug-ins and sounds together with a sound library accompanied with patches that allow for rich layers of instruments and effects. Logic Pro allows you to create amazing sounds using authentic re-creations of vintage equipment, powerful modern synthesizers, and complex multi-sampled instruments. The updated music production software features a modern, sleek and inspiring interface with a powerful bit technology. It offers for flexible multi-track recording with dozens of new plug-in instruments and effects.

    Acid Pro 8 has a massive amount of loops 9GB and offers an effective way of recording, playing, editing and mixing with advanced MIDI and audio editing features. Good news is that they aim to offer VST3 support in a free update giving you access to thousands of third party plug-ins. Ableton Live packs power and sophistication and its new Live 10 is an essential update for existing users. It supports VST instruments and plug-ins. The MIDI editing is excellent, and the built-in instruments, sounds, and effects are good enough.

    Studio One is an excellent DAW for any music producer. The added fluidity that the Pattern enhancements bring makes it even slicker. Tempo track editing is faster and better than ever. You can edit tempo with familiar automation tools for smoother tempo adjustments and custom curves. The music production software delivers a generous list of new features.

    Together with the major update combines the best of the traditional recording studio model with the modern methods of creating beat- and groove-oriented music. Studio One features unlimited audio and instrument tracks. Samplitude Music Studio has offered solo musicians and entire bands everything they need for music production and for making creative ideas a reality. Samplitude offers music producers the ability to create full arrangements with a complete array of virtual instruments. Cockos Reaper has many powerful features.

    It includes extensive bundled effects, a highly configurable and integrated scripting editor with an improved video support.

    The best FREE music tools in 2019!

    The music production software has powerful audio and MIDI routing with multi-channel support throughout. The simple two-panel design, with the main Track Control Panel TCP and Mixer Control Panel MCP augmented by a multitude of context-sensitive floating parameter windows, is easy to understand but also customisable, with many user-created Themes available for download. It has extensive freeze and render options, track Input FX for both audio and MIDI inputs, output Monitoring FX, in-track and floating MIDI editors, various timestretch algorithms with audio Stretch markers, Item region effects, Item grouping, undo history, customisable tabbed docking panels, screen sets and Ripple Editing mode, to name a few.

    Reason is packed with rack-loads of exciting new sounds and instruments. Reason 10 gives you two brand-new synths, Europa and Grain.