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Per ogni installazione di una macchina virtuale occorre fornire la licenza e il software del sistema operativo. Quando richiesto, immettere il codice di licenza acquistato per sbloccare la versione completa del software. Il codice di licenza viene registrato automaticamente se la soluzione viene acquistata nel VMware Store online.

Per effettuare questa operazione, aprire il menu "VMware Fusion", fare clic su "License" Licenza e immettere il nuovo codice di licenza. Che cosa occorre fare per assegnare una licenza a una copia di VMware Fusion?

HFS+ for Windows di Paragon Software| Paragon Software

Per assegnare una licenza a VMware Fusion, immettere un codice di licenza acquistato nell'apposito campo durante l'installazione della soluzione. L'assistenza gratuita tramite e-mail viene attivata al momento della registrazione del codice di licenza di VMware Fusion.

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  6. Passo 1: Verifica dei pre-requisiti.

L'assistenza gratuita decorre dal momento in cui la licenza di VMware Fusion viene registrata. VMware Fusion: una macchina virtuale semplice e potente per Mac VMware Fusion permette agli utenti Mac di eseguire Windows oltre a centinaia di altri sistemi operativi su Mac in parallelo alle applicazioni Mac senza dover riavviare il sistema. Acquista online dal VMware Store.

Sconti esclusivi per il settore istruzione Studenti, genitori, docenti e membri del personale di istituzioni accademiche idonee hanno diritto a interessanti sconti. Leggi i dettagli. Visualizza tutto. Snapshot e cloni utili Le snapshot consentono di creare un punto di rollback per eseguire un ripristino immediato, perfetto per il testing del software o la creazione di demo ripetibili.

Cloni per la duplicazione rapida Risparmia tempo e impegno in caso di creazione ripetuta della stessa configurazione di macchina virtuale. Piattaforma hardware virtuale aggiornata Fusion, basandosi sulla piattaforma hypervisor vSphere di nuova generazione, introduce nuovi miglioramenti per i test sui data center e la sicurezza aziendale. Soluzioni per sviluppatori Crea e testa facilmente app e sistemi operativi.

Soluzioni per aziende Abilita le iniziative BYO distribuendo app e desktop aziendali a qualsiasi utente, ovunque.

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  • Fusion o Fusion Pro: una versione per ogni esigenza. Domande frequenti VMware Fusion Visualizza tutto. Fusion con Windows Visualizza tutto. Download e versioni di prova Visualizza tutto. Licenze e upgrade Visualizza tutto. Assistenza Visualizza tutto. Quando inizia l'assistenza gratuita? Quanto dura l'assistenza gratuita? Community di Fusion. All Rights Reserved.

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    Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. The issue you will have to do a lot of tinkering and things still won't work quite right. Find the reference here. Adobe have created compilator from ActionScript 3 to program for iOS.

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    And later Apple approved this method of application creation. This is my review for the product. If you want to develop an application on Windows environment then there is an option, you can install MAC OS in your windows Platform name is: Here are most popular and relatively better options. Unity3D , cross-platform game engine. This could be useful if you wanted to access a Mac Mini from a laptop, or your S.

    Thank you for your interest in this question.

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    Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? How can I develop for iPhone using a Windows development machine? Ask Question. Miguel de Icaza of Mono posted about using and compiling Mono a Linux port of the. NET Framework on the iPhone.

    How about macincloud. You can use Unity3D.

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    You can develop for all mobile platform with this, with just 1 development. Or don't bother trying to run it on windows: Buy a refurbished "Mac mini". Attach your existing monitor, and use wireless keyboard and mouse I use Logitech's, that uses their Unify USB receiver. Phonegap simple, non-native apps provides a cloud compiler service which packages your apps for several phones including iPhone.

    I've not used it yet, but after reading these alternatives, I'm about to. Use Delphi XE4 and the macincloud service.

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    This is a commercial toolset, but the component and lib support is growing. OSX runs in a VM, so in theory it is possible.


    However, there are a few problems. Also, the whole thing is going to be very slow, and I don't think it's a case of throwing RAM at it. Zakaria yes, a lot has changed in the past 3 years! I had plenty of keyboards, mice and monitors laying around when I bought my Mac Mini, so at the time it was a fine choice. Haven't shopped eBay for used Macbooks in a long time, but that's a great suggestion. King May 16 '13 at No offense, but this sounds like a lot more trouble than it's worth. Old Macs are cheap on eBay and can run Xcode just fine. Other options: Phonegap is great, but you can't develop your app entirely on a Windows PC and then just sign it on the iMac and hope for the best.

    Unless your app is of the HelloWorld variety, you really need to test and debug. There's a Visual Studio extension called Nomad which does support developing entirely on your PC by pushing the PhoneGap builds out to a cloud service. I don't believe Marmalade is free anymore, the licence terms have changed.

    Just updating: Jailbreaking no longer voids your warranty, at least not in the U. Although jailbreaking is no longer a violation of the DCMA something Apple never enforced anyway , and may or may not void the warrenty it is purposefully vague , it doese violate the EULA and apple will deny service on a jailbroken device support.

    How can they deny service if you restore the device to its pre-jailbroken state using iTunes - Restore? JoelFan iOS might have the same thing as Android does; a 'flash ticker'. This is stored in NVRAM and increments every time system is wiped, meaning that it's possible to detect if it's been flashed or rooted.