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If you need, you can customize the name of slideshow. All of your slideshows that are created will be displayed in the left pane under the Projects tab. Use iMovie iMovie is a very popular video editing program which comes along with all Mac computers. Choose the theme that can suit your project best from the various themes options. Highlight all the images, and drag them to the timeline. In order to change the transitions between slides, double click on them afterwards select to edit the transitions.

Double click the opening and closing screens to edit the texts. You may save the project after editing. Rating: 4. Last updated on June 1, Leave a Comment 1 Comment.

Mac: How To Display Photo Slideshow Using OS X Finder

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Please input review content! Submit Cancel Reply. Comment 1. Prev 1. First, make sure that Slideshow Action is enabled under Plug-ins :. Press Enter and your Slideshow starts! Do all of this fast, and perhaps followed by the I key to show the Index Sheet , and both you and your friends will be mightily impressed, wondering what hit them. I knew before that MacOSX is full of nice little effects that are not just nice to watch, but usefull as well.

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Is there a way to see Title metadata when displaying a slide? I have a lot of photos with Title fields and want to use it. Yes, it's a nifty feature. Too bad it's slow as hell to get the contextual menu out when selecting say… images. Old post, I know, just wanted to fuss about the order pictures are displayed in the slideshow. All my images are straight from the camera and therefore in numeric order — all the same, the slideshow is fairly random, starting off in the middle of the pictures and proceeding from there.

Very annoying when you want to start at the beginning, and end at the end. Any tips how to avoid this? Now if one could save a reordered list of pictures, so as to able to replay it, that would be nice. The only way I know is through a convoluted way with iPhoto.

Slideshow – the hidden feature of Mac OS X

Unless someone knows of another software to do this. I love Slideshow, but what annoys me about it, you can't change the amount of time each picture is displayed it's approx 3 seconds. I'd like to use preview to generate contact sheet of files in the folder and then create one image of all of them. I thought of using grabber to do this but can't figure out how to have grabber activate from within preview. This is nuts. Also, the slideshow comes up in reduced size mode to make room for the controls, instead of in full screen mode.

One has therefore to fool around with the controls to begin a normal slide presentation. This really trips up folks who are used to being able to present their charts in a presentation as they choose and not as the program chooses; especially those who are accustomed to using PowerPoint. Apple is missing the boat here by imposing a highly inconvenient standard that differs from that of the leading product in this category. Too bad. All it would take is different defaults, with checkboxes to change behavior as desired.

IN later versions of OSX Earlier versions of OS X did have though. Hi there Its quite amazing that even after a few years I can type in a problem and come across your post that was posted way back in when I was still a PC maniac. Many thanks for that post — it was still valid — I did not know if that feature — — I was sorting through my images on my mac — and thought how can I go through them as a slide show — so I searched and came across your post.

I guess most of us are the same — who has the time to go through all the hundreds of features — until you actually need it.

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Why would they take it out? Is there another similar alternative? Three seconds is not long enough. Not so. You have to select all the images you want for the slide show. Hope this helps. In the end it was just a case of interpretation of the instructions given and you and I did that the same way.

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