How to make table of contents in microsoft word mac

It is better practice to attach a custom template so you can be sure the style definitions are retained and can be archived with the document s associated with them.

In Easy Steps How to create a Table of Contents in Word - In Easy Steps

This is particularly true in a multi-user environment, or if you want to maintain several quite distinctly different document layouts. Question: Does anyone know of a fix for this problem: I installed word home and student into another computer windows 7 Tables do not appear print preview or print properly. Left side is missing. Any ideas?

2011 Microsoft Word Table of Contents (Mac)

Thanks, Sandy. How can this be done as whenever I press update TOC the whole text is included making the contents page about three pages long!

Insert a table of contents into a word-processing document, format the text, and add leader lines

I wish to create a template for future documents so it would be good to learn how to avoid all of this text being included. Many thanks for your help. Now edit the TOC field code Alt-F9 toggles the display between the result and the code to add the switch.

Thank you for your feedback!

Toggle the view back and press F9 to update the TOC field. The results will now only include entries for heading levels 1 through 3 found within the bookmarked range.

How to Create a Table of Contents in Word - Mac

This method can be used to create multiple tables of contents. Similarly, the TC code method is the only practical way to include lead-in lines from a paragraph within a ToC. However, if you use the TC method, you will need to be careful if a heading is ever edited. When you make it with the Alt-Shift-O method, the resulting TC field code is set as invisible text and the content is not automatically updated if the originally-selected content is ever changed.

For example, old books often included structures like this within a ToC:. Chapter 3.

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Ahab approaches the leviathan. Consider how the switches in this field code will accomplish the task. I would like to have a single line, but the page numbers on one line, in the form of a enumeration eg. If you want something alphabetical and with one entry per term, you want an Index, not a Table of Contents. You can put an Index in the front and title it Table of Contents if you want.

You can use a workaround to rectify this as long as you remember to redo it if you need to rebuild the ToC vs just updating the numbers. Select just the portion of the generated ToC that needs the letter. Repeat for the sections you need. Here you can check and uncheck the styles that you want to use.

As you apply the styles to your text in the document, Pages will automatically create as well as update the table for you. One of the simplest ways to apply the text styles is to keep the sidebar open. As you type your text, the text formatting options will display. You might want to check posts by Philip Jones. Links if create by Microsoft OfficeMac , , , Word 6.

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