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But unlike the others, it has an attached inch cable with a full-size USB connector at the other end for powering the receiver; it can be plugged into an AC adapter or a USB port on the display.

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  • It'll be a big improvement over what we have now.
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For Windows 8. Just pull the Charms menu out of the right side, tap Project and then "Add a wireless display. Pros: Small; decent device compatibility; can be display-powered Cons: Doesn't work with Macs, iOS devices or Chromebooks Who it's best for: Windows-based offices that also have Android users. The device snubs Macs, Chromebooks and iOS devices.

Unlike some of the others, the Push2TV has a common interface for connecting from different sources. In team presentations, this can make it easy to switch presenters. About the size of a stack of business cards, the Push2TV is somewhat bigger than the Chromecast receiver, but can still be easily transported. It works with HD resolution video and offers 5. It can connect through Wi-Fi Direct or over an If you have either a Roku 3 or a Roku Streaming Stick , a new beta firmware update can make it mirror Miracast-based systems.

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The upgrade is free, easy to do and makes the Roku as handy for boardroom presentations as it is for playing online games and movies. New models come ready for wireless streaming. Roku engineers have verified the devices' mirroring capabilities on select Android, Windows 8. Miracast mirroring won't, of course, work with Macs, iOS devices or Chromebooks. The software is still under development and getting connected requires two steps. First, set the Roku device for screen mirroring.

Then, if the sending unit is an Android device, open the Connection screen and pick the Roku unit; for a Windows system, pull out the Windows Charms menu, choose Project and then "Add a wireless display. Pros: Small; decent device compatibility; can be display-powered Cons: Doesn't work with Macs, iOS devices or Chromebooks; two-step setup. The benefits of this approach are that Samsung preloads the streaming software and makes it easy to mirror what's on the small screen onto a big display, and AllShare Cast works directly with some Samsung Smart TVs.

The system uses Wi-Fi Direct, finds any compatible receivers in the area and connects in seconds.

How to Play Media Files on Your Smart TV

Pros: Easy setup; can be display-powered Cons: Expensive; large; very limited device compatibility Who it's best for: Samsung Galaxy owners. If you want to connect wirelessly to an older display, you're out of luck with the other nine units here -- but StarTech's Wireless Display Adapter delivers analog video. In addition to its HDMI digital connector, the StarTech unit comes with an AV cable that has plugs for an analog display's composite video and audio connectors.

Powered by an AC adapter, the device can't be display-powered.

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The bonus for ultra-mobile workers: It has a USB port for instantly displaying images, video or audio from a thumb drive. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Business Tech. Mobile Tech. Digital Downloads. Best Places to Work. Resource Library. Check out the latest Insider stories here. More from the IDG Network. All Slides. Mirror, mirror. Apple TV. Belkin Miracast Video Adapter. Google Chromecast. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick. Samsung AllShare Cast Hub.

Share this Slideshow. Direct link:. Mirror, mirror Whether you're leading a routine sales call, a training session or that hoped-for breakthrough presentation to the higher-ups, why not wow them by wirelessly connecting your laptop, tablet or phone to the room's projector or large display?

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  4. I also read that the AirDrop functionality of Lion is in parts based on the idea of WiFi-Direct, but it seems they are not quite the same confusing me further. Is that true, and if so, how do I do it? Hence any device that uses WiFi direct Android phones, Samsung cameras , instead of supporting AdHoc networking, will not work. This might help. Once the connectivity has been established, we can transfer the files via ES File explorer using Windows File Sharing.

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    Because Mac's don't have Wifi Direct capabilities, and AirDroid is server application based on lightweight PAW Server, you can install it in your phone to exchange files between the Mac and your Android phone. I've looked at Samsung's webpage, and looked for software which might facilitate the 'WiFi Direct' feature that's briefly mentioned on page of the NX user manual.

    I did not find any software. Setting this feature on the access point to allow WiFi clients to exchange traffic might get something working. In the 'Sharing' preference pane, enabling File Sharing and perhaps Bluetooth Sharing might also help, although Samsung's documentation is vague as to what WiFi-Direct actually is. To see if you have WiFi Client to Client communication enabled, you ought to be able to ping your camera's IP address from your computer.

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    JakeGould 34k 10 10 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. You can check the solution here babaawesam. Paul Hargreaves Paul Hargreaves 1, 6 6 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. Um okay, not the answer I was hoping for, but this settles it then. Do you have any sources for this information? Apple don't generally publish what they don't support.

    Conecta tu Mac/PC y Comparte Archivos a tu Smart TV sin Cables (Samsung, LG y Sony)

    I'm on ML The help that appears is for "Create a computer-to-computer network", and there is this snippit: "Computer-to-computer networks are sometimes referred to as ad-hoc networks. Ozanimal Ozanimal 21 1 1 bronze badge.