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The deductible is likely going to be a lot higher than with a dedicated insurance policy, but you should at least still get something back if your Mac is covered. Once again, find your policies and read through the fine print. Remember, your credit card company might also offer automatic travel coverage.

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Hopefully you can at least claim a good chunk of its value back from an insurance policy. And if not, the next step is to check out our guide on how to save money on Apple products. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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The Apple application that help to locate your Mac. Learn more… Top users Synonyms. Filter by.

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Sorted by. Tagged with. Apply filter. Can you figure out if your friend is sharing their location from their iPhone or MacBook? Can you figure if your friend is sharing their location from their iPhone or MacBook?

Hafeez A. One day later I found it. Orjola Shahaj 11 2 2 bronze badges. But it is showing it cannot be done, and showing message "Recovery partition required" I Ishara Kularatna 6 3 3 bronze badges. Michael Schmitz 6 1 1 bronze badge. Will MacBook still show as Offline in find my iPhone after it's been restored?

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My MacBook Pro was stolen last week, but it is still showing on my devices on Lidor 6 1 1 bronze badge. Can my stolen Macbook pro be wiped out and lose the track of it? My MacBook Pro got stolen, I have file vault enabled but not the Firmware password, too bad from Apple's part not to enable it by default with account's password or at least to raise awareness about Aiham Alkaseer 6 2 2 bronze badges.

Is it possible to remotely switch on Find My Mac? My MacBook was stolen over a month ago. Frazier Christie 11 1 1 bronze badge. Find my mac tracking Does the "Find My Mac" app automatically notify you every time your Mac is turned on? Or do you have to physically request for it notify you on a case-by-case basis? Marco 1. My mac was stolen, I requested that the mac be erased on this portal: Find My iPhone.

iCloud: Lock and track your device using Lost Mode in Find My iPhone

I used Windows 10 via Bootcamp. Will this partition be erased as well? The 'erasing' was triggered last night so Zach Smith 3 3 bronze badges. MacBook Stolen and locked remotely through Find My Phone but unable to locate it [duplicate] My MacBook got stolen and I put it in lost mode in Find My Phone, locked it and got email it successfully locked, but the app couldn't get its location. How is this possible? Is it that the thief Divya Patel 1. Can't find my Mac last location even if my Mac was online only for half an hour? My Mac was lost the other night. Someone probably wiped it clean, and reset nvram.

Is it possible to see last locations on Find my Mac? Because who ever found it, he must have been connected to Does Find My Mac work if the disk gets erased? I have already locked the Mac with a passcode and a message as well as clicked on the play sound feature on the Penns 6 2 2 bronze badges. Now that I found it an interrogation point is appearing on my screen but there is nowhere I can write my pin.

Can you please Ines 6 1 1 bronze badge. How to delete Macbook from Find My iPhone without erasing data? I have an iCloud account and there are my phone and a macbook which not belongs to me. I only able to erase this I can't remember what I put for my 6 digit pin.

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Also, is there a way to just get Manofsusy 1. Unfortunately, Find My Mac requires that the Mac be powered on and connected to a Wi-Fi network, which means that anything you try to make happen on a lost Mac may be delayed or never occur at all. Plus, since Macs lack GPS chips, the reported location may not be all that precise even when a Mac can be located. Will discovered this on his own, but it turns out that others have run across the same fact over the past few years, as evidenced by a quick Google search. A quick test confirmed the problem in OS X The only way to prevent Find My Mac from being disabled is to set a firmware password , which you must enter whenever you start up from a disk other than the usual startup disk.

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For Mac sysadmins who are getting multiple Macs back from users — graduating students or departing employees, perhaps — who may have turned on Find My Mac, resetting NVRAM from the keyboard for each Mac might be onerous. Happily, there is a command-line workaround published by Mac sysadmin Clayton Burlison — just enter these two commands or make them part of your imaging script:. A terrific and comprehensive description of the value of Find My Mac, how it works, and the issue.

And thank you for the heads-up on this - I was surprised that it's been around for so long without more publicity.