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To come to a head ; To burst Abscess. The drawing to a head Aboyeur, -euse. A neuropathic person Abrachie. Abreuve, -6e. Soaked with ; Bathed in. The act of giving drink to invalids or to animals. Stupor ; Besotted state. Abscision, on Abscission. Momentary suspension of all cerebral action excepting the per- ception of raotricity. Containing absinthe. The presence of ab- sinthin in the blood. Absinthin, Absinthique. Succinic acid. Absolu, -ue. Absorbant, -ante. A person who abstains from all spirituous beverages. Abstergent, -ente. Abstergent ; Cleans- ing ; Detergent.

The effect of abstergent Abstinence. Abstractif, -ive. Removed by distilla- tion ; Abstractive. Abstrait, -aite. Abstracted ; Separa- Abulie. Abulia ; Aboulia. Acacia ; Acacie. Acajou ; Cashew. The cashew-nut. Forceps for the extrac- tion of foreign bodies ; Acanthobolus. Acanthopelvis ; Acan- thopelys. Acare, Acarus. Acariasis ; Mange.

Acaride ; Acaridien. Acarid ; Acaridan. Acarien ; Acarin, -ine. Acarus ; Acare. Acaudal ; Acaudate.

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Dejection of spirits ; Grief ; Oppression. Acc6lerateur, -trice. Accelerative ; Acceleration. Accel6re, -6e. Access ; Attack ; Fit. Accession ; Paroxysm. Accessoire, adj. Accidentel, -elle. Acclimation ; Accli- matisation, or -zation. Naturalisation, or -zation. Union ; Joining. Accombant, -ante. Accommodateur, -trice. That which tends to accommodation. Accommodatif, -ive. Pertaining to accommodation. Accommodation ; Adaptation ; Adjustment. Accompaniment Cataract. Accord ; Harmony.

Labour ; Delivery. A medical man who attends a labour. Coupling ; Pairing ; Accoutumance. Immunity to a drug acquired by habitual use. Accrescent, -ente. Growth ; Increase ; Accumulateur. Acephalous, adj. Ac6phalien, -ienne. Acerb ; Bitter ; Astringent and pungent. Acerbity ; Acidity with Acerdese. Sesqui-oxide of hydrated manganese.

Acervulus ; Acervulus cere- Acescence. Acescenoe ; Ascescency. Acescent, -ente. Cure ; Medication. Aceteux, -euse. An acetous tincture. Acetole ; Acetolique ; Ac6tolotif. An acetous medicine. A syrup of vinegar and Acetomelle. Drug obtained by the mixture of syrup of vinegar and honey with an acetous tincture. Acetonemia, or -semia. Aoetosella ; Oxalis aceto- Ac6tosite. The quality of that which is acetous.

Acetyl, or -yle. Achene ; Achenium. Common parsley ; Smallage. Acheilie, on mieiix, Achilie. Acheilia ; Achilia. Acheirie, ou mieux, Achirie. Acheiria ; Achilie. Achilia ; Acheilia. Tendon d'. Tendo Achillis. Achiria ; Acheiria. Acholic ; Acholous. Achor ; Achore ; Achores. Applied to symptoms com- mon to any disease. Achromateux, -euse. Operation to render a lens achromatic. Affected with achro- matopsia.

Affected with achromasia. Achromia ; Achroma. Applied to drugs that will not keep long, and also to medi- cines administered according to a physician's prescription. Acide, s. Acid, -s. Acidifiant, -ante. Applied to that which causes compounds to pass to an acid state. Acidifie, -ee. Converted into an acid. Acidule, s. An acidulated compound. Acidule, adj. Acidulated ; Acidulous. Acidurgie ; Aciurgie. Acidurgia ; Aci- Acier. Applied to iran converted into steel. Acinal, -ale. Acinesia, Acinesis ; The in- terval between the consecutive throbs of the heart.

Opposed to movement. Acineiix, -euse. Relating to acini. Aciurgia : Aciurgy. Knowledge of medical and surgical therapeutics. Ligature forceps with two Acologie. Acology ; Aceology. Acomia ; Baldness. Aconite ; Aconitvim. Aconitine ; Aconitia ; Acon- Acomtique. Acor6e ; Acorie. Acorea ; Absence of Acorine. Acotyledon, s. Acoumeter ; Acouometer. Applied to the sense of hearing. Acoustico - mailmen.

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The external muscle of the malleus ; Laxator Acoustique, s. Acoustique, adj. Acquis, -uise. The instinct of acquiring the things necessary to life. Acranien, -ienne. Acre, adj. Bitter ; Sour ; Acrid. Acre, s. The material which is sup- posed to exercise a particularly irri- tating action on the economy. Acrity ; Sourness ; Tartness. Exact observation. An instrument for measuring very small objects. Acridien, -ienne. Acrimony ; Pungency ; Acrid quality or state. Acrobystia ; The prepuce. Acrobystiolith ; A preputial calculus.

Relating to the prepuce ; Acrobystite. Acrobystitis ; Posthitis.

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Acrochordon ; Mollus- cum fibrosum. Acrodynia ; Epidemic ery- Acrogene, adj. Acrogenous ; Acro- Acrogene, s. Acrolein ; Acrylic aldehyde. Acromegalia ; Acrome- galy ; Akromegaly. Acromial, -ale. Acromio-clavi- Acromio-coracoidien. Acromio - cora- Acromion. Acromphalon ; Acrom- Acroposthie. Amputa- tion of a limb. Senile gangrene of the Acroth3miion. Warty tumour. Acrotism ; Acrotismus.

Acta, ou Gesta. Things done. Actea ; Actsea.

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Actif, -ive. Actinomycosis, Actinophthalme. Actuel, -elle. Acuity ; Acuteness. Acumin6, -6e. Acumeter ; Acoumeter. Acupressure ; Acupres- Acupuncture. Acutangul6, -6e. Having acute angles. Acutenaculum ; Needle- holder. Acyanoblepsia ; Acyauopsia. General interruption of the circulation. Acyesis ; Sterility of the Acyatie.

Acystia ; Absence of the bladder. ADA 5. ED Adamantiu, -ine. Adarticulation ; Diar- Addephagie. Addephagia ; Bulimia. A drug which neutralizes the bad effects of other medicines. Adelphien, -ienne. Having affinity ; Resembling one another. Ademonia ; Mental distress. Adenalgia ; Glandular pain, Addnectomie. Excision of a gland. Adenemphraxis ; Glandular obstruction. Adenose ; Adenous. Adenia ; Lymphadenoma. Adenologaditis ; 1 Ophthalmia neonatorum ; 2 Inflam- mation of the glands and conjunctiva Ad6nologie. Adenoma, [typhoid fever. Adenoncoois ; Enlarge- ment of a gland.

Adeno -neurotic. Adeno - pharyngeal. Adenophorous, adj. Adenophthalmia ; Adenophthalmitis. Adenotomic ; Relating to dissection of the glands. Adephagous ; Gluttonous. Adephagia ; Bulimia. A believer in alchemy. Adhesion ; Adherence. Adherent, -ente. Adhesive ; Sticky. Adh6sivit6 The faculty of fixing the attention on one series of ideas. Adiaphoresis ; Deficient sweat. Adiaphoretic ; Ani- Adiapneustie. Adiapneustia ; Stoppage of sweat. Retention of faecal matter ; Cessation of diarrhcea. Adipeux, -euse. Adipose ; Fatty. Resembling fat.

Resembling adipocere. Cholestea- toma. Adipoma ; Lipoma. Adiposis ; The production of Adiposity. Adiposity ; Adipositas ; Adipsie. Adjuvant, -ante. Assistant operations, etc. That which facilitates the good effect of a remedy. Adoucissant, -ante. Emollient ; Soft- Adragant, Adragante, et Adraganthe. Tragacanth ; Tragacantha. Cowper's or Mery's glands. Adult, s. Adust ; Parched ; Hot and Adustion. Adventif, -ive.

Adynamico - ataxique. At the same time adynamic and ataxic. A mucous dis- charge from the genital organs. White spot, film, or speck on the cornea. Aeration, A6r4 -6e. Adrian, -ienne. Resembling air. Aerolith ; Aerolite. Omen calculated on the ripples caused by the wind on water. The person attacked with aerophobia. Aerophobia ; Aerophoby. Impure oxide of copper. See Esth-. Crypto- gamia. Deterioration of the sense of taste accompanied by loss of appetite and by digestive troubles. Weakening ; En- feebling ; Impairment, Affaissement. Sinking ; Depression ; Giving way. Affected with ; Attacked, Affectif, -ive.

Affection ; Disease. Altruism ; Tendency to affection. Afferent, -ente. Aifin, -ine. Showing affinity. Affinage ; Refining of metals, etc. Aflfinity ; Relationship ; At- Affium. Affium ; Opium. The act of bringing to- gether the lips of a wound so that they are kept on the same level. To perform the preceding. See Affrontement. Afoetal, -ale. Without a foetus, [tion. Setting on edge ; Irrita- Agacin.

Corns on the feet. Agalactia ; Agalaxie. Agalactia ; Aga- Agalloche ; Agaluchiu. Agallocha ; Agalochum. Agastre ; Agastraire. Agaster ; Agas- Agate. Agene, Agenosome. Agenesia ; Agenesis. Applied to the results of agenesis. Agenosome ; Agene. The want of sexual Agent. Ageustia ; Ageusia. Agglutinant, -ante. Agglutinatif, -ive. Agglutine, -ee. Aggravee ; Aggravement. Painful af- fection of the feet of dogs or of pigs.

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Agissant, -ante. Applied to drugs, methods of treatment, etc. A person, and especially an insane person, whose actions are violent and rapid, Aglobulie. Aglobulia, Aglosse. Description of a mouth without a tongue.

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  • Quite smooth and even, Agmatologie. Agmine, -ee. Agnelage, Agnelement. The bringing Agnus castus. Agnus castus. Agomphiase ; Agomphose. Agom- phiasis ; Agomphosis.

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    Agony ; The death struggle ; Agonistique. Athletics in ancient times. The training of athletes. A kind of surgical forceps. Agraphia ; Agraphy. Aggregate ; Cohesion. Agregatif, -ive. Aggregation ; Also de- scriptive of a high French medical degree. Aggregated ; Also applied to the person who has obtained the ' agregation. Agrostography ; Agrypnie. Agrypnia ; Insomnia. Agrypnocoma ; Coma Agrypnode. Painful crepitation, or friction of Aides.

    Sour ; Sharp ; Bitter ; Rough. Aigre -doux, -uce. Sourish ; Bitterish. Aigrelet, -ette. Sourish ; Somevirhat Aigremoine. Sourness ; Sharpness ; Bit- terness ; Acidity of the stomach. Aigu, -ue. Aiguille, -ee. Shaped like a needle. Ail6, -ee. Ailerons de la matrice. Three folds on the free margin of the broad ligaments. Magnet ; Loadstone. The action of rubbing or touching with a loadstone. Air comprime. Compressed air. Air confine. Confined air. Air fixe. Carbonic acid. Air inflammable. Air rarefie. Rarefied air. Air vici6. Nitrogen old term. Axilla ; Armpit.

    See Achaine. Akidopirastique, ou -peirastique. See Acine- Akiurgie. See Aciurgie. Aknemia ; Acnemia. Akology ; Aceology ; Aoo- logy- Alabastrite. Variety of alabaster. Alar ; Alaris. Alanin, or -ne. Alantin ; Inulin. Name given to a mercurial Albation; Dealbation. The action of rendering white. Whitish ; Albescent. Albinism ; Albinismus. Albugineux, -euse. Albumin ; Albumen. That contains albumen. Albumineux, -euse. Albuminimeter ; Al- bumimeter ; Albuminometer.

    Albuminoid ; Albu- menoid. Alkalescence ; The state of a substance that becomes alkaline, or that is but feebly alkaline. Alcalescent, -ente. Alcalifiant, -ante ; Alcaligene. That renders alkaline. Alcaliu, s. An alkaline substance ; Acalin, -ine. Alkalization, or -sation. The physiological or patho- logical state due to the over-employ- ment of alkalis. Old term for a basic salt. Alcalis6, -ee. Alkalized, or -sed. To alkalize, or -se. Alkaloid, s. Alkarsin ; Cacodyl.

    An alcoholic compound having a medicinal character. Alcoholization, or- sation. Applied to a liquid con- taining alcohol ; Alcoholic. An external alcoholic me- dicament. Pharmaceutical excipient composed of one part of alcohol and three parts of honey. Mixture containing three parts of honey and one part of an alcoholic tincture.

    Alcoometer ; Alcoholo- Alcoometrie. Alcoometry ; Alcoholo- Alcomine. Relating to the aldehyds. Sal alembroth. Alexipharmac ; Alexipharmic ; Antidote. Alexiteric ; Alexeteric, s. Alezan, -aue. Draw-sheet ; Aleze. Algaroth ; Algeroth. Algid ; Cold ; Chilly.

    The algid state. Alcology ; Phycology. Relating to algospasm. Cessation of a pain ; Algo- Algues. Algae ; Sea-weed. Alible ; Nutritive. Alienation ; Mental de- rangement ; Insanity. Aliene, -ee, s. Deranged ; Mad ; Insane. Alienist ; A specialist for Aliforme. Aliform ; Wing-shaped. Aliment; Nourishment ; Food.

    Alimenteux, -euse. Acting as a food ; Nutritious. Alimentivity Alipede. Precautions, etc. Lactation ; Suckling. AUantoldien, -ienne. Hallelujah ; Wood-sorrel. Allesthesia ; AUochiria. AUoeotic ; Alleotic. Tube fixed on to a retort to lengthen it Chemistry. Lengthening ; Elonga- AUopathie.

    Relating to Allotropy ; AUotropisme. Gait ; Bearing. Relating to Allyl ; AUylic. Aloe ; Aloes. Aloetin ; Aloeretin. Impure aloetin. Alphenic ; White barley Alphitedon. Fracture of the skull in which the bones are reduced to the consistency, as it were, of flour. Alphonsin ; Alfonsin. Alterant, -ante, s. Alte- rant ; Alterative, s. Altere, -ee.

    Changed ; Altered ; Ab- normal ; Thirsty. Alternant, -ante. Althaaa ; Althea ; Marsh- Altheine. Altruism ; The opposite to Aludel. Aluine ; Absinthe. Wormwood ; Ab- sinthium ; Absinthe. Alumen ; Alun. Alum ; Alumen. Alumineux, -euse. Aluminous ; Re- lating to alumina ; Composed of alumina. Natural hydro-sulphate of Aluminium. The addition of alum to a Alunation. The formation of alum. Alun6, -6e. Alveolus ; Socket. Alveole, -ee. Alvin, -ine.

    Touch-wood ; German tinder. Amygdalate; Milk of almonds. Amandin ; Legumin. Amastie ; Amazie. Amastia ; Amazia. The instinct of procreation ; Amaurose. Amazia ; Amastia. Arabe ; A Greek name of an apparatus for reduction of dislocation of the shoulder. Ambient ; Surround- Ambidextre. Amblotic ; Abortifacient. Affected with amblyopia ; Amblyopic. Pertaining to amber. Ambresin, -ine.

    Composed of amber. Having the smell of Ambrosie. Ambrosiaque ; Ambrosien, -enne. Am- Ambulacre. Ambulant, -ante. Ambulant; Ambula- Ambulation. Exercise of patients. Ambustion ; Burn ; Cau- Ame. Soul ; Mind. Amelide ; Ammelide. Amelioration ; Improve- Amenomanie. Amenorrhea, or -oea. Amentace, -ee. Amer, -ere, culj. Bitter, adj. Amiantace, -ee. Resembling amiantus. Amiantus ; Asbestos. Ameba ; Amoeba. Amibien, -ienne. Ameban ; Amoeban ; Amebic ; Amoebic. Ameboid ; Amoeboid. Amidalique, Amidolique. Owing its properties to the presence of starch. Amid ; Amide.

    A compound of starch and Amidin. Amidin ; Soluble starch. See Amidalique. Starch ; Fecula. Amidonne, -6e. Containing starch ; Amiduline. Applied to the chemical union of starch with iodine, ammonia, Amilene ; Amylene. Ammoniac, -aque. Ammoniacal, -ale. Anunoniaque, -ee. Ammoniate ; Ammoniure. Ammo- niemia ; Ammoniaamia. Containing ammonia ; Pertaining to ammonia.

    Amniorrhea, or -oea. Amniotique ; Amnique. Amniotic ; Am- Anmite. Amnitis ; Amniotitis. The amorphous state. Ampelotherapy ; Amphemerine. Amphibie, v. Amphibia, Amphibien, -enne. Amphi- Amphiblestroide. Softening of Amphibole.

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    • Having a double liga- Amphigame. Of both sexes. Amphismela ; A double- edged scalpel. Operating theatre ; Amphitrope. Having teeth in both Amphore. Amplectif, -ive. Ampulla ; Blister. Having the form of an ampulla ; Trumpet-shaped.