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Did you mean:. TurboTax Help. Administrator Rights in Mac OS X Rights privileges on a computer determine the tasks a user can perform and how much control they have. To view your rights on Mac OS X: 1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.

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In the System Preferences window, under System , select Accounts. Topics: TurboTax Mac. How can I list all the members of a group called mygroup from the command-line in OS X? There's no standard command that lists all members of a group in OS X, so here's a shell function which does that:. Copy the above command-line to the Terminal, and then type members mygroup where mygroup is the name of an existing group.

There are five different ways that I know of that a user can be member of a group in OS X. The command dscl. So rather than trying to keep track of all those, it seems like a better idea to simply check the membership of every user on the system using dsmemberutil , and that's what the shell function and the script below do. This members script is equivalent to the shell function, but has nicer handling of invalid input:.

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These can be explored with commands like dscl. Note: This was my initial answer, written before I realized this answer still gives an incomplete result. For example, it finds no members of the everyone group! So I wrote a better answer, which includes a script that lists all members of a group in OS X. But this isn't guaranteed to output all or even any of the group's members.

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What's missing are the users who are member of the group only by having it as their primary group ID. A common example of this in OS X are regular login accounts, which have staff group 20 as their primary group, but are not listed in the GroupMembership property of the staff group. Those users can be found by searching for the numeric primary group ID gid like this example for the staff group gid 20 :. Utilising the command above, it is possible to get all users that belong to a group :.

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As a result you will see all groups your default logged user is a member of. One of them should be "staff". Thus, besides "root" there are more members of the group "staff", which are not listed by the command dscl. The same goes for the command dscacheutil -q group -a name staff which also suggests you that only "root" is a member of the group "staff", which is obviously incomplete.

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This is using his shell function resp. Both works great!

Similar to duperuser's answer, the following will print out only the users of the group admin with spaces in between:. The dscacheutil command is used to query information about various categories of the system's Directory Service cache. The -q option lets you specify the category you want to query.

The available categories are group, host, mount, protocol, rpc, service, and user. We further query that category by specifying a key value pair with the -a option. In this case, we want to list the group having the key name equal to the value admin. If you want to change the password, click the Reset Password button and make your changes in the sheet that appears. To change the picture or other capabilities, click the Picture, Login Options, Allow User to Administer This Computer to make this user an administrator on this Mac , or Enable Parental Control check box and make the appropriate changes.

To change a user, you must be logged in using an account that has administrator powers.