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This will happen by every th floor. You will need to get up floors to unlock a floor. About Ratings Rating Breakdown. Download Free.

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Install Now. Manual Install. Learn More. Buy Now. Once you have CrossOver installed and running you can come back to this page and click the Step 2 button, or follow the manual installation guide , to begin installing your Windows application. After you've downloaded CrossOver check out our YouTube tutorial video to the left, or visit the CrossOver Mac walkthrough for specific steps. After you've downloaded CrossOver check out our YouTube tutorial video to the left, or visit the CrossOver Linux walkthrough for specific steps.

Screen Shots see more screenshots. These platforms range from very wide to barely large enough to stand on. Each platform is a floor in the tower so the th platform would be floor As you make your way up the tower, the screen scrolls downward at an increasing rate. If you don't keep moving up the tower fast enough, the bottom will overtake you and the game will end.

Combos are performed by building up your characters speed by running fast enough, bouncing off walls, falling, etc. A combo is a jump from one platform to another platform at least two floors above. It's a great way to increase your score dramatically and quickly move up the tower. While Icy Tower does not provide different levels or towers to play, it does offer two modes. The Classic Mode is the normal gameplay that has you jumping from platform to platform as the screen scrolls faster and faster.

This mode also has a profile for your character that tracks things like largest jumps or combos, and has a rank for you based on your accomplishments.

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Your rank can be increased by meeting certain objectives such as getting a 15 floor combo. Custom Mode is almost identical to Classic Mode, except that it gives you more options and does not count towards your profile or rank. You can change the scrolling speed of the screen, platform size, and the strength of gravity to create an extremely easy or incredibly challenging platform jumping experience.

One downside is the lack of options to adjust the difficulty settings.

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There's no way to make the game any easier or more difficult. You can play the Custom Mode and adjust some settings, but some can't be made easier like scrolling speed and nothing you in this mode counts towards your profile or rank. While it's not a huge issue or setback, it would have been a nice addition to have some difficulty choices like easy, medium, hard, etc.

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One positive aspect of the game is the relatively simple controls. You'll only need to learn a few keys to start playing the game.

Icy tower for mac

The arrow keys can move you left or right while the space bar makes you jump. The controls and combos are clearly outlined in the instructions of the game. Additionally, you have the option to customize the controls and change them to something more comfortable for you. The presentation in Icy Tower is positive overall, with clean and colorful graphics that look very good, especially compared to similar games. There is also a decent although limited soundtrack that complements the gameplay well.

The only negative aspect may be the sound effects played when jumping. These sounds can quickly become annoying, but can be disabled if you choose. Another issue with the game is the repetitive nature of the gameplay. In both modes you are constantly jumping from platform to platform until the game ends. It can get a bit boring after playing for a while. On the other hand, the profile and ranks do give you something to work toward and a reason to replay. You might want to keep going for a new high score, or to reach a new floor.

You could work towards earning the next ranking by achieving whatever objectives you need. Icy Tower is a great way to kill some time, but whether the game lasts long will depend on the type of player you are. Icy Tower is great game that would be an excellent choice for anyone interested in a simple, fun, addicting arcade game. While it has drawbacks such as repetitive play and a lack of difficulty settings, those are far outweighed by the positive aspects.