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Ah… wait let me get this right. Which cable are you referring to, to transfer from iPad to MBP? Is that via USB, and sync using Photos? I think you must mean a different cable, as essentially Airdropping should achieve the same result as using the SD cable, no?

3 Methods | How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac without iTunes for Free

When moving data from the iPad to the Mac, use a Lightning cable alone. By doing that, you avoid format conversions.

When you use the Lightning cable to connect the iPad to the Mac, you will also get the adjustment data transferred over. March 10, March 11, Ok will do.. How many mb should the file be? The Mac trial is only 5. March 12, March 13, So a quick update on the non-iCloud workflow. So it seems this method is not going to work. Not sure though..

Save Audio Files from Voice Memos on Mac with Drag & Drop

Via VPN works but is too slow to do much. What version of macOS are you using? April 14, I just bought a Lightning to SD card reader. The following is my experience:. Import photo to iPad using SD reader 2. Copy photo via Photos app 5. Check photos in MBP Photos. There is no RAW containing edits 6. Have I missed a step.

Should this definitely work? If you subsequently edit the image in RAW Power, it takes the RAW, applies the adjustment data and then you continue non destructively. Questions: 1 What version of macOS are you on? Also, Photos should show the RAW with the edits applied, no?

High Sierra April 23, I stumbled upon this when searching for a way o fix a new issue that i have encountered. The only way to fix this is to open the raw files in snapseed and export to library without any effects done. It works, but it is not optimal as it takes a lot of time and can only be done photo by photo. April 24, Glad you found the post. Which camera are you using? A lot of cameras still have very small embedded JPEGs. Perhaps that explains the washed-out look.

May 17, Hi Nick thank for this app. I feel at home to be honest. Is not the camera that make you capture emotion but is me So since your last update 1.

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Possible a near one. Are you planning to add: Cromatic aberration correction?

How to sync GoodNotes documents between iPhone/iPad and Mac?

Saving preset Watermark and personalised Watermark with png images? Grain effects? Local adjustment like was possible in Aperture? There so many other things I would love to ask but I can just ending saying would be amazing to see the latest Aperture with all his feature replicated here. And I would be more then happy to pay again for a new extra set of feature. May 18, May 19, Hi Nik thank you so much for your reply. Yes I do love it. I have a couple of question if can reply them. Are you considering to add a camera module to shoot in RAW similar to lightroom within your app?

About x instead of the full image even if it is recognised as RAW. For your second question, it sounds like you are seeing the embedded JPEG. How are you getting the image from the iPhone to the iPad? Perhaps the embedded JPEG is being sent over instead of the complete image. This should not happen if you are using iCloud Photo Library, but if you use other techniques, it could potentially happen.

Hi Nik that would be wonderful. I would love to help you suggesting ideas. If you like I can pop you an email with my thoughts about that but also ideas for the app itself. With your app I feel at home so much that I would love to help with my photography background.

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  • But let me know about it. You are welcome to email with suggestions to support gentlemencoders. June 10, Been busy at work and past week end I was away. I will send you an email with my suggestions and idea for you. About the behaviour we were discussing I think I might understand. This file is a DNG file and I think it display a preview but then when I tap on Adjustments the full image became available. June 11, I did not receive anything from you.

    Please send it again to support gentlemencoders. Posted by Nik Bhatt on February 13, Featured. Nik Bhatt February 19, Yes, you are correct about the force-download using Revert. Any advice you can offer to achieve this would be very helpful and hopefully result in me buying raw power for Mac and iOS Thanks Greg.

    A few thoughts though: 1 Why are you ingesting into the Mac first? Also, would album sorting and favouriting flow through to photos using this approach? Greg March 8, Okay, I have done some tests and found the following: 1. Greg March 9, Ok, got it.

    Copying Files From an iPad to a Mac or PC

    Cheers Greg. Another option is to go through iCloud Drive to gain access to the Voice Memos recorded audio files, since the Voice Memos are recorded and automatically saved into iCloud. For now, try the drag and drop method, or the sharing approach. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

    Enter your email address below:. That works fine for memos recorded using the mac, but what about transferring voice memos recorded on our other devices since the same app exists on iphone and ipad? I could find no way to import a voice memo recorded on iOS into the voice memos app on the mac. You can easily transfer the file using airdrop, but the mac only allows to play it using either itunes or quicktime; no way to open it on the mac using the voice memos app.

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