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This song is so beautiful. It captures the essence of love. True love can withstand this, and he knows his love will continue forever. Sweet song. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I love this song I love it best when Lindsey sings this song in The Dance live.. He's awesome and puts so much feeling into it - the way it should be Actually, one of the most underrated lineups is from Time.

Nevertheless, I love this song. General Comment I think Lindsey wrote this song about the band for many reasons but most of all because it shares lyrics with the song "You Do or You Don't" which was also written about the band. My Interpretation Not only is this one of the more beautiful Fleetwood Mac songs which is hard to put, given that almost all of them are exquisitely beautiful but it's fairly easy to understand.

And that song played at every wedding I attended until my own. These writers are too intelligent to let something like this land-slide, pun intended! If I were the producer, ha, ha, easy to say, this would not have been released as it was. I was discussing this song later in with a childhood friend of mine and how it spoke to both us.

He was killed instantly 3 weeks later during a mishap while piloting his F A great guy. I played this song 2 days ago while dancing with my daughter at her wedding. Tears were pouring freely as Landslide played thinking of the new life my daughter is beginning and the painful loss of my buddy long ago. Gone now, but never forgotten. I just came across this tonight. About 2 weeks before your daughters wedding, was the last time I heard my grandmother sing Happy Birthday to me.

I was very close to her, took the loss hard. Landslide has been a favorite of mine since the first time I heard it in high school. Thank you Stevie for such a beautiful song!!!!

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Your commit was so sweet. Songs, music in general to me always can take us to what ever part of our lives was during that time, good or bad… But even the bad is always good with music of any kind. And so many, great memories!! Now they do a recording for sure. I just know it. It was on the news today. I am disappointed as I heard somewhere that Stevie Nicks wrote this song for her dad and I have been loving it ever since. Without a doubt, Fleetwood Mac was one of the most influential groups for me in my music over the years.

I never could figure that one out?? No matter, the genius of their music, in both arrangement, singing and playing still holds dear to me to this day. Thanks for all the wonderful sounds and memories Skip………. Heard this song in the movie Jack Frost which was shot in or near Aspen,Co.. Love the song she has a great voice. I thought it was written in California on a beach from an earlier article. Who was the guy who actually wrote the song part of it? She is credited with writing the music too, but Lindsay Buckingham brought it to life with his amazing playing, in my opinion.

I love Stevie Nicks and if you ever need a back up singer that can harmonize to you…call me! I have loved your music since I was in my teens…now much older. I have almost given up on my music more than once play guitar and sing but when I get depressed, I listen to landslide and it brings me back up! So if you ever, ever, need a good back up singer…call me! I loved them then and still do.

Loved the story about Landslide. I love all bands that are versatile. And Fleetwood Mac is the ultimate! Stevie Nicks is awesome with her Mystical writing. I love listening to Landslide. I also enjoyed reading how the song got written. I similarely have many stories about what how most of my songs were written. Fleetwood Mac Was an important influence in the process of writing my music. It is on my Ipod Nano, which I plug into my Kenwood car stereo. I very rarely listen to the radio.

I started writing and composing in Love In Store. Love Is Dangerous. Love That Burns 5. Love That Woman. Loving Kind. Madge Sessions No. Madison Blues 5. Man of Action 2. Mean Old Fireman. Merry Go Round 2. Mighty Cold 2. Miles Away. Mission Bell. Monday Morning 2. Morning Rain. My Baby's Good To Me. My Babys A Good Un. My Babys Sweet. My Little Demon.

Running Through the Garden

My Sweet Baby. Mystery Boogie. Need Your Love So Bad 4. Need Your Love Tonight.

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Never Forget. Never Going Back Again 2. Never Make Me Cry.

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    Fleetwood Mac "Bleed to Love Her" Live October 22 2015 in Sydney (1st since 1997)

    Remember Me. Rhiannon 6. Rockin' Boogie. Rollin' Man 2. Running Through The Garden. Safe Harbour. Sands Of Time. Sandy Mary 2. Sara Edit 3. Save Me A Place. Say Goodbye. Say You Love Me 5. Say You Will. Second Hand News. Sentimental Lady. Seven Wonders. Shake Your Moneymaker. She's Changing Me. Show Me A Smile. Silver Girl. Silver Heels. Silver Springs. Sisters Of The Moon. Skies The Limit. Smile At You. Someday Soon Baby. Something Inside For Me. Sooner Or Later. South Indiana 2. Stand On The Rock. Station Man 8. Steal Your Heart Away.

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