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This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Open the spreadsheet you want to edit in Excel.

Step 2 Select the entire spreadsheet if you want to maintain the integrity of the data. Step 4 Check the "My data has headers" if your spreadsheet has headers. Step 5 Select the column that contains the names from the "Sort By" drop-down box in the Column field.

How to Sort by Number on Google Sheets on PC or Mac: 7 Steps

Step 6 Select the order from the "Order" drop-down box. Click "Continue with the current selection" and then "Sort. Warning Information in this article applies to Microsoft Office Excel It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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I learned how to do this a LONG time ago when working on my assoc. I require your help. I have converted PDF to excel having large data. The problem I m facing is all the data is under one column only. For e. Ac no Client name xyz company Beneficiary: Alfa ltd 1 doc type. English letter 2 doc type. History letter 3 doc type. Geography letter. I have reaarange the data in different columns like Ac no, Client name and Ben.

How ever I am unable to link the doc types with the Ben name as they get mismatch on large numbers.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

This is the problem I am having : a 3 column list of product dimensions that I need sorted from largest to smallest by data per row. The length of the product must be the largest measurement, width next, height smallest. I cannot seem to find a way to sort this on a multiple row scale. Hello, i would to create custom list consist of more than 40 item , while the list entry accommodate only for 29 item. I have created a list four columns wide.

Just so the fit on one page. I want to alphabetically sort them a-z. To sort you data A-Z by several columns, please take a look at the detailed tutorial at this section of the article. I have a column of data using 12 rows. I want to create a formula that will grab the value from each row and populate the next column in the first row across so that I have 12 columns of data to represent the 12 rows of data I have.

I wanted to sort a name column by last name but the name column is already filled in with first and last name. Is there any way to make that distinction?

Excel: Sorting Data

Please help! And I want to make a list of all payment date under specific ID like sample 2. Pls advice how can I do it. Required shorting using formula ID Payment Dt I have a list of over paint colors. So basically, the columns are "wrapped". Can I sort these four columns? E-mail not published.

How To Sort in Excel for Mac 2011

Then click the Add Level button as many times as many columns you want to use for sorting: From the " Sort by " and " Then by " dropdown lists, select the columns by which you want to sort your data. The list contains different features, specifications and prices like this: What you need is to sort the photo cameras by some parameters that matter the most for you. Select the range of data you want to sort. If you want to re-arrange all the columns, you can simply select any cell within your range. We cannot do this for our data because Column A lists different features and we want it to stick in place.

So, our selection starts with cell B1: Click the Sort button on the Data tab to open the Sort dialog. The result of your sorting should look similar to this: I know that sorting by column names has very little practical sense in our case and we did it for demonstration purposes only so that you can get a feel of how it works.

The result of sorting will look like this: Please note that it's not just one row that has been sorted. Sort data in custom order using a custom list If you want to sort your data in some custom order other than alphabetical, you can use the built-in Excel custom lists or create your own.

Microsoft Excel provides two types of such custom lists - with abbreviated and full names: Say, we have a list of weekly household chores and we want to sort them by due day or priority.

In the Sort by box, select the column you want to sort by, in our case it is the Day column since we want to sort our tasks by the days of the week. Then choose Custom List under Order as shown in the screenshot: In the Custom Lists dialog box, select the needed list. That's it! Now we have our household tasks sorted by the day of the week: Note. If you want to change something in your data, please keep in mind that new or modified data won't get sorted automatically.

For long custom lists it may be faster and more convenient to import them from an existing workbook, as explained in this article Creating a custom list from an existing worksheet. Unable to open Outlook window" error. January 12, at pm. I hope that wasn't too wordy. Any help would be appreciated! Donna says:. March 17, at pm. August 16, at am. February 15, at am. Thank you soo much for great help brother,, can i have your mail ID please,,. Bruce says:. May 12, at pm. Ellen says:.

Using Microsoft Excel

September 18, at pm. Yunus says:. January 20, at am. Move the pointer over Sort Groups, then choose an option. To sort groups by summary row values, you can also click the arrow next to the column letter, move the pointer over Sort Summaries, then choose an option. In columns containing both text and numbers, ascending order sorts numbers before text for example, 1a, 1b, 2a, a1, b1. Note: To sort only a subset of rows, select the range, Control-click the selected cells in the column by which you want to sort, then choose Sort Rows Ascending or Sort Rows Descending.

You can sort a table by creating sorting rules, which allow you to specify multiple criteria for sorting and their order of importance. For example, you can sort a list of swimmers by age and then by their time in an event.

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  4. The result will order the swimmers at each age level according to their speed.