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The learn option is useful if it is a technical term that you know is right and the word is added to the dictionary so if you type it again and misspell it, Pages can suggest the correct word. The language used for spelling and grammar is automatically set and is usually right. However, if you are writing for a particular audience, like the US, UK, Australia and so on, you might want to use a different language. A window pops up and Automatic by Language is selected. Click it. Select the language from the list and the document is updated instantly.

If multiple languages are selected, then words in any of them are accepted.

How To Switch Language On Mac Keyboard 2017 New

So if you selected US and British English then both 'color' and 'colour' would be accepted as correct. You could write in either variation of English and autocorrect and spell checking would see words as correct.

Pages for Mac: Set Pages preferences

Here both British English and U. English have been selected. The order of the languages can be set by clicking and dragging them.

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When a word is checked for spelling, the first selected language is used and if the word is not found, the next selected language is used. If all selected languages have been checked and the word is not found, then it is marked as a spelling error.

How to Choose Auto Correct Language Priorities in Mac OS X

Courses for bloggers! Affiliate links Bluehost : Love it or your money back! This is the elegant solution — working within the system. I was quite frustrated by the way Pages would keep flipping back to English when I had set it to British English. This has puzzled me for long: even setting the language order with British first, I got US spelling.

This one is straightforward 2 At the text tab. Note: You can also choose to always use e.

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  • Perfectly explained. Well done.

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