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Bitdefender Virus Scanner is a lightweight free malware hunter which can track down and remove both Mac and Windows-related threats.

A simple and straightforward interface makes the app extremely easy to use. A status display keeps you up-to-date on how your system is doing, and four buttons enable running a quick scan of critical locations, an in-depth check of your entire system, or speedy scans of running applications or a folder of your choice.

Even Macs Need Antivirus Protection

Although this looks all very basic, use Bitdefender Virus Scanner for Mac for a while and you begin to notice some very neat touches. The app doesn't force you to wait a day for your next virus signature updates, for instance. Bitdefender issues updates every hour and Virus Scanner always fetches the latest version before it starts a scan. An option to exclude files and folders from the scan - network shares, system backups - is another plus, reducing the work the engine has to do and significantly speeding up your scan times.

How to Get Rid of a Virus on a Mac

What you don't get here is any form of real-time protection or web filtering, essential tools for a complete security solution. This simplicity also reduces the chance of conflicts with other apps, though, suggesting Bitdefender Virus Scanner could be a useful second opinion tool which you run alongside another security app. Mac antivirus software isn't just about detecting the latest most deadly ransomware, or other high-risk threats. Most tools can also strip out adware and other potentially unwanted programs which may not be highly dangerous, but are wasting system resources and slowing your Mac down.

Malwarebytes has been eliminating the full range of Windows threats since , and the Mac edition is just as simple, straightforward and effective. The app is such a lightweight installation, the size of three digital music files, that you'll barely notice it's there. And while the lack of real-time protection means Malwarebytes can't stop attacks - only remove existing infections - it also ensures there's no real impact on your system resources and the app is unlikely to conflict with other antivirus tools. Performance is another highlight, with Malwarebytes claiming the average system is scanned in less than 15 seconds.

Set it running when you check your emails in the morning and it'll be finished before you are. Installing Malwarebytes for Mac also gets you a day trial of the Premium edition which is able to detect and block threats as they appear. If you're not interested in this, ignore it; real-time protection will disappear when the trial expires and you'll get on-demand scanning only. The free antivirus market is highly competitive and it can be difficult for individual companies to stand out from the crowd, but the British vendor Sophos has found a way: it gives you more features in its free products than many competitors provide in their paid editions.

On-demand scanning to clean up infected systems?

Real-time protection to prevent attacks in the first place? Of course. Browser filtering which blocks access to dangerous sites? Parental controls to define the content your child can access online? Oh, and you can cover up to three Mac or Windows devices with a single account, and remotely check and manage their status from a central web console - potentially very useful when protecting the whole family.

Sophos isn't just piling on these extras to disguise a weak antivirus engine, either. AV Test's December Mac detection rate tests showed Sophos delivered the same level of protection as products from Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and other big names. It is also free for home use. It also scans for outdated software since this is one of the biggest ports of for ransomware and hackers. AVG has phishing blockers and spam filters that keep threats in emails from downloading to your computer or directing you to dangerous sites designed to gather personal information.

It is one of the easiest programs to use, with large icons for each tool. Because it is a free program, AVG does have in-program ads that can be distracting. Norton Security is the best antivirus software if you have computers that run different operating systems. It offers the same level of protection to both Mac and Windows machines, easily detects threats on both, and even detects and removes some Windows malware hidden on Mac machines.

It also looks for out-of-date software that may create a weak spot that hackers and ransomware can use to infect your computer. The antivirus program for Mac includes a password manager and banking tools to shield your important information from identity thieves, keyloggers and other internet tracking programs. The biggest drawback is Norton costs significantly more than other programs and charges a fee for each device you want to protect. Intego Mac Internet Security does an excellent job detecting and protecting against Mac threats including viruses, Trojans and ransomware.

Along with ContentBarrier, the program that protects against malware, Intego Mac Internet Security also comes with NetBarrier, a personal firewall that secures your computer against anyone trying to steal your internet which slows down your speeds. We know many Mac users look at Sophos Home as a cost-effective solution since its basic program is free.

It only detected 78 percent of the threats we unleashed during testing, and a few threats we had to manually remove after following the online instructions from Sophos. But these instructions included disabling the automatic virus protection, which triggered Sophos to reboot. Ultimately, we gave up, uninstalled Sophos and installed another program to find and scrub our Mac clean of threats. Sophos did a good job of identifying and blocking Windows malware on our Mac machines. We conduct our own in-house tests using of the nastiest Mac malware to find the antivirus programs that protect Macs best.

These threats were tucked inside a zipped file that, when opened, downloaded the files and let them loose. We looked at which point each virus scanner picked up the threats, including Trojans and ransomware, and if the program automatically removed them or placed them in a quarantine folder for us to take care of later. Most of the Mac antivirus programs caught the threats as the files opened and deleted them immediately. Some programs moved each threat into the quarantine folder while others quarantined just those threats that were created to look like legitimate programs.

This gave us a good idea of how well the programs protect Mac computers. During virus scans we perform common tasks, such as sending email, browsing the web, watching movies and playing online games and look for any lag, buffering or slowdown that may be caused by the antivirus software.

While testing we look for how easy the program is to download, install, set up and use. Because the most important function of antivirus for Mac is protecting against malware, Top Ten Reviews invests considerable time testing each program using live threats, so we can tell you exactly how the program works and how well it detects and blocks malware.

After protection, the biggest differences among Mac antivirus solutions are security features. I have a virus on my macintosh and when I click half of the time a tab will open up with Apple Support. Remove unwanted or unknown applications and software Remove unwanted apps Mac malware is rare, but it does exist. ClamAV is hiring.

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The method below can help you clean house. I am very confident that Mac system is virus proof somehow. Freeware to Remove Trojan Virus on Mac. Computer is lagging now as well. It is cross-browser, so Safari, Chrome and Firefox will suffer the impact to an equal extent. Brief If you ar wondering why I am asking, you can look at the forum discussion I had at I still dont know however, if sophos antivirus for mac detects iexplore. Installer crashes as before. With the information about your concern Lauren , at the top left side of your computer screen were you have options like the Apple Icon, Finder, etc.

Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. Follow the instructions in the pinned topics first. G: I recently was prompted to download the newest version of Flash and inadvertently downloaded a mac virus scanner and booking. Hows that for diversity Yes the old Mac does not get virus or blue screens.

I could not stand these computers. May 31, MacPaws guide to check macOS for viruses, including the latest ones. Click Scan. Unfortunately, Mac malware can disguise itself as a removal tool, demand payment in exchange for protecting your computer.

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Another day down the Virus plughole. Uninstall and download new installer as above. What is Weknow. There are all day everyday IT peoples in the forum and im sure they would have heard about it. Open up the Utilities folder as shown below. The new app is available for downloading and testing at the avast!

Browse and email all day. You’re protected

Today, ESET protects more than million users worldwide. The user is then offered Mac Defender anti-virus software to solve the issue. And while Mac viruses are rare, theres a plethora of Mac-specific malware lurking in the wild. Weve identified three macOS versions of this malware so far.

We may supply support through this forum and email. Mac Antivirus Despite what Apples marketing has implied, Macs do get infected, and the amount of Mac malware keeps rising, with more seen in the first half of than in any previous year. See how it compares to other programs in our review. Comodo Antivirus for Mac is a powerfully built security application that has stood the test of time and it comes forth as one of the best antivirus solutions for Mac OS X. Welcome to Mac-Forums! Join us to comment and to customize your site experience!

Members have access to different forum appearance options, and many more functions. The forum is for registered Virus owners only. This will provide better functionality and hopefully alleviate much of the spam problems. Click Remove. With a good operating system, I seldom catch a virus even without an antivirus installed. I want my Outlook Mac Office contacts in. As you may know over the last couple of months the forum had been over-run with spam, rendering the forum useless. Only the best freeware and shareware apps hand-picked by the editors. Malware comes in a variety of forms, such as viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware, and Trojans.

To remove infections, you will have to purchase the full version of Combo Cleaner. How to remove a virus from a Mac. Dock Im looking for a decent one, free or paid, that I can scan my MAC with. Here is a list recent Mac malware attacks, viruses for Apple computers, and security threats that Mac users have suffered Despite Apples best efforts Mac Cleanup Pro virus manual removal for Mac.

Ive been looking for a good virus scan for MAC.