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  • Office 365 for Mac is available on the Mac App Store.
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Microsoft requires apps to be repackaged via its own tooling available on GitHub before it can be delivered through Intune. As it's a one-click download, installation is easy enough, the apps installing into the Applications folder with icons in Launchpad.

Why I may never install Office for Mac again

Not all the Office apps are available through the Mac App Store: you'll need to install Teams separately. Once downloaded, users need to log into an Office account before they can use the apps, either using a personal or a work subscription. With work subscriptions, either through Office or Microsoft , you can start to use Azure Active Directory to manage access to apps and data; and if you're using OneDrive to store Office files, you can use the same tools to manage user access to corporate cloud storage.

The Mac App Store version of Office will be updated automatically, on a monthly cadence much like that used by the Windows releases. Apple's content caching tools can reduce bandwidth demands when updating a large fleet of Macs, similar to using the peer-to-peer updating tools used by Windows.

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  4. Not all machines need to be set up as content cache hosts, and you may prefer to have a system in your IT department set up to act purely as a content cache for any macOS or iOS enterprise apps you're using. If you have a perpetual licence for either Office or Office , you can't use it with the Mac App Store versions of Office. They're intended for Office only, and if you try to activate them with an existing volume licence code they'll revert to what Microsoft calls a "reduced functionality mode", where they operate as document viewers and can't be used to create new documents or modify existing files.

    To get full value for a perpetual licence you'll need to download Office directly from Microsoft.

    Office for Mac is available on the Mac App Store - Microsoft Blog

    While Intune doesn't manage applications deployed through the Mac App Store, it's not the only Mac management solution. One option is to use a tool like Jamf Pro alongside Apple's Business Manager tooling to automatically deploy Store apps to new devices as they're enrolled.

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    Similar tooling, in the shape of the Apple School Manager , also supports educational deployments. Microsoft supports using Jamf's management tooling alongside Intune, as part of a Microsoft environment.

    Step-by-step guide

    There's no need to change any policies, as the Store and direct download versions of Office have the same sets of preferences. Microsoft does recommend setting one specific policy though, setting OfficeAutoSignIn to TRUE to ensure that users aren't confused by the default Office new subscription dialog, which asks them if they want to buy a new subscription the first time it's run. It's important to note that deploying via Apple's tooling means you have to deploy the Office apps individually; you can't use the one-click Store deployment available to consumers or to employees installing the apps themselves.

    That does increase the size of the download significantly, from just under 2GB to around 4GB. If you're switching an existing installation to use the App Store, then you'll need to remove any existing Office apps first, deleting entries from the keychain and removing any package registrations before installing the store releases. This isn't easily automated, and you may need to write an appropriate set of scripts for use with a tool like Jamf.

    If you want to stay on top of preview releases you'll need to download Microsoft's own Office installer and choose to receive Insider builds.

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    5. In practice this isn't an issue; most of your users will be using the standard release so you only need to manage installs for your test group of users. There's a lot to like about changing how Office is delivered, especially when you can hand over application updates to Apple. You'll carry on managing application access through the Office or Microsoft portals, so there's no new skills to learn.


      All you need to do is either give users an install link, or automate everything with Apple's own tools and a Mac system management platform. So should you use the Mac App Store to deploy Office? It's certainly an easy way of getting the apps onto user PCs, and will ensure they're always up to date using the Store's built-in update tools. It's an approach that works well for both small offices and for larger organisations.

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      Follow along, we're just getting started! Office for Mac is set up by default to check for updates once in a while and notify you if any are available. If this setting was changed or if updates have been constantly ignored, it's a good idea to manually check. AutoUpdate will show you the available updates. Save your work and quit the applications, so that AutoUpdate has full access to them to install the updates. When the updates have been installed, AutoUpdate will check if more updates are available. Just keep installing what's available until you see the following message:.

      Click the OK button to dismiss the message, and with the AutoUpdate window still open, make sure its settings are properly configured. While you may not want updates to be automatically installed, it is a good idea to at least have AutoUpdate periodically check for you and notify you when updates are available.

      Of course, it is best to install any future updates as soon as Office notifies you. Dismissing the notifications because you're in the middle of a project or otherwise busy is really not a good excuse. It takes just minutes to download and install these updates and no restart is required. Save your work, close the apps, click install and go grab a coffee.

      You can also download updates directly from the Microsoft website. One of the reasons some people prefer this is because multiple Macs need these updates and they do not want to bog down the network by downloading those same updates on each computer. Downloading them from the Microsoft website and transferring them to all other Macs via flash drive or over the local network can save many gigabytes in Internet traffic. To download the latest updates, go to this web page.