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Aujourd'hui: concours! Allez donc faire un tour par ici pour en savoir plus sur Wysiwatch! Bonne chance! Tags: Concours Mode Wysiwatch montre. Wysiwatch , c'est une nouvelle marque de montres personnalisables et made in France!

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Alors pourquoi ne pas pousser le concept jusque sur nos poignets? Personnaliser, c'est chouette. Tags: Mode Wysiwatch montre concours personnalisable francais. Tags: Musique alt-j an awesome wave fitzpleasure. Tags: Musique Vicelow saian supa crew hip hop ninja remix. S'il fallait absolument le mettre dans une case, je dirais qu'on a ici le Mac Miller du rap allemand. En revanche, je ne me prononcerai pas sur ses textes, puisque je n'y comprends absolument rien….

Tags: Musique Cro 1 million raop. He originated the role of Dr. His first Broadway credit was Larry Gelbart's "Mastergate," in which he had no lines, but played all four lawyers: Mr. Child, Mr. Picker, Mr. Boyle and Mr. As we post more of them, it will all make sense. Goodman Theatre and Kennedy Center.

It's about as close to the way my mind works as anything I've written. Best know for his role opposite Glenn Close on the critically acclaimed "Damages", Zach Booth is an New York based actor with extensive credits both on stage and on screen. Most recently he made his broadway debut in "The Winslow Boy.

Melting Pot is one of the older monologues , "Drinking in America" from the days when I used to hang out and try to pick up the chain of consciousness monologues of the street. There was a diner on the Bowery where me and Zwack would hang at the end of the night. As the sun rose over the greasy streets, the hookers and junkies would gather at the diner to get their last cup of coffee and doughnut before hitting the sack. I was loved the contrast between the immigrant workers behind the counter and the street life who wandered in and out.

I am the grandson of immigrants. My grandfather would call people who didn't work, "bums. Written in at the height of the anti-Clinton hysteria, it was a shot at the vociferous junkie and radio personality Rush Limbaugh. I wanted to explore the ass-backwards logic of the cavalier right-wing mass media characters who pretty much will say anything as long as they get their ratings. Here it is performed by the master of rant, Mike Daisey, known for his own amazing list of monologue shows.

He is best known for The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, a tour de force that explores the contradictions inherent in the major corporation, Apple Inc. I was always on the look-out for a natural monologue. Though it is 25 years old, there are still guys moving through the subway trains in New York City apologizing for taking up your time and then asking for money. I was interested in the mixture of pathos, threat and irony caught up in this monologue.

In addition to writing, Mr. His other film credits include 'Pollock' and 'Two Lovers'. One day I was on the subway and in the the car was a filthy, smelly guy, basically camped out in the corner of the car. Everyone on the train was keeping their distance. We came to a station and the guy pulled himself together and shuffled off. Leaving empty the seat he had been occupying. An unsuspecting commuter got on, and seeing a big clear space, promptly sat down there.

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Everyone on the train was thinking the same thought, what kind of horrific bacteria was on that seat? This character is the most threatening of all my street people. He represents the complete unknown.

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While honing his craft, he appeared in several films at New York University and worked as a bouncer at dance clubs in the city. Often I sat in offices with agents or lawyers, listening to them work their magic on the phone. Somehow he got the plane back to JFK, and though we were given a new plane about an hour later, the cabin was half-empty. Most of the passengers were too freaked to get back on the plane.

Lucille Lortel Nom. This is relatively new phenomenon. Or self-esteem or co-dependence or any of that shit. But as I observe folks around me engage in this kind of introspective self-absorbtion, I am struck by how many of them remain complete assholes. The character has no real sense of who he is.

He believes in himself. And the blurbs made it sound pretty cool. So I bought it. And it was better than cool. It was awesome. My great buddy Brian Amidei and I would stay up late into the night drinking and firing monologues back and forth at each other. It was a brilliant training ground for me as a young actor. The characters were alive, visceral, raw and fun. The pieces were an incredible, challenging, blast to explore. To say I was blown away would be the understatement of a lifetime. I could barely speak in my first rehearsal, alone there in a room with him, much less act.

It worked. Really well. By the time Eric stopped talking our rehearsal time was over. And the stories were, of course, hilarious and highly entertaining. It may have been unproductive rehearsal, but it sure was fun as hell for me.

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And we put up the show. And, we became friends. Which truly blew me away. It was an amazing experience for me. Working with him made me believe that dreams can come true in this business. I am performing a piece of his, directed by him- this time on film, for posterity, as part of this incredible project celebrating his work.

He is also currently appearing on the Fox show Gotham. Tele-evangelists provided a great reservoir of styles and energy. And the idea that Satan really exists. Anson Mount grew up in a part of the country where he could see actual snake handlers and other intense preachers. He clearly knows the territory. He is also adjunct faculty at Columbia University's MFA Acting program, a playwright and author, a philanthropist and owner of a french bulldog named 'Mac'.

Right" with Sam Rockwell. One of my earliest monologues, it is an accurate reflection of my general state of mind, circa I was resentful of everyone and blamed everyone else for my problems. Whatever they might be. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. His poems and essays have been published in numerous journals online and in print, and his short plays have been performed at The Illusion Theater in Minneapolis and Theater Alliance in Washington, D.

Most recently, he won the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry prize. Gold Card is part of a sequence of monologues that make up the center of "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" - these include "Upgrade", "Captain" and four others.

Featured member

The sequence revolves around air travel as metaphor for modern insanity. I loved the way he talked about things. I should add that the whipped cream line came from my Armenian uncle up in Medford, Mass. Anyway, Joe on Elizabeth Street had a voice I could "do" and the character's not Joe's obliviousness really appealed to me. Performing "Calamari" was also a revelation. When I created it, I just wanted to lay out an archetypical character.

But when I performed "Calamari", people laughed and I discovered that I could be funny. Just never occurred to me before. Over the years, this monologue taught me more about comic beats than any teacher ever could. In addition he has been a regular on four other shows and has appeared in at least episodes of television. He came to life at the Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago, learned many things about acting at the Yale School of Drama, and has a long way to go. I used to do a ton of touring.

This piece is very much about loneliness — eating the cheese burger alone in my hotel room while watching the Nature Channel. I was transfixed by the rhythms of street people. New York City abounds with street folk. As a dramatic device, I worked this angle for years — using a series of non-sequiters and crazy language to find a kind of truth. Also these monologues Bottleman, the Pacer and others are technically difficult to perform.

Joke feat. Mac Tyer en live - Scorpion Remix

Chernus is a graduate of the Juilliard School's Drama Division. I am intrigued by the way that progressive action has been co-opted by the mass media promotion machine. It becomes harder and harder to discern sincere empathetic action from lip-service. His newest play, called The Qualms, premiered at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago in and will be seen at Playwrights Horizons next year. He used to be an actor. He lives in New York. Every single one of them sees himself as a victim of some sort.

It has to be performed full-tilt. I would use it to end the shows, especially if I was playing a big non-theatrical house. He first became aware of Eric Bogosian at high school speech tournaments all over Texas in the late 90s. More importantly, the writing was visceral, funny, biting; if someone who thought like that could make it in theatre, maybe Bobby belonged there, too.

He began performing Blow Me in college, at parties on request, in his own one-man show, and once, in the courtyard of his college, where campus security approached saying they had received calls that a madman was ranting and raving. More at bobbymorenoworld. For many years, I have lived and worked in the universe of the mass media. It is a special dimension, full of demented ideation.

What is fame and fortune, why is it so desirous? Explain the logic out loud and it sounds crazy. Hypocrisy comes in many flavors. But still…. This monologue stands alone. The plane crash that Satan describes here is the same plane crash that "Eric" survives and takes a meeting to discuss in LA see 82 The Meeting with Richard Kind , it's also the flight that Tate Donovan is trying to get on 73 and that Lisa Joyce is ticketing His hobby is writing about himself in the third person.

I was working in Holland in when I learned the story of a little boy who hid in the closet because he was so full of fear. In the closet there was a rubber raincoat. He would wrap himself in it. As he got older, he developed a taste for black rubber. I found an old rubber fetishist magazine that featured people completely covered in black rubber outfits. I tried to get inside the mindset. It has a lot to do with why I started acting in the first place — to play the tough guys who frightened me when I was growing up north of Boston.

But it is not based on them, it is based on some of the tough guys I ran into in Little Italy, New York City when I first moved into that neighborhood in Fascism is like the wolf at the door, always trying to find an excuse to enter. People seek safety when they are full of fear. Beggars are great observers of humanity, since they are forever interacting with strangers. We all believe in some kind of logic or order in the universe, until it lets us down.

The person who has nothing cannot believe in a benevolent order to reality. They must believe in something deeper. He was Playwright in Residence for the Signature Theatre season. Irwin was an original member of Kraken, a theatre company directed by Herbert Blau, and was also an original member of the Pickle Family Circus of San Francisco. Sometime in the late's, maybe as late as , Vanity Fair magazine got in touch with me to ask me to put together a short video for them.

They said they would pay me to do it as well as pay for al the costs of the video. I told them I would do it, but that I would need total freedom to do what I felt like. In other words, I wouldn't be making like a hip Eric Bogosian "ad" for the magazine which was cutting-edge hip under Tina Brown at the time.

They said OK. I brought in Robert Longo to direct the thing and together we made "American Vanity. Robert and I had a great time recording some of my monologues. And I wrote some new ones as well. A few days before the video was to be delivered, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars , Tina Brown invited me to lunch at the Four Seasons, the watering hole for power lunches among New York's elite.

I thought she wanted to hang out with me. Instead, she icily asked me about the video. What was going to be on it? I said, "I'll tell you this, it's going to be amazing. We delivered the video a few days later. There was no response. The guy who worked at Vanity Fair who set the whole thing up was fired. The video was never used by Vanity Fair for anything. But Robert and I got the video.

Her character, Catherine Willows is a single mother working as a crime scene analyst on the graveyard shift in Las Vegas. Brooks, about a man who occasionally falls under the spell of his murderous alter-ego. Helgenberger appeared in two original telepictures for Showtime.

Joke - Scorpion Remix Feat Mac Tyer & Niro -

Her breakout role as K. Growing up in North Bend, Nebraska, Helgenberger acted in school plays, but it was not until she attended Northwestern University that she thought of acting as a career. I have great respect for those who have found their calling in the armed forces and law enforcement. I hail from the kind of blue collar town that most soldiers and police call home.

This kind of work is dangerous and often goes unthanked. To what degree do young men and women who choose this line of work know what they are getting into? John is an actor, filmmaker, and composer. He holds a B. It was a horrible. It made me question the pharmaceutical industry. I still do. This piece was too painful to be included in a show when it was first written. In the intervening years, it has become commonplace to be warned about drug side effects. The monologue has gone from being indigestible to satirical. We New Yorkers live in close proximity with down and out folks who have very little.

Every day every one who lives in our great city passes someone on the street asking for money. At the same time, New Yorkers, particularly those living in the affluent suburbs, enjoy probably the most comfortable lives on earth. This monologue is an attempt to collide those two worlds.