Toshiba 1tb external hard drive not working on mac

7 solutions to fix Toshiba external hard drive not showing up on Mac

Title the HD again and click erase. It'll take seconds and it'll be ready to copy onto and work with. Dec 2, 1 0 10, 0. If it is not seen or recognized by mac bow do you think we can take back up? Also it is not seen in other windows laptop. Mine opens in TV, but not in a computer! Very funny situation.

Seagate 1TB Drive - Mac AND Windows Compatible??

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Seagate 1TB Drive - Mac AND Windows Compatible?? | Tom's Guide Forum

I have two pcs and a Mac in front of me, the two PCs generate a "white light response" from my Hard Drive and a "blue light response" from my Mac. Oct 12, AM in response to danielrayrod In response to danielrayrod. To add another wrinkle to this thread, when I directly connect my Toshiba external HD to my new MacBook Air, I get the blue light of death, but when I plug it into my Logitech laptop stand with USB ports which is then connected to my MBA, I get the glorious white light of life and can access the files therein.

Oct 12, AM. Mar 11, AM in response to danielrayrod In response to danielrayrod. I'm having the exact same problem I've tried to follow as many instructions as possible that I've found on the internet but nothing seems to work - it won't even appear in Disk Utility, I don't know what to do. All I need to know is whether this a problem that can be fixed or not - otherwise I'll just get a new Hard Drive. Mar 11, AM.

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Mar 11, PM in response to danielrayrod In response to danielrayrod. It sounds like it is not getting enough power from the USB port of the Mac? Does the drive ship with a second USB cable with a tip on one end for a power port on the drive , or does it have a power supply of its own as backup? Not much you can do if it doesn't have additional power options on its own.

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How to fix Toshiba external hard drive not showing up on Mac error?

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Essiesc Commendable. May 5, 4 0 1, 0. It works just fine with my Mac. I've tried 3 separate Windows machines now, a brand new Lenovo, an older Sony Vaio, and a year old Dell, and this driver absolutely refuses to install on ANY of those Windows machines 2 Windows 7, and 1 Windows It gave me the exact same issue on all 3 of the Windows machines, it will not recognize the device AT all, I can see it in there, when I look in Disk Management, but there is not any letter assigned to it, and if I attempt to right click and format or do anything to the device, everything is greyed out.

I cannot access the files on the drive, and if I attempt to update the driver, it tells me Windows has already allocated the best driver for the device. I don't really feel like reformatting it, that would completely defeat the purpose to me. If I'm going to have to back up that entire drive somewhere else, I might as well just have to purchase another one and have 2 of them, one for the Mac and one for the Windows machine.

They make it almost impossible to get through to their customer service, and if you do manage to get through to someone, they don't bother to read anything that you write in your trouble ticket. You have to pay to be able to resolve anything to speak with someone on the phone. They do offer to attempt to solve it with you over e-mail, but it would be a very tedious process and the e-mail response team isn't capable of anything beyond a level One support.

SchizTech Distinguished. Jan 16, 0 19, SchizTech :. A computer Mac or Windows won't format a blank drive or reformat an already formatted drive without first prompting the user unless there's some data-destroying malware at work or something. To verify the filesystem, plug it into the Mac and control-click on the drive's desktop icon, and select "get info. All it will do is install support for Windows to understand a Mac formatted drive.

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  5. An ExFat drive out of the box would fulfill Seagate's promise though if that drive were ExFat it should be understood by the Windows systems. You must log in or register to reply here. Shows up in disk management. I have a Seagate external hard drive. I never had a problem using this until now.