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You can do that by going to the bottom. Thanks, i appreciate it. The system preferences detect that the mouse is plugged. I've tried with two different devices, and both worked on other pc. A microsoft mouse worked for 2 days on the same mac.

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Can anybody help? USB Prober will tell you a lot about the devices connected to your computer. With that information I could assist you a little better. What make and model is the mouse? I have a strange issue that seems related - a USB mouse only works when usbprober is running. The mouse is detected hardware growler reports the connection and is powered, but it only works when usbprober is running.

I wonder whether it is a permissions problem but have tried repair permissions and it hasn't fixed the problem. Any ideas? I have one, still somehow it didnt appear. I downloaded the one for os x If you have your mouse plugged into an external hub plug it into the USB port on the front of your mac and see if it works there.

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I would expect that to only affect the Bluetooth system. Have you already tried disconnecting USB devices one by one to see if there is a conflict? Your device might be getting less power than required through the USB port it is connected to. This can be corrected by plugging it into one of the ports in the back of your system. I don't have an external port.

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I can't figure it out. Thanks for the help. It would be a stretch but you might have weakened solder joints on your USB connectors. That is the only other idea I could give you if you know the mouse works, your have the correct driver installed, reset your PRAM and NVRAM, repaired permissions and still nothing happens. It's a mouse we've had for a while and I don't have any box or info on it.

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The only thing written on the mouse is "ADJ". When I connect it to a PC I see which driver is running it but it's of course a windows one. It's a general prolific driver. There are a handful of off the shelf micro-controllers that control USB devices and chances are we will find one that works through the process of elimination. Possible datasheet for the micro-controller uC in your mouse, please ignore the Chinese writing as the document is in english and will load shortly after. For instance I have additional devices listed as follows:. This shows me additional information and leads me towards a drivers option.

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But try the first two generic USB uC drivers and see if they work. If not try searching for a linux driver that contains source code and I could walk you through compiling for your Mac. I tried installing the first driver but the page doesn't load. I figured you might need to be registered with prolific so I tried but they're not accepting new members.

I was using GE optical mouse with my MacBook pro. I figured out it started getting detected, when I removed the power supply to my latptop and let it just run on batter power. At this time my mac battery was fully charged. I had a similar issue. Also check the mouse works with another computer , and that it works on the same table surface.

I had this issue, why i landed on this page, i had tried a few of the suggestions, such as turning off my mac etc I've only been on OS X for 2 days! So I am pretty new. The Targus folks were in town last week, touting a new line of products for the Mac. I was curious about the products and the motivation behind them, so I went along to a briefing in San Francisco.

A nice presentation for what turned out to be a better-than-expected group of products. It turns out that the Anaheim-based company has a large business selling PC accessories — power supplies, mice, hubs, cords et al. The products feature a clean, uncluttered design, with high touch glossy plastic and a softly textured rubbery material in light and medium shades of gray.

Targus, it should be mentioned, is committed to green manufacturing: it adheres to a process it calls EcoForm, meaning its products are made of — and, to a large degree, packaged in — recyclable materials. Targus is committed to offsetting the carbon footprint of its US operations each year. The other differences with regard to the Targus are a round window where the Mighty Mouse has a tiny scroll ball, and distinct, separated left and right mouse buttons more on this in a bit.

Mighty Mouse has a solid shell that only records a click request: it relies on proximity detectors to distinguish left from right. The Targus seems to glide more smoothly on my mouse pad than the Mighty Mouse, and its single programmable side button falls much more easily under my grip than the twin side buttons on Mighty Mouse.

The Targus mouse lost its Bluetooth connection a bit more frequently than the Mighty Mouse. For some reason, horizontal scrolling stopped working after I loaded the Targus drivers from the included CD.

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Its promised long battery life using standard alkalines vs. Short take: the Targus products are more than worthy of a look by diehard Mac fans — they definitely are in a league with, and a welcome alternative to, products eminating from Cupertino. The final driver should be released next week. There were OS issues that prevented this from working correctly. Thanks for your review. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on Bluetooth vs. My first Macbook Pro should be arriving any day now.