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Bless both of you.

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He is a beautiful little guy and he has a of moxie. Prayers that he regains the use of his back legs.

We had a cat named Little Hoss who had the same problem but he kept up with all our other kitties. He went to the Rainbow Bridge at only 10 months of age. You go Mac you cutie. To see this kitten receiving the help that he deserve makes me truly happy and blessed that there are beautiful people in this world. So happy Mac is progressing.

Mac ‘n’ Cheez Is an Orange Kitten Aiming to Beat Paralysis - Catster

Keep us posted! I am a sucker for orange kitties. This little guy deserves all the praise and support and he continues to grow stronger. You GO! That is so sweet and sad!!! I love him sooooooo much!!! I wish I could have him!!! This is the sweetest outcome. Thanks to everyone who has been helping him, especially his new human.

Cat snatches macaroni and cheese off spoon and into its mouth

Mac is such a lovely little guy. It is sad that he has to deal with this. At least his owners had the common sense to leave him somewhere that he would be able to get help. That in itself is refreshing now a days. I have 5 cats and most of them were dropped off and we were able to save them. I wish you the best of luck with Mac. He deserves a full life that can experience everything.

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Orange kitties rock…I have the honor of being adopted by a mono-mono twin angel kitty named Gabriel who rocks my life on a daily basis…he was weak and tiny as a kitten and grew to be a lissome, graceful handsome angel kitty who stood by my husband who was fighting cancer and along with the other three in my fearless foursome of love kitties helped him heal and recover. Gabriel has a soft tiny meow that is absolutely adorable. Watch action of this odorable cat Hungry cat really wants a bite of owner's ham sandwich Cat in 'laundry basket prison' tries to sneak some food through the ba Cheese is life This is a Vegetarian Cat Filmed on Wednesday 14th November Source file resolution p.

Save video to folders. Share video. Edited text Original text. My cat, Slanky, trying to casually steal some food. Slanky the black cat repeatedly sticks his paw in his owner's bowl of macaroni cheese in an attempt to sneak a piece. The footage shows the black cat pretending to be asleep while putting his paws in the bowl of mac and cheese. Related videos. Baby bunny nice dinner presentation.

Tiger trying to steal some of my fruit. This kitty was too cool to drink from the water bowl. Cat hilariously fails at climbing over bathtub after miscalculating her steps.

Cheyenne’s Critter Of The Week: Mac N’ Cheese

Aggressive cat refuses to share food with friend. Cat scares herself Cat owner creates hilarious gag reel of his feline friend retching over human food.


Naughty cat tries to steal food from owner. Newsflare Edit - cat growls when you go by her food. Cat sits at the dining room table and tries to eat owner's fish. Killing Kitty : Kittens vs Zombies. When your date won't take no for an answer cat. Husky dont let my cat to eat timelapse video. Staff at the Massapequa Pet Vet named the remaining cat Mac N'Cheez, or Mac for short, since he had reportedly been brought to them in a macaroni and cheese box.

To better help the paralyzed kitten settle into his temporary home, technicians even constructed a make-shift wheelchair out of Lego, after digging through a pile of old toys. In a video by the Massapequa Pet Vet, Mac can be seen taking his first "steps" as they fastened the Lego wheelchair to his hind legs. He bolts across the room in what appears to be the first run of his life.

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My first time running like a real kitten!