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AQ Elite Lore 37 beta 2. As i can see everypony wants a hack for this game! Not made by me! Last edited by 71c; at AM. Originally Posted by GalaxyBeatzz. Very cool gj. Last edited by Hunter; at PM. Reason: Fail. Thanks if it works!! It's really works , thanks Ohorichard. Originally Posted by Reborn1. Thanks for the bot. Originally Posted by IRenegade.

Working perfectly better than the last one it tryed just stuck on a grey screen.

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This works perfectly; thanks for the share. Originally Posted by Ohorichard. Originally Posted by gainb. In V36B5 I use admin menu and fight x2, but when i fight it with this it only gives me half of the xp 36B5 does. Hello and thanks for this amazing tool , i've had used it for days Hey, the current version is not working anymore with the version of aq swf, the autobattle and autorandombattle is not working anymore Nice Trainer i wanted to say.

Worked fine but recently It loads Gilgames defeats it then grey screen and no more auto stuff. I hope for an update for events like Valentin and Easter Missed Easter event : GO!

Step 1: Getting the Trainer

For some reason it wont work it will just stay gray forever. And when i right click it says movie not loaded. Y does it do this. Can someone help me? The frame thing will just go to -1 at any moment and the screen goes gray and I have to restart it and everything. What do I have to do to prevent this so I can play it for more than 2 minutes at a time? WoW This Trainer is the best im lvl 50 in 1 and a half hour Ei Jake, Ive downloaded the tabctl Mine just says that something happens like extraction.

Then nothing happens and I dunno what to do.

Guide to AQ (AdventureQuest) Hacking

When i press "Launch", there's nothing! When i press right button : Movie not loaded. Help what i should do? Help me! Thank U.

Step 2: Unpacking AQ Elite

TY XP. Kind of a crudy trainer because battleon keeps on locking me out of playing it then weeks after i get to play it again then locks me out again its a cycle.

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  6. I cant get the trainer to load for me at all i have downloaded the t thingy. I cant use AQ trainer. When i open aq trainer i get a grey box and the list of hacks underneath but i cant log into my account or anything. Its just a grey box there.

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    I need help, i think i need an update on my PC or something but i dont know. I'd really apprectiate help, thx. Thx for the trainer but for some time it keeps given me frame -1 even thow i've replaced the new swf file Lore PS the autobattler doesn't work either. I get this error when after a few mins of playing the screen goes grey.

    I cant get it to work and I cant have a frame and when ever i launch to Adventure Quest its peer gray. When i open the trainer up the town doesn't come up or anything, the screen is just grey. Any help? When i open the trainer up, i don't see the town or anything, the screen is just grey. Any help with this? Hiya, I just wanted to know if anyone else is running into the gray screen of death after running the trainer for a few mins?

    I can login, battle a couple of enemies and then poof the screen goes gray and I have to kill the trainer to start it again. Any help would be great. Guys i downloaded the trainer and its awesome Guys i downloaded the trainer and its awesome but i keep getting the -1 frame and everything goes blank!

    Post a Comment. Subscribe to my Feed! Opium Test Your daily dose of dark, sarcastic humor and game cheats.. Adventure Quest Trainer v2. Thank you. It works now and I love it. Nice work. My problem is now fixed!

    [Release]AQ\WF Trainer

    Very well done this trainer is the best Jake. It decided to start working for some reason. Hopefully I can figure this out! The Aq trainer rocks!!! This trainer rules! I can even earn 40k instantly! I cant even get past the grey screen. Or am I too impatient? Jake, When i open up the trainer and hit launch game the screen goes graya what should i do please email me at hotwheels hotmail. Why does the autobattle sometimes just stop "autobattling"? Sorry, first time using this.

    Nice job, but i have used it for one day and now i cant seem to use it any more. It is always full no matter whatZ! I just get a grey screen when I press load? It just opens then closes -. AQ is now updated, this Trainer version no more works, fix it. What if you can't get it to opean! HWen I fight gilgamesh in autobattle after second battle i get -1 frame.

    Always since 2 days.

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