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You can also update the list style with your changes, or use the overrides to create a new list style. Select the list items with your formatting changes. Remove the overrides and revert to the original list style: Click the style name it has a gray checkmark next to it. The override is cleared, the text reverts to the original style, and the checkmark changes to black. Update the style to use the overrides: Click the Update button if there is one , or move the pointer over the style name, click the arrow that appears, then choose Redefine from Selection. Select any text in a list that uses the style you want to rename or delete.

Move the pointer over the style name it has a checkmark next to it , then click the arrow that appears and choose an option:. Type a dash, a bullet Option-8 , or a letter or number followed by a period and a space. For example, 1. Type the first item in your list and press Return. To change the indent level hierarchy of an item in the list, click anywhere in the item, then do either of the following: Move the item to the right: Press Tab. Move the item to the left: Press Shift-Tab.

To end the list, press Return twice, or press Delete on your keyboard. Convert text to a list Select the text that you want to format as a list. Reorder list items You can drag items in a list to a different level in the hierarchy or to a different indentation level. Select the list item you want to move by clicking its bullet, number, or letter. Change the style of text or image bullets Select the list items with the bullets you want to change.

Do one of the following: For text bullets: Click the Bullets pop-up menu, then choose a different bullet type scroll to see all of them. To use your own image, click Custom Image, then choose an image file on your computer. Change the number or letter sequence You can use numbers or letters in various formats to designate levels of hierarchy in an ordered list.

Click the pop-up menu above Tiered Numbers and choose a number or letter sequence. Adjust the spacing and appearance of bullets, numbers, and letters You can change the spacing, size, color, and alignment of bullets, numbers, and letters. Create a hierarchical list style You can create a list style for any kind of hierarchical list, from a simple one that includes just two levels of hierarchy, to a complex one that uses many styles of numbers and letters to define multiple levels.

Hi Donna! Yes—as long as your guests have your wedding URL and wedding code, they can access your site. Hello and thank you for a great site for wedding invitations! We live in Norway, and found your site the best one. A detail we miss, is a a place to set RSVP date. As you can see, we just put it on the front page. Knowledge Base. Just follow the following quick steps: 1. Import Guest List to Joy Now for the easy part: uploading the spreadsheet. Exporting your Guest List You can also export your guest list if you would like to save another version of the guest list, or print off copies.

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Thanks, Joyce. Overall: Great and simple functions, really easy to edit and good looking layout. Zola's free wedding guest list template lets you quickly enter your guests' details such as name, address, phone number, and email. You can also easily track RSVPs through the guest list. The best party about the guest list at Zola is that you have multiple ways to enter guest information.

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You also have the option of sending a link out to your guests asking for their addresses, emails, and phone numbers. This is a great option for those guests who you don't have information from yet. Zola's free wedding guest list also allows you to upload an existing spreadsheet if you already have some of your guests' information collected. List Tracker from Botanical Paperworks.

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Spreadsheet Template from Ashlyn Writes. Style Me Pretty.

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