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To watch American channels we have,,,,. Thank you for responding and taking action. I can live with that.

Thank you again. I spoke too soone regarding Husham Confluence Kodi Configuration screens are all messed up. Had to return to Confluence. Husham your confluence skin for Can not see the downloading process for links. Fix it pleaseeee god bless. I uninstal And Instal confluence for kodi Something missing when downloading links you can not see their progress Or be able to choose yes or no Thank u. No discrepancies noted. I can live with this.

Iptv stalker rip mac address generator

Thank you for responding to my request for a releasing a Confluence mod for Kodi But downloading link will not appear Hitting any remote button act weired. It has been since you added to confluence Since that moment God bless you.

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Husham are you ok? Is this going to take a year or something. Come on u are smart enough to make it work buddy hhhhh. He unilaterally cancels accounts without refunding fees paid. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Use Protection. September 27, December 21, 5. May 29, 0. Xtream core iptv from team expat Is work for me is not working And to si working. Hi, I cant seem to open the Zeus addon. Is something wrong with it? I am having the same problem as Apathy with Kodi 15 RC1.

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I only recently purchased a route so assume I should be using s1. When you update the MAC address on the portal I assume it is instant? I actually think I figured it out, the private server isn't setup yet. It will be up July 15th. Google that, you have to get it from a repository. One is a pvr addon and the other is a video addon. There's a youtube video that walks you through it. I could be wrong but this is the info I've got from weeks of research. Been reading everything I can find on iptv and is very confusing some people say have to use iptv stalker add on on kodi and other posts are saying you can't use iptv stalker you have to use different stalker add on.

I was wondering if anyone could clear it up on which add on to use for kodi. I have been using iptv with iptv stalker add on for awhile but stopped working when changed to a paid service so does that mean I have to get the other stalker add on? I am using kodi and still have 30 days left on my iks route,have tried to link Mac but get a cannot update Mac message.

IPTV Stalker Addon Rips. Save yourself the hassle and keep clear. - Best for Kodi

I was thinking that if I link Mac everything should work again but am very confused on whether I need to change iptv stalker add on. I have got my MAC address finally linked but am still getting error message on kodi,using 66iptv I thought once I linked MAC address would be instant but still getting error code if anyone out there can help me get this going would appreciate it thanks. I tried using the stalker pvr iptv client that comes with kodi and it does not work, as also mentioned in one of the prior posts