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I see alot of people saying the samething but I have not came across a solution. Showing 1 - 15 of 46 comments. I have the same problem. My mouse pointer sometimes disappears in the community server browser. Interestingly, if I open the Steam overlay and close it, the cursor is back.

Unfortunately, the Steam overlay does not work most of the time OS X I guess steam isnt ready for mac yet. Any update on this yet? It's happening to me as well. Any update on this?

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  • Awwww hell no! View Profile View Posts. No idea. If I try browse community servers, it just crashes csgo on my mac. I have the problem that if I open the community servers, my mouse pointer dissapears. TylerD , Sep 6, Messages: 2. I'm having the same problem with windows 8 preview, onenote preview with parallels 8.

    Cursor disappears occasionally when hovering over onenote while in coherence mode. Messages: 5. I'm having the exact same issues running the following: Parallels 8 fully updated Windows 7 Professional SP1 Microsoft OneNote The cursor occasionally disappears over other Windows based applications. However, it always does over OneNote. The cursor then disappears again. Any assistance on this is appreciated. Thank you!

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    JeffK75 , Oct 9, Messages: 1. Same problem here. Just updated Parallels and mouse pointer disappears over some parts of some Windows programs. Moving it around and hitting the right click usually brings it back, but that is no solution. Will try reinstalling Parallels Tools from within Windows 7. Other suggestions?

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    ThorneH , Oct 24, Messages: Messages: 3. I also experience periods where the VM Windows XP appears idle for minutes then returns to normal.

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    I have noticed this symptom in Coherence mode and have not yet tried the other modes to see if the problem follows. I have a source that suggests that this might help solve this problem. Let me know Michael Lauer , Mar 24, Last edited: Jun 6, Andrew Parallels , Jun 6, I did the full uninstall and removed the registry keys that were hanging out behind as mentioned in the article.

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    Hi Guys, This issue still seams to be around in Paralells Desktop 9. Please advise Thanks so much iiToby. Tobyv , Sep 1, It seems that there is not an option for SmartMouse any more - it is always on. The only option is whether you choose to 'optimize for games' or not. Messages: 6.