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You can turn Audio Units plug-ins on or off, change them, edit their settings, and remove them in the same way as plug-ins included with GarageBand. For more information, see Add and edit effect plug-ins. In the Plug-ins area, click an empty plug-in slot, choose an effect category, then choose a plug-in from the Audio Units submenu.

Adding an Audio Units instrument plug-in replaces the original instrument plug-in. You can return to the original instrument plug-in by choosing the patch again in the Library.

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Add an Audio Units effect plug-in In the Plug-ins area, click an empty plug-in slot, choose an effect category, then choose a plug-in from the Audio Units submenu. Add an Audio Units instrument plug-in to a software instrument track In the Plug-ins area, click the Instrument slot, choose either AU Generators or AU Instruments, then choose a plug-in from the submenu.

With plenty of control, this free compressor competes with hardware compressors on the market. Airing more on the simple side, the MJUCjr only features two knobs compress and make-up and a three-tiered switch at the bottom slow, fast, and auto. This multi-band compressor has a unique layout and is optimized for electronic genres.

Use Smart Controls

Standard input and output gain options are here as well. Xfer Records OTT also includes upward and downward ratio knobs at the bottom, controlling the directionality of the compression. Another multi-band compressor, the GMulti offers three separate bands. Each band has its own knobs for threshold, ratio, attack, and release, as well as gain reduction.

There is also an overall mix knob that controls the combined wet and dry signals.

GarageBand for Mac: Use Audio Units plug-ins with GarageBand

This tool allows you to maintain the dynamics of the original dry signal while reaping the benefits of compression, sort of like with parallel compression. One caveat here for Mac users: the Mac version of this plugin is still in beta. Reverb is that subtle effect that can make a song feel much bigger than before. While Logic Pro X features reverb controls, it never hurts to explore other options for added versatility and different types of reverb. Ambience holds its own against some of the best paid-for reverb plugins, all while showing off an elegant display.

Unfortunately, this presentation gets lost with Mac hardware, but all of the functionality of Ambience remains. The wetness or dryness of the signal can also be tweaked in small increments. Six EQ knobs line the left of the interface. In the center lie three more knobs, one for room size, pre-delay, and stereo width. With just one knob and one slider, the Reverb Solo makes adding space to your track fiendishly easy. The central knob controls how small and bright or large and dark the sound will be, while the slider at the bottom dictates how dry or wet the signal is. No numbers, no specific frequencies—this plugin is all about ease of use and feel.

As its name suggests, this free reverb plugin from Voxengo offers a more classic reverb sound. Oldskoolverb features several parameters, making it as versatile as other high-end reverbs. This reverb is optimized for gentle attack, meaning it works best with vocals, piano, etc. There are so many types of delay out there.

The Ultimate List of Audio Units

The best delay plugins can achieve multiple delay types with relative ease. Lucky for you, we rounded up a few of the best Mac free plugins. Voxengo not only makes a great reverb, their delay leaves an impression, too. In particular, the Valhalla FreqEcho can do wonders with its feedback knob.

Garage Band Basics: Downloading and Installing Plugins Into Your DAW

When cranked, the knob allows audio to feedback into itself, creating an infinite, ever-building signal. This signal can be manipulated in real time, resulting in some trance-like, perhaps nightmarish loops. The plugin also features delay sync, meaning the signal will repeat at different note lengths.


In fact, when recording, delay latency can be a great adversary. Latency is often caused by a lack of processing power. When too many plugins are running at once, latency enters the equation, making recording difficult at times. Voxengo has another trick up its sleeve with this Latency Delay plugin.

Without getting too technical, it allows you to trick the DAW into compensating for its own latency, by either milliseconds or samples.

55 Of The Best FREE Audio Instrument Plugins :

In other words, it artificially eliminates any potential lag while recording. This comes in handy for most producers. Most guitarists love their effects pedals and various tones. If you want to plug and play, the plugin also comes equipped with 50 effects presets.

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  6. For a free version, the Guitar Rig 5 Player has a lot to offer. The FuzzPlus 3 is a nifty little digital fuzz pedal with tons of control options. Its interface allows you to tweak frequency, response time, distortion, feedback, and level.

    Compress your voices

    Additionally, the screen shows you the waveform output in real time, so you can clearly see the level of distortion. This is an impressive free plugin that can hold its own compared to physical fuzz and distortion pedals on the market. Few software developers are more skilled or generous than Poulin Amplification. The LePou Plugins are a series of amp simulators that run the gamut of rock and metal tones.

    Every single one is free, though you can donate if you want to return the love. You might be compelled to after seeing how much Poulin has to offer.