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I would have given no stars but this system forces you to choose at least one star. I erroneously signed up for auto-renew with Cyberghost. Some how I missed any way to turn auto-renew off. Sure enough, right on schedule, my Cyberghost subscription was renewed for another year. I contacted them via their support chat system. The only apparent way to contact them. I was told it would take 1 day to receive an email confirming my request for cancellation and a refund.

And that the refund would take 5 — 10 days. I explained that that was unreasonable as it took minutes for them to charge my credit card. But it would take days to refund the charge.

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To-date I have seen no email from Cyberghost confirming my request for a refund and cancellation of my account. Instead I got an email welcoming me to their VPN service for another year!


I will contact my bank and they will reverse the charge. Exact thing happened to me today.

Went to their website link via email which was incredibly slow, it almost seems like they trying passively to discourage you from getting any decent help regarding refunds of unsubscription. Filled out a form and hoping they will refund me, not warning people when they about to charge for an annual plan is kinda predatory practices. In a sea of VPN having such bad customer service is not the brightest idea.

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This is my first year with Cyberghost. These things have certainly been true with Cyberghost for me but I was willing to overlook them, including my internet speed being less than HALF what I pay for while using the VPN, because I value my privacy most. So when my ISP informed me of my internet activity a month ago, I was horrified.

Nothing fixed the problem.

A service that can fail—has failed—at the worst times. A failing VPN is like a failing condom. It only takes a single failure to lead to a possibly catastrophic outcome. Most other VPN sites, with good, reputable journalists giving the review, thinks that Cyberghost and other VPNs is still good, despite being bought over by Kape Zenmate is another one. It seems to be going down the route that a lot of VPNs and proxy sites are not worth the hassle and to maybe stay with a users current ISP, while trying to stay as private as possible.

I learned a few new points recently: — Crossrider Kape is also involved in ad injection. Remember some ages old restore point can bring them all back. The steps, harm, advantages — the whole sha-bang as only he does so well. I signed up and started using CG yesterday. I quit using it today. Israel is totally in bed with the US, so I am quite certain they would give the US anything it asked for. However, I am normally pro Israel on almost everything. I found CG to be very easy to install, setup and use.

Unfortunately, I also found them to be slow beyond belief. That was my reason for leaving them. I had made the decision before finding this article. I have a mbps Internet connection. After installing CG my speeds went down into the kbps ranges. My best speed was 95mbps using an Atlanta based server. Ironically, it is also the server I do best on without the VPN which makes me suspicious. I had absolutely no problem in doing a chat to cancel. While they did ask me why I wanted to cancel, they gave me no hassle whatsoever. The girl I chatted with was actually quite nice, and I believe she sincerely meant it when she said she was said to see me go.

I will have to wait and see how long it takes to actually get the refund, but it has been processed based on the emails I have received. I will now try NORDvpn. I use it for some months and speed within Europe servers is perfect. Such a low speed you see is really strange. Yes I too wish I had read about cyber ghost before I joined.

Continual connection issues, Horrible speed and now I read privacy issues. Time to look elsewhere. The speed is not the best. The servers are working mostly and you will be notified for planned maintenance in the App.

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I got connections to Poland and Kenia but have been disconnected after a couple of minutes. Cyber ghost is the best VPN bye far on all the competitors, you can see it even in trustpilot. In my experience the CG is a complete carbage. Using it made everything sluggish and caused errors. Not one star from me. Cyber ghost says right in their terms that if they are asked by law enforcement to identify a user they will sniff traffic on their network to do it. I can do that by simply disabling my adaptors.

THis is absolutley abhorrent. I agree speeds are atrocious with Cyberghost. Only one torrent can be downloaded at a time. Despite of many positive reviews and good pros of CyberGhost there are also numerous cons which make this VPN service not as attractive as wanted to be. Also there is uncertain root certificate which make me feel a bit negative about this vpn. The rating of 1 star, i have had to make, I do not mean.

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It can be used, for example, to simultaneously surf anonymously and get around regional Internet blocking policies. The server browser still does what it can to make life simple for power users, though. It allows the user to sort by useful criterion, such as the fewest current users, the closest and lowest latency servers, or the overall fastest.

For other concerns, it also lets you search for P2P-compatible servers specifically, NoSpyProxy servers, or servers with more users, if you want to further bury your tracks. Everything else said, although Cyberghost VPN is a subscription service, you can use it for free.

Only the "Unblock Basic Websites" profile is available, which lets you get around censorship and website bans of all sorts. Since this is the overall most essential use case for VPNs, the fact it's free and lets you try out Cyberghost is a good thing. Overall, it's hard not to recommend Cyberghost VPN for just about any purpose. If you need it for the most common VPN purpose, getting around restrictive Internet provisions, it's even free to use. The app is both data-wise and capable of giving you as many layers of security as a VPN can provide, and it does all of this without putting the burden of configuration on the user unless that's what they want!

It even lets you use your own browser, or apps of choice, with it. CyberGhost safeguards your privacy! So help yourself and configure your Linux, Mac, Windows, router or whatever hardware you want to use! Just Cause 2 1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. WinRAR 5. Microsoft PowerPoint Kobo Desktop 3. BlueStacks App Player 0. Avira Free Antivirus 3. All popular downloads.